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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 107

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Rattling skeletons in Pakistan's nuclear cupboard

Even as Pakistan's military denies its involvement in nuclear proliferation, a rightwing political leader says nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan told him that he had not confessed to transferring nuke technology.

Musharraf pardons rogue scientist A.Q. Khan

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf on Thursday pardoned a scientist who confessed to leaking nuclear weapons secrets to Iran, Libya and North Korea and said the country would not allow international supervision of its nuclear programme.

Police begin questioning Sharon

Police have arrived at Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's official residence to question him about a bribery scandal over which he may eventually face criminal charges himself.

Pilgrims Pour Into Makkah for Farewell Tawaf

The Grand Mosque in Makkah yesterday overflowed with pilgrims as they came to perform Tawaf Al-Wida or farewell circumambulation of the Holy Kaaba on the last day of the annual pilgrimage.

Pakistani cabinet recommends pardon for top nuclear scientist

Pakistani cabinet asked President Pervez Musharraf to pardon the country's top nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer khan, who has accepted full responsibility for leaking nuclear secrets abroad.

Thailand to report bird flu situation to EU on daily baisis : FM

Thailand will, from now on, report the country's updated situation concerning the current outbreak of bird flu to the European Union (EU) everyday, as an international meeting of bird flu specialists, held in Rome, ended today with a call for global cooperation in stopping the spread of the avian influenza, including transparent reports on situations in all countries affected by the animal epidemic, and increase in surveillance efforts.

Lankan airport opens after 10 hr following crash landing of cargo plane

Sri Lanka's only international airport reopend after being shut for nearly 10 hours following the crash landing of a cargo plane that damaged the runway.

VC resigns

Vice Chancellor of the Eastern University Prof. M.S. Mookiah has resigned office last week following pressure from the LTTE.

Bird flu outbreak in Lanka remote

As migratory birds that come to Sri Lanka are from the West and not from Asia, the danger of an outbreak of Bird flu in this country is very remote, claim local experts who have conducted a study on Bird flu.

Emergency Landing Temporarily Closes Sri Lanka Airport

Sri Lanka temporarily closed its only international airport Thursday after a Russian cargo plane made an emergency wheels-up landing and slid to a stop blocking the runway.

Diplomatic Fallout: EU official angry about 'disgraceful coverup'

European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection David Byrne, who was misled by the Thai government’s assurances that there was no bird flu in the country during his visit last month, has accused Bangkok of covering up the outbreak.

Thailand reports fifth bird flu death

A six-year-old Thai boy has died from bird flu, becoming Thailand's fifth confirmed fatality from the disease, Health Minister Sudarat Keyuraphan said on Wednesday.

'I have never felt prouder to be Rajiv Gandhi's wife'

Expressing pride and vindication at a court verdict absolving Rajiv Gandhi of the Bofors slur, Congress president Sonia Gandhi Wednesday hit out at her critics and paid an impassioned tribute to her late husband.

Vaiko gives undertaking to POTA court

In keeping with a directive by the Madras High Court, MDMK leader and POTA detenu Vaiko today furnished an undertaking to the designated POTA court to abide by the conditions laid down by it while granting him bail on February 3.