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US army officially whitewashes Abu Ghraib torture

When they emerged this spring, the revelations of torture of Iraqi detainees at the hands of the US military at Abu Ghraib and other prisons in Iraq outraged world opinion. Even in the partially censored and muted form in which they appeared, the facts were horrifying. The photographs of naked Iraqi detainees that followed—hooded, threatened by attack dogs, sexually humiliated—only deepened the horror.

NASA launches first Mercury mission in 3 decades

NASA launched its first mission to the planet Mercury in a generation early on Tuesday, one that scientists hope will strip away much of the mystery surrounding the tiny planet closest to the sun.

Tigers’ grenade attack on EPDP’s Branch office at Valaichenai

Another attack - this time a grenade attack was launched by the militias belonging to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam on the Eelam People’s Democratic Party branch office located in the Main Road at Valaichenai in the Batticaloa district.

Portraits of Arakanese leaders pulled from museum

The Burmese SPDC Military authority recently removed all portraits of prominent historic Arakanese leaders from The Arakanese Cultural Museum of Akyab.

Sri Lanka: Fifty police officers indicted for cruelty against persons in custody.

Cases have been filed against fifty police officers for cruelty against persons in custody. The Attorney General’s Department said that the indictments have been filed in high courts against the police officers under the law against torture.

Tibet: Another “Singing Nun” Home But Not Free

China should immediately lift all restrictions on “Singing Nun” Phuntsog Nyidron, who was released four months ago after nearly 15 years in jail, Human Rights Watch said today. The “singing nuns” were a group of 14 imprisoned Tibetan women who became internationally known for smuggling a tape out of prison with personalized songs about their commitment to Tibet.

Wall St sees little to fear from Kerry presidency

It might be too early to say Wall Street's money managers are warming to the idea of John Kerry as president, but an increasing number are taking the idea seriously.

Sri Lanka to coordinate campaign against the commercial exploitation of Hindu - Buddhist religious symbols.

From Neville de Silva - Diplomatic Editor

Sri Lanka has had talks with several Asian countries to coordinate efforts in the campaign against the commercial exploitation of Buddhist and Hindu religious symbols.

Bomb blast incident at Welikanda

Further investigations are being conducted by the Welikanda Police on a bomb attack that took place near the Sewanapitiya Police Station in Welikanda Sunday night.

Congress: Injecting Fresh Blood into the Organization?

By Suresh Kr Pramar – Asian Tribune

India’s oldest political party, the Congress, has long been a haven for ageing politicians. The average age of the office bearers of the party has always been over 65 years. The oldies in the party have used all means possible to entrench themselves in power frustrating the efforts of the young to gain access to decision making power within the party apparatus.

EPDP appeal to the international community to urge the LTTE to stop assassinations and other violent activities.

Secretary General of the Eelam People’s Democratic Party and the Minister of Hindu Religious Affairs Douglas Devananda says that the international community should urge the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to stop its political assassinations and other violent activities

Tortuous negotiations on as families of hostages spend horrendous time

From C.Rajamani: Editor –Politics - Asian Tribune

Even as the families of the three Indian truck drivers, held hostage in trouble-torn Iraq, spent a horrendous night with news of their release proving to be wrong, tortuous negotiations with their abductors were resumed today by their employer company.

"Resolving the Crisis in Darfur in the New Global Security Environment"

Drafted by Adam Wolfe

The conflict in Sudan's Darfur region began over the use of limited resources, and the attempts of the United States, European Union and United Nations to end the tragedy have been greatly constrained by their own limited resources -- if a complete collapse of the situation is to be averted, what little resources remain will have to be used more effectively to quickly bring an end to the instability.

''The disturbing words of John Edwards''

By John Chuckman - YT Columnist (Canada)

I heard several lines from John Edwards' convention speech on the radio before I clicked it off. Anymore and I would have vomited.

Abducted LTTE victim flees but his accomplice caught

A sixteen year old boy abducted by three LTTE men and subsequently detained at Kanchikudiyaru LTTE camp in the East had managed to escape from LTTE and surrendered to the Security Forces camp at Kanchankudah, Akkaraipattu on 02 August 2004 seeking protection.