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Sri Lanka: Tsunami Death Toll Fast Rising – Sri Lanka Army

According to the Sri Lankan Army, death toll of the civilians and Security Forces personnel in the tsunami disaster has now risen as more and more decomposed remains were being recovered by troops and the Police from affected areas in liaison with civil authorities.

First British Aid for Disaster Hit Sri Lanka

Neville de Silva - Diplomatic Editor, Asian Tribune

The first plane carrying aid from Britain to Sri Lanka is due in Colombo today.It was scheduled to leave Gatwick Airport last night.

India relaxes visa for senior & junior Pakistanis

From M Rama Rao - Reporting for Asian Tribune from New Delhi

India has unilaterally relaxed the visa rules for senior and junior Pakistanis. It has also offered liberal visas to students to enrol in reputed Indian institutions.

India extends help to NRIs in Tsunami hit Zone

DP Kamat in New Delhi

While gearing up to address the coastal disaster at home, India is seeking to ensure the safety and welfare of its diasporas in the Tsunami hit areas of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Maldives and Malaysia.

Indian Political Parties put aside Politics, Join Hands to Help Tsunami-hit States in the Country.

From Narendra Kaushik – Reporting from New Delhi

Putting aside their narrow political battles and political considerations, the political parties in India are making efforts to provide relief to thousands of people affected by Tsunami in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala states and Andaman Nicobar Island.

Prabhakaran’s hopes dashed by the tsunami

H. L. D. Mahindapala, reporting from Melbourne.

Velupillai Prabhakaran, “the sole representative of the Tamils”, has not been seen or heard by the Tamil people since the tsunami hit the north and the east last Saturday. S. Thamilselvam and Col. Soosai have made statements but the silence of their leader has raised some questions in Tamil and political circles.

Mass burials on South Indian coast

From M Rama Rao - Reporting for Asian Tribune from New Delhi

Massive rescue operations and mass burials are going almost simultaneously in the Tsunami hit Tamilnadu and the adjoining Pondicherry, which together have reported over four thousand dead. There is no final word as yet on the death toll.

‘Nuclear power Plant on Tsunami hit TN Coast safe”: India

From M Rama Rao - Reporting for Asian Tribune from New Delhi

The nuclear power plant at Kalpakkam, close to Chennai on the Tsunami battered South Indian coast, is safe and there is no radiation hazard, according to Indian nuclear energy commission officials though sea water had entered the plant and it has been shut down.

Sri Lanka Situation Report: Looters create panic as death toll rises

Janaka Perera – Reporting from Colombo, Sri Lanka

As mass cremations and burials are being organized, the number of deaths has begun to vary between 13,000 and 20,000. The government has allocated Rs. 10,000 for the funeral of each identified victim, while those still unidentified are being photographed before burial for future identification.

Tsunami pre-empted LTTE's war moves

Rajpal Abeynayake - Reporting for Asian Tribune from Sri Lanka

The death toll in Sri Lanka’s Tsunami disaster has officially topped ten thousand and is nearing 11 thousand. However some estimates held that 20,000 have died in Sri Lanka, even though government figures now put the figure at 14,.000. One of the ironic aspects of the disaster is that the LTTE and Sri Lankan government seem to be working in tandem to provide relief - - - to the more than one million displaced.

First round of two-day Pak-India talks concluded

Iqbal Khan Yousafzai – Asian Tribune

The first round of two-day talks between the foreign secretaries of Pakistan and India to discuss a four-point agenda concluded here.

Chastened by Tsunami, India to Subscribe to International Warning System.

From Narendra Kaushik – Reporting from New Delhi

Hit hard by the Tsunami first time in over 100 years, India says it will subscribe to International Warning System soon to get advance information about the potentially deadly sea waves.

Pak Navy helping Maldives in coping with Tsunami catastrophe

Iqbal Khan Yousafzai – Asian Tribune

Two Pakistan Navy ships, currently on a goodwill visit to the Maldives, were providing humanitarian assistance to the host government in dealing with the aftermath of earthquake and tidal waves.

Overseas assistance continues to pour into Sri Lanka - President's office

Relief supplies are continuing come in from several neighbouring countries and from Europe. The Government has made all arrangements at the International Airport in Katunayake and the sea ports of Colombo, Galle and Trincomalee to receive the medical personnel and to facilitate the quick clearance of the aid supplies – according to a press release from Sri Lanka’s President Secretariat.

Join National Programme to bring normality to people - JVP

Janatha Vimukthi Perumuna, has extended an appeal join national programme to bring normality to the people devastated by the tsunami.

Death toll is now 10,850 but few coffins

Janaka Perera – Reporting from Colombo, Sri Lanka

The death toll keeps on rising as flood waters recede, exposing more bodies. At the time of writing the number of bodies recovered so far is 10,850. The highest figure - 5700 is reported from the Ampara District. Nearly 3000 are dead in Jaffna and 1000 in Trincomalee. Batticaloa recorded 800 deaths.

Dhaka Prepares for SAARC Summit despite the human tragedy caused by Tsunami

Ahmede Hussain – Reporting from Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka said yesterday that the 13th SAARC summit is to go ahead as
planned on January 9 to11 despite the devastation caused by tidal
waves that killed at least 18,000 plus people in three of the seven SAARC member states.

Question of early warning system – essential or nonessential to Sri Lanka?

Rajpal Abeynayake - Reporting for Asian Tribune from Sri Lanka

There are no Tsunami warning systems in the Indian ocean in contrast the Pacific, says Mariadas Perera, a Seismologist in Colombo.

BJP to stay off Hindutva, use Uma Bharati as Star Campaigner during State Polls in Bihar.

From Narendra Kaushik – Reporting from New Delhi

Bharatiya Janata Party, the main opposition party in India at the centre, will keep off Hindutva during the campaign for Bihar State assembly elections and focus on exposing the failure of present Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) government in providing basic amenities like roads, electricity and drinking water to people in the state during 15 years of its rule.

Saran says going back with optimism

Iqbal Khan Yousafzai – Asian Tribune

Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran Tuesday said he is going
back with a sense of optimum that there is sincerity
and commitment on the part of Pakistan and India to
take the dialogue process forward.