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Burma and US, the Discordant Partners

By Prof. Kanbawza Win

Globalization will be hilarious to witness the two discordant partners, Burma and US in bed, as each is very uncomfortable with the other. This is exactly what is happening as far as ASEM is concerned.

Al-Sadr 'wounded' in US bombing of Najaf

Conflicting reports have emanated regarding the condition of the Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr, with his spokesman saying he has been wounded in US bombing and the Iraqi interior minister describing him as unhurt.

Virtuous mothers honoured on National Mothers’ Day

Her Royal Highness Princess Somsavali yesterday gave 169 women the Virtuous Mothers Award, and 16 children were named model sons and daughters to coincide with the National Mothers' Day.

China typhoon kills 63, 1,800 injured

One of the worst typhoons to hit China in several years has killed 63 people and injured more than 1,800 as it battered southeastern Zhejiang province, officials said on Friday.

Supreme Court Gives Assent to Unethical Conversion Bill

Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court has conveyed to the President and the Speaker of the House that the bill titled “Prohibition of Forcible Conversion of Religion Act No. of 2004” published in the Gazette of 28 May 2004 does not contravene the Constitution, according to reliable sources who declined to be named.

The flip side of the 1983 Holocaust – A Sinhala View

Anil Subasinghe of Kaduwela, Sri Lanka writes -The incidents of 1983 were triggered by the killing by the LTTE of 13 soldiers, who were ambushed and done to death, and when the bodies of these soldiers were brought back for burial, it triggered widespread anti-Tamil feelings, which led to hooligans seeking retribution.

Sri Lankan Airlines acquired Airbus A320, increasing its fleet to 17.

Sri Lankan Airlines acquired its fifth Airbus A320 aircraft which increases its fleet to 17. The airline plans to get five more aircraft this year.

China : Court rejects appeal of Internet essayist

A Chinese high court recently rejected the appeal of Internet essayist Du Daobin, who was convicted in June on charges of subversion.

Sri Lanka: Jayantha Danapala to submit Jaffna tour report to President.

The report of the Head of the Peace Secretariat, Jayantha Danapala on his tour to Jaffna will be submitted to the President either today or tomorrow.

No more repetition of George Fernandes shameful American episode tolerated by India.

By Suresh Kr Pramar – Asian Tribune

The Indian External Affairs Ministry is working overtime to ensure that Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh’s first visit to the United States after assuming office will not witness a repeat of the George Fernandes fiasco. The Prime Minister is to visit the United States in September to attend the annual United Nations General Assembly. He will be in New York for a week.

Five Sinhalese women escape from LTTE after several years

Five Sinhalese women abducted and continuously detained by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) for over five years have managed to run away from LTTE detention after the detainees were escorted to a river for bathing in the general area of Welioya.

Nepal: Release Sexual Rights Defenders

Nepalese authorities should release 39 members of a group defending sexual rights who were arbitrarily detained on Sunday, Human Rights Watch said today.

Troops come across two dead men chained together

Dead bodies of two men fastened together with an iron chain were recovered by troops from the general town area of Kiran, Battiocaloa on 12 August 2004 around 11.00 p.m. after troops conducted a search in the area subsequent to some cracks of gunfire.