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Investigate thoroughly Kusmasiri Balapatbendi - Australian High Commissioner designate, before giving clearance.

Society for Peace , Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka (SPUR), an Organization of Sri Lankan Diasporas, based in Melbourne, Austaralia has urged that allegations against Kusumsiri Balapatabendi, has to be fully investigated before being cleared for “High post” as High Commissioner for Australia.

Paris Club to confirm debt relief for Tsunami-hit countries

Neville de Silva - Diplomatic Editor, Asian Tribune

The Paris Club of 19 creditor nations meeting in Paris today is expected to formally announce a moratorium on debt repayments by Asian countries worst affected by the December 26 Tsunami disaster.

Monopoly Relief – Decentralized relief – Confusion prevails.

Rajpal Abeynayake - Reporting for Asian Tribune from Sri Lanka

There is increasing disenchantment about the government’s centralization of the Tsunami relief effort.

Tengratila Gas Field Fire starts to spread

Ahmede Hussain – Reporting from Dhaka, Bangladesh

The inferno at Tengratila gas field in Sunamganj started raging with a renewed fury yesterday spreading towards the villages beyond the boundary of the gas well that blew out early Saturday, belying hopes the flames are subsiding.

Flipside of the flow of donated dollar flow – one has to loose even the shirt.

Rajpal Abeynayake - Reporting for Asian Tribune from Sri Lanka

The influx of foreign currency due to Tsunami aid is now assuming problem proportions for the Sri Lanka. The dollar has been previously sliding against all Asian currencies on speculation that US President George W. Bush wants a weak currency in order to reduce the country’s record trade and budget deficit.

Musharraf warns saboteurs to shun subversions

Iqbal Khan Yousafzai – Asian Tribune

Pakistan President Gen Pervez Musharraf has warned saboteurs in Balochistan to stay away from their activities otherwise they have to face bad end for their misdeeds.

Orphaned Tamil child adopted by the President might one day end up a President

Rajpal Abeynayake - Reporting for Asian Tribune from Sri Lanka

It was (Asian Tribune) this online news daily which reported exclusively, in an article that was written by this writer, that the President wants to adopt a child.

Emergency Laws To Deal With Post-Tsunami Problems

From our Colombo Correspondent

President Chandrika Kumaratunga is holding lengthy talks on the possibility of bringing back the emergency law to deal with the critical issues that will arise in the post-tsunami reconstruction programmes.

Pak profitable destination for exporters: Shaukat Aziz

Iqbal Khan Yousafzai – Asian Tribune

Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz Tuesday said the continuity of economic policies and deregulation measures adopted by the government have made the country a profitable destination for investors.

Sri Lanka: Advertisements and grandiose visions notwithstanding - - the planners –much ado in vain

Rajpal Abeynayake - Reporting for Asian Tribune from Sri Lanka

The government is planning to move the Southern Galle Hambanthota and Hikkaduwa towns to the interior, as part of the post tsunami nation re-building effort. The plan is to take the towns to the interior from the coast, while joining the towns via the new highway that will link the South to Colombo.

Congress lags behind rivals in announcement of candidates for State Assembly Elections.

From Narendra Kaushik – Reporting from New Delhi

Although only four days are left for filing nominations for the first phase of assembly elections in three states in the country, Congress, has so far failed to announce any candidates and is still grappling to sew up alliances with other constituents of the ruling conglomerate United Progressive Alliance.

LTTE – TRO - Tsunami Collections - Quagmire Triangle

Sri Lankan embassies and high commissions have alerted western governments about a fund raising campaign launched by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a Sri Lankan terrorist group.

Muslims in Burma are not for Separate State but strive for equal rights.

Suthep Chaviwan reporting from Bangkok, Thailand

Armed Muslim groups of Burma, both in Arakan State bordering with Bangladesh and in the western side close to Thai border said that they do not demand for separated state from Burma, but only wanted equal rights similar to what people in other faiths enjoy.

Sri Lanka: Milinda and Mangla to join hands together to rebuild our country.

Leaders of the political parties in Sri Lanka, unmindful of their petty political differences have come forward to build the nation affected by the worst human catastrophe and as an experimental measure UNP’s Milinda Moragoda, Minister Mangala Samaraweera and many other leaders has come forward to work together.

Recovery of Sri Lanka Fishing Industry Requires Thousands of Boats

Sri Lanka to recover it fishing industry needs thousands of boats to get its fishing fleet back to sea. Donations of boats, new boat yards and factories and micro-loans to help the fishing industry rebuild are crucial to restore employment and food supplies for hundreds of thousands Sri Lankans.

Politicians in India push families into politics through State Assembly Elections.

From Narendra Kaushik – Reporting from New Delhi

The forthcoming assembly polls in three states Bihar, Jharkhand and Haryana of India seems to have become an exercise for politicians of left, right and centre to push their unemployed relatives and wards into political profession.

Canadian Prime Minister’s Visit to Sri Lanka – another dilemma to the Foreign Ministry

Rajpal Abeynayake - Reporting for Asian Tribune from Sri Lanka

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin’s scheduled visit has put the Foreign Ministry into a whirl of indecision, for the simple reason that Martin wants to visit the LTTE areas.