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Myanmar releases key opposition journalist from prison

Win Tin, one of Myanmar's best-known journalists and a key opposition figure, was released from prison with several other members of the pro-democracy movement.

LTTE Still Has 1,250 Child Soldiers – The Latest Global Report Says

By Daya Gamage, USA – Asian Tribune

The Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers, an alliance of leading international human rights and humanitarian organizations, headquartered in London and has regional and national networks in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, in its Global Report on Child Soldiers released on November 17 says that, “in February 2004 some 1,250 children were known to remain in Sri Lanka’s Tamil rebel group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and local organizations believe the true figure to be far higher.

21 dead in Pakistan bus crash

By Iqbal Khan Yousafzai – Asian Tribune

At least 21 people were killed and 40 others injured three of them seriously when a bus carrying a wedding-party skidded off an overhead bridge and plunged 40 feet (12 metres) into a ravine in thick fog near Chicha Watni in Sahiwal district of Punjab province in Pakistan.

India’s largest social security net under the lens.

From M Rama Rao - Reporting for Asian Tribune from New Delhi

In a first of its kind, Indian lawmakers will meet the field level officers of the government run social security net to know what is wrong with its working.

Pakistan Prime Minister pledged: “We can become an economic powerhouse”.

Lubna Jerar Naqvi - Reporting from Islamabad, Pakistan

Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz said has reiterated that there will be no compromise on Kashmir issue and it will be resolved according to the aspirations of the Kashmiri people. He said this while addressing the nation on televised address late Friday evening for the first time after being sworn in as new prime minister.

Joint Force Recovers Three Bodies of Rohingyas

Ahmede Hussain - Reporting from Dhaka, Bangladesh

After Thursday night's violent clash, a joint force of Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) and police recovered three bodies of Rohingyas and arrested 12 more people from Kutupalong camp in Ukhiya Upazila on Friday.

Indian Prime Minister to carry ‘peace flag’ to Manipur, while public protests and ‘curfew’ await him

From M Rama Rao - Reporting for Asian Tribune from New Delhi

From Kashmir in the Himalayas to Manipur close to the Chin Hills, the Indian Prime Minister is on a ‘peace’ mission hopping from one trouble spot to another in a bid to win over the people who perceive is his government as distant and relatively insensitive.

Sri Lanka President condemns killing of Judge; orders immediate investigation

Srilanka’s President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga was quick to condemn the killing of the High Court Judge Sarath Ambenpitiya and to direct the Inspector General of Police to take immediate action to initiate investigation and apprehend the killers.

Aiyar for mini-assemblies in Union Territories

From Narendra Kaushik – Reporting from New Delhi

To minimize gap between people and the government in Union Territories (UT) of India, Union Minister for Panchayati Raj Mani Shanker Aiyar wants to set up mini-assemblies there. He says he will discuss the proposal with his partners in United Progressive Alliance (UPA).

An ambitious budget with a progressive and people-friendly face

Sri Lanka’s center-left coalition government succeeded in presenting a budget for 2005 which will keep the masses as well as the private sector moderately happy. While the public servants will be overjoyed over 40 percent salary hike, the masses also are happy about the promised price reduction of essential goods by waiving off the Value Added Tax (VAT). However, VAT for other items has been increased to 18 percent.

Al-Qaeda operative Arrested

Lubna Jerar Naqvi - Reporting from Islamabad, Pakistan

One more most wanted alleged terrorist, Osama Nazir involved in the assassination bid on General Musharraf and Prime Minister Shuakat Aziz has been arrested from a Madarsah (Religious School) in Faisalabad, central Punjab today. "He is the most important Pakistani Al-Qaeda operative who was facilitating foreign Al-Qaeda operatives for attacks in Pakistan," the official, told on condition of anynomity
"He is a prized catch and was a main link between foreign Al-Qaeda operatives and local jihadi groups."

Tamilnadu police begin questioning Hindu Seer, BJP to hit streets and snaps ties with AIADMK, while religious leaders converging on Delhi for massive demo

From M Rama Rao - Reporting for Asian Tribune from New Delhi

As the Tamilnadu police are holding the Hindu Seer Jayendra Saraswati at undisclosed location in Kanchi since Friday afternoon, the Hindu rightwing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has decided to hit the streets on Saturday with a nation-wide sit in strikes and day long fasts.

No financial crisis, no RBI embargo: Talitemjen

By Oken Jeet Sandham – Asian Tribune

Nagaland Chief Secretary P Talitemjen Ao has today denied that there was financial crisis in the State to invite RBI embargo.

The Politics of Time and Dispossession

By Am Johal – Asian Tribune

When the aging Arab poets, fashionably grey haired and
in their eighties, tremble and read their beautiful
words on the stage of the Al Midan Theatre they are
like the trunks of olive trees, testaments to the

AHRC runs online signature campaign to stop Nepal's disappearances

By Arjun Dhakal – Reporting from Kathmandu, Nepal

An online signature campaigned has been launched by the Hong Kong based human rights organization, Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC). The campaign aims to pressure both Nepali authorities and the insurgent Maoists so that they will take immediate and effective measures to end the massive disappearances and random killings in the country despite their ongoing conflict.

U.S. Needs More Balanced, Integrated Strategy Towards Asia

Daya Gamage - Reporting from USA to Asian Tribune

“The United States tendency to use regional consultations, principally as an occasion for pressing Asian participants on U.S. priorities rather than listening carefully to their concerns will surely reinforce a growing desire of Asians to meet on key issues – particularly economic matters – without the U.S. at the table,” was the observation of a report produced by two task forces, one composed of leading U.S. policymakers and scholars, the other consisting of Asian experts.

Pakistan Welcomes Singh's Peace Gesture

By Iqbal Khan Yousafzai – Asian Tribune

Pakistan has welcomed the peace gesture of the Indian Prime Minister to continue the meaningful dialogue process with Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir issue.

A theft - according to Delhi police a ‘pilferage,’ in the very house of the Vice President of India.

From M Rama Rao - Rreporting for Asian Tribune from New Delhi

It is a theft, not a big one and no gold and money was lost. But the victim was a big man, literally and figuratively too. So eyebrows are raised and the theft has hit the front pages of Indian papers and prime time slot in Indian TV networks.