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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 103

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'Bofors destroyed Rajiv's promising career'

In 1989, at the height of the gun bribery scandal involving Sweden's Bofors firm, former Indian premier Rajiv Gandhi was asked a direct but matter-of-fact question by his most trusted advisor Sam Pitroda.

Indian Parliament - Lok Sabha dissolved

The 13th Lok Sabha, the lower house of the 545 member Indian Parliament was dissolved today.

Bofors judgement 'not the whole truth': former Indian envoy

A former Indian diplomat who had suggested in his book that late prime minister Rajiv Gandhi did take bribes in the Bofors gun payoff scandal says the Delhi High Court judgement clearing his name is not the "whole truth".

Elle Gunawansa Thero charged Japan and Norway not interested in any altruistic love for Sri Lanka

By Walter Jayawardhana - Reporting from Los Angeles

Venerable Elle Gunawansa Thero charged neither Japan nor Norway were offering to help Sri Lanka’s peace for the altruistic love of the nation and both nations would like to force a system on Sri Lanka that would help the business interests to succeed eventually.

Exclusive: A USDA’s secret plan to rid the opposition in Burma uncovered.

A startling revelation of a covert plan to annihilate and rid the opposition political parties in Burma has been suddenly uncovered. All the the Burmese democratic forces resident nationally and internationally are hereby alerted to be aware of a step by step operation to rid the democratic forces in Burma is at present underway.

Snap polls: CBK tells party to be ready

Amidst growing speculation of a consensus and cohabitation with the UNF government for at least one year, President Chandrika Kumratunga yesterday remained undecided on calls by her party fronliners for a snap general election.

New SLMM Head says Impasse has no impact on ceasefire agreement

Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission's new chief Trond Furuhovde said yesterday that the current political impasse had no impact on the Ceasefire Agreement.

Intelligence agencies allege: <br> Lankan was Pakistan nuke chief's middleman

Malaysian police were investigating on Thursday a company controlled by a son of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi over allegations that it was involved in supplying parts for Libya's nuclear weapons programme.

Malaysia probes alleged Libyan nuclear link

The Sri Lankan businessman was named by the intelligence agencies as a middleman apparently used by the founder of Pakistan's nuclear weapons programme, Abdul Qadeer Khan, who has admitted selling atomic secrets to Libya, Iran and North Korea. Who is he?

Sri Lanka president seeks talks, no hint of polls

Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga called on Wednesday for negotiations to end months of political deadlock on the island, but gave no hint during Independence Day celebrations that she planned snap elections.

U.S defends pardon of nuclear trafficker

The United States on Thursday strongly defended Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf, despite his pardon of a disgraced scientist who sold nuclear secrets to Libya and members of President George W. Bush's "axis of evil," Iran and North Korea.

Govt denies Europe cover-up allegation

The government insisted yesterday that it had no intention of covering up the bird-flu outbreak and blamed slow laboratory tests for its failure to inform a visiting European Union health commissioner of the situation last month.

U.S.: Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Upholds Equality Under Law

The Massachusetts high court's ruling that the state must extend full marriage rights to same-sex couples is a victory for the principle of equality under law, Human Rights Watch said today. The U.S. federal and state governments must ensure that marriages receive legal recognition without discrimination.

37 people dead in Lantern Festival in outskirts of Beijing

A total of 37 people were killed and 15 injured in a Lantern Festival gathering Thursday night in Beijing's suburban Miyun County, sources with the municipal government said.

Vaiko indisposed, unable to attend court

MDMK general secretary and POTA detenu Vaiko would have to be an inmate of the Vellore prison, where he has been detained under the anti-terrorism law since July 2002, for at least a day more as he was indisposed and unable to go to the designated POTA court at Poonamallee, near here, today to furnish the bail bond.