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Sialkot victims laid to rest amidst violence

Lubna Jerar Naqvi - Reporting from Islamabad, Pakistan

The funerals of the 31 people in the Sialkot tragedy at a Shitte mosque have been completed and the victims have been laid to rest. People from both sects attended the funeral. All government offices in the area were closed for the one day mourning, while protestors pelted government vehicles and set a few cars on fire.

Journalist Slaughtered in Bangladesh

Ahmede Hussain – Reporting from Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dipankar Chakrabarty, executive editor of the daily Durjoy Bangla, was slaughtered last night in northern most Bangladeshi town Bogra.

Dr. Arjun Karki on coflict resolution in Nepal

By Arjun Dhakal – Reporting from Katmandu, Nepal

Dr. Arjun Karki is the President of NGO Federation of Nepal and head of one of the largest development NGOs, Rural Reconstruction Nepal-RRN in Nepal - on conflict resolution.

Three Percent of the Total population of Bangladesh is infected with Hepatitis-C

Ahmede Hussain – Reporting from Dhaka, Bangladesh

About 40,00,000 Bangladeshis representing 3 percent of the country’s total population is suffering from Hepatitis-C and the number is unabatedly increasing, said a preliminary report of World Health Organization today.

India’s Interior Minister Patil arrives in violence-hit Assam and Nagaland as two more blasts rock the area

From M Rama Rao reporting for Asian Tribune from New Delhi

Four more blasts and a shootout rocked Assam as the Federal Minister for the Interior Shivraj Patil arrived in the state’s capital Guwahati this morning to assess the security situation.

Nepal's PM Deuba says Maoists not serious for peace talks

By Arjun Dhakal – Reporting from Katmandu, Nepal

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has accused Maoist of not being serious to peace talks. "We have not seen any seriousness from the Maoist side towards a peaceful settlement of the problem. They rather continue to unleash violence against innocent people," Deuba said speaking at a program in Pokhara.

Australian Labour Party Joins the Battle Against Terrorism in Sri Lanka

Australian Labor Party led by Mark Latham, present Leader of the Opposition is expected to win in the forthcoming parliamentary general elections’ for which polling is slated to be held on 10 October, in an official statement said that it strongly supports the mediated peace negotiations between the Sri Lankan Government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

Indian politicians sink differences to advocate talks with Maoist underground extremists, Formal talks slated for October 13 in Hyderabad

From M Rama Rao - Reporting for Asian Tribune from New Delhi

Andhra Pradesh has seen the new thinking get germinated three months back. The state is heading towards formal ‘structured’ talks with the Maoist leaders, some of whom have been in the underground for close to three decades.

Diagnosing the Crisis

By Dayan Jayatilleka

If the war resumes, or even if present trends continue and we remain in this twilight zone, our educated, talented, skilled and sensitive, especially the English-speaking youth, will be lost to the nation through migration. Our young in other societies, and we in ours, will be “strangers in a strange land”. The best of the Westernized young will of course remain or return, but the modernizing elite will not expand domestically as a class.

At least forty-nine killed in series of bomb blasts in India’s volatile north east, New Delhi sees ‘larger design’ behind the killing

From M Rama Rao - Reporting for Asian Tribune from New Delhi

A series of bomb blasts and militant attacks claimed at least forty nine lives in India’s volatile north eastern provinces of Assam and Nagaland on Saturday. Over one hundred persons were injured. Police said the death toll may go up as the condition of scores of injured is said to be serious.

Laying bare the Tiger

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

It can be done; it is still possible to put a spoke in the wheel of the triumphal chariot of the Sun God. As the recent Danish developments (the groundswell of opinion against the Tigers and the proposal to ban them) demonstrate the LTTE is not invulnerable. It can be made to pay at least part of the price for its many crimes. The problem is not the Tigers; it is not even the Westerners who are soft on the Tigers; the problem is us, our own inability and unwillingness to expose the Tiger.

Reshuffling at the top brass

Lubna Jerar Naqvi – Reporting from Islamabad, Pakistan

Lieutenant General Ehsan ul Haq, Director General Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) has been appointed Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, while Corps Commander Karachi, Lieutenant General Ahsan Saleem Hyat have has been appointed Vice Chief of Army Staff.

Bush and Kerry Highlight Differences

Am Johal – Asian Tribune

It will probably be regarded as the best Presidential
debate in a generation. And it had nothing to do with
the characters involved, but everything to do with the
subject matter and its relative time in history.

Kerala: The Holy Cross and the State

Mukundan C. Menon – Asian Tribune

Christians in Kerala have reasons to worry. Attacks in Southern part followed by church burning in Northern part, and vice versa. Never ever before had the Christian community in Kerala felt the sense of deep insecurity as at present. And, there is an irony: These incidents took place when two Christians, A. K. Antony and Oommen Chandy, controlled the State apparatus.

US surveillance plane crashes in Jacobabad

Lubna Jerar Naqvi - Reporting from, Islamabad, Pakistan

A US unmanned spy plane plane crashed in village Esab Rind near Jacobabad, Pakistan, according to police sourceand it fell near an air base used by American forces.