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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 73

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Shivraj Patil likely to lose Home Ministry after Manipur fiasco

As a fall out of turmoil in Manipur, Shivraj Patil is likely to lose Home Ministry after month-end reshuffle in the UPA ministry. According to an exclusive report at a news website North East Tribune, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh blames Patil for not being able to hold the situation in Manipur.

SLMM flatly rejects Sri Lanka Army involvement in the Pullimalai LTTE’s sentry point attack

By Our Asian Tribune Correspondent in Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Acting Head of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission Hagrup Haukland rejected LTTE Political Wing Head S.P. Thamilselvan's accusation that Sri Lanka Army was involved in the attack on the Pullumulai LTTE's sentry point on 07 September, by anouncing that there was 'no evidence' so far to prove their allegation against the Army.

Pakistan Deports Indian Journalist on Arrival

By R C Rajamani - Political Editor, Asian Tribune

After a week of friendly warmth in the wake of Indo-Pak Foreign Minister level talks on Confidence Building Measures (CBMs), Islamabad on Saturday poured cold waters on bilateral bonhomie when it ordered an Indian journalist, Kanwar Sandhu, who was part of the entourage of the visiting Haryana Chief Minister, Om Parkash Chautala, to leave the country.

Norway’s Opposition Party expressed skepticism about the peace facilitation undertaken in Sri Lanka.

Morten Hoguland , one of Norway’s youngest Member of Parliament from the Progressive Party and a member of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee, was yesterday highly critical of Norway handling of the Peace Facilitation In Sri Lanka and elsewhere and said he and his party are skeptical of the Peace facilitation at present being undertaken by Norway.

Former Pakistani PM Benazir Bhutto’s spouse acquitted in corruption case

Lubna Jerar Naqvi : Reporting from Pakistan

On Thursday, 09 September 2004, Pakistan People’s Party leader Asif Ali Zardari, spouse of former premier Benazir Bhutto, was acquitted in the Pakistan Steel Mills corruption reference on Thursday by the Lahore High Court’s Accountability Bench. The Lahore High Court, Rawalpindi bench withheld a seven-year imprisonment and Rs40 million penalty and ordered his release in the case.

Governor Jamir calls for intellectual interaction

By Oken Jeet Sandham – Asian Tribune

Governor of Goa, SC Jamir called for intellectual interaction to evolve pragmatic solutions to the various problems plaguing the educational system of the country.

Crisis in the Burma Army

By Myint Thein - Senior Advisor to the Burmese Resistance

The seizure of 600 kilos of heroin in Southern Burma last month has created a crisis in the Burma Army. The Drug Warlords and their business associates assumed this shipment was protected by Khin Nyunt.

Defence Ministry rejects LTTE’s allegation of attack on their camp

The operational headquarters of the ministry of
defense says that the security forces have no
connection whatsoever to the attack on the LTTE camp
at Pullimalai.

Catholic Priest's Murder: First Acid Test For Oommen Chandy

Mukundan C. Menon – Reporting from Kerala, India.

As the brutal murder of Father Job Chittilapally (71) within the precincts of St. Varaprasadam Matha (Mother of Grace) Church at Thruthiparambu near Chalakudy in Thrissur district on August 28 morning had already snowballed into a social crisis, it also tured out to be the first acid test for the new Oommen Chandy dispensation in Kerala.

"The patience of the Tamil people and their leadership is running out" - warns Thamilselvan

Thamilselvan, Head of the political section of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam has written a letter to the Head of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission narrating his side of the story regarding the Pullimalai attack where it was reported that LTTE border sentry point at Pullimalai was run over by Karuna’s group and 5 LTTE cadres were killed. But Thamilselvan in his letter narrates the LTTE’s version of the incident and also extended a warning that “The patience of the Tamil people and their leadership is running out.”

Revised And Corrected Census Shows India’s Muslim Population Has Declined, Not Risen

From R C Rajamani- Political Editor, Asian Tribune

The Indian government on Thursday issued revised data of the religious Census after carrying out vital corrections that show that the population growth rate of Muslim community during the decade 1991-2001 has come down, not risen.

Anti-Norway demos on the eve of Solheim’s visit

The Norwegian Embassy in Colombo announced the visit of peace envoy Erik Solheim to Sri Lanka as several thousand angry demonstrators surrounded the mission and burned the Norwegian flag as a mark of protest against what they described as ‘Norway’s pro-LTTE activities.

On the eve of 9/11 anniversary, Karachi plunges into darkness and fear.

Lubna Jerar Naqvi – Reporting from Pakistan

Karachi, the biggest city of Pakistan was plunged into total darkness soon after sunset on Friday after a major power breakdown hit the city that continued late into the night in many areas. The Karachiites were wary with this prolonged breakdown, especially due to the rally held by some extremist elements in the northern parts of the huge city and the heat.