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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 73

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Karnataka moves to save its movies

By Radha Viswanath - Asian Tribune

At a time when Hindi films are attempting to gain a foothold in the overseas market, Karnataka has decreed that Hindi films, as also those in other Indian languages like Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam, will be allowed release in the state seven weeks after they have been released in the rest of the country.

Reopening closed firms after common 'understanding'

By Arjun Dhakal Reporting from Kathmandu, Nepal

The Nepal government has agreed to release and hand over Resham Lama and Bishnu Thapa Magar of the ANTUF by tomorrow to human rights activists and also agreed to make public whereabouts of people said to have disappeared (from the government custody) within one month beginning 22 September.

Indian PM lets ‘secular pigeon ’amongst’ Rightwing Hindu cats

From M Rama Rao - Reporting from India

It was not an interview in the conventional sense but it has taken the Congress party by surprise and pushed the rightwing Hindu nationalist groups led by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its sister organizations in the front for Hindu Brotherhood, Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh into celebration mode.

Militant confesses of masterminding attack on Shia

Lubna Jerar Naqvi – Reporting from Pakistan

The Pakistani government has vowed to extract
terrorism and extremism from Pakistani soil, and is
taking all measures to fulfil this. The Pakistani
forces are cracking down on all militant outfits,
which pose a threat to peace in the country.

Nepal’’s Maoist Party Pours Poison on Indo-Nepal Relations

From R C Rajamani, Political Editor, Asian Tribune

The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has sought to pour poison on friendly Indo-Nepali ties by mounting a tirade against New Delhi during a recent central committee meeting of the party.

Sri Lanka: President’s UN address coincides with ‘World Peace Day’

Sri Lanka President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga would address the 59th session of the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday 21st September, which would coincide with the UN declared World Peace Day.

Erik Solheim to meet Tamilselvan today in Kilinochchi

By Asian Tribune Correspondent in Sri Lanka

Norwegian Special Peace Envoy Eric Solheim is
scheduled to have talks with LTTE Political Chief S.P.
Thamilselvan in Kilinochchi and PresidentChandrika
Bandaranaike Kumaratunga in Colombo today (September
16) in his latest bid to push forward the stalled
peace process in the country.

Musharraf not bound to give up his army post by Dec 31

Lubna Jerar Naqvi - Reporting from Pakistan

Regarding the issue and debate of the legality of the
Pakistani President, General Pervez Musharraf, holding
two position of powers as president and Army Chief,
the Pakistani government on Tuesday told the National
Assembly that President Pervez Musharraf was not bound
to give up his army post by Dec 31, as was first

Bangladesh Government Proposes a Bill to Indemnify World Bank

Ahmede Hussain –Reporting from Bangladesh

The Bangladesh government has decided to go on with a bill that will
give total immunity to the World Bank despite a widespread criticism
from the civil society and different trade union organizations. "No
action shall be brought against the Bank, by any entity or person," – an article in the proposed Bill desclared.

CRPF action in DAB area "totally unwarranted and uncalled for": Dr Lotha

Oken Jeet Sandham – Asian Tribune

The Nagaland Minister for Agriculture and Horticulture Dr TM Lotha has strongly condemned the killing of an innocent Naga youth, Mhonbemo Kikon, and injuring another, Lilamo Yanthan, at Merapani by the personnel of the CRPF and further termed their action in the Disputed Area Belt (DAB) as "totally unwarranted and uncalled for"

Quantum leap towards self-reliance construction of

Lubna Jerar Naqvi – Reporting from Pakistan

While speaking at the launching ceremony of Fast
Attack Missile Craft 'Quwwat' at Karachi Shipyard &
Engineering Works on Monday, the Chief of the Naval
Staff Admiral Shahid Karimullah said, "Pakistan Navy
has achieved yet another milestone in the indigenous
construction of naval platform and has made a quantum
leap towards self-reliance in building missile crafts
by utilising indigenous resources."

India to assist Sri Lankan Navy to patrol territorial waters of the country.

By Asian Tribune Correspondent in Sri Lanka

Commander of the Sri Lanka Navy Vice Admiral Daya Sandagiri had discussion with the visiting Chief of Indian Naval Staff on the training of Sri Lankan Navy personnel in India and operational matters between the two countries.

India worried over Left Wing Maoist extremism

From M Rama Rao – Reporting from New Delhi

With Maoist rebels on a rampage in neighboring Nepal, India has woken up to the threat from Left wing extremists at home along a long corridor that stretches from the borders with the Himalayan Kingdom to the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.

Breaking the Impasse

By Am Johal -

In the land of home demolitions, military
assassinations, movement restrictions, settlement
construction, religious and secular strife, collective
punishment, military incursions and legal and
socio-economic discrimination, and all the
psychological and physical damage associated with the
Occupation there is a growing chorus of those who
believe that the situation will deteriorate before it
gets better.

A nuclear pact of peace

By Lubna Jerar Naqvi – Asian Tribune

The Pakistani and Indian Foreign Ministers went through a tedious grid in the recently concluded meeting held in New Delhi and though many aspects were talked upon and resolutions made, the main issue of contention – Kashmir – was more or less left as it was. Both countries can’t seem to agree on any points on this issue.

Tamilselvan emphasized the need for self-government in the North & East.

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam conveyed their firm determination to have a self-governing unit in the North and East. This was clearly conveyed this morning by S.Paramu Tamilselvan to the Government of Sri Lanka through Erik Solheim, Special Norwegian Peace envoy.