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Burma-Thai Relations

By Myint Thein - Senior Advisor to the Burmese Resistance

Many Burmese may not know why Rangsit University in Thailand awarded an honorary degree to Aung San Suu Kyi. Prince Rangsit served as the Regent to the King of Thailand from 1946-1950, and his family had many Burmese friends

Tamilselvan Clears Air on U.S. Tsunami Assistance to Sri Lanka:<i>Asian Tribune </i>Story Sends Chills in LTTE Spine

Daya Gamage – An analysis to Asian Tribune

Anyone who is familiar and follows political antics of Sri Lanka’s LTTE takes policy pronouncements of Prabhakaran, Anton Balasingham and Tamilselvan as authentic political planks.

Tsunami rebuilding – what’s not seen doesn’t exist?

Rajpal Abeynayake - Reporting for Asian Tribune from Sri Lanka

Realistic although gruesome video footage of dying Tsunami victims that accompanied a song sung by ten of Sri Lanka’s most popular artistes (including Nanda Malini and W. D. Amaradeva) in aid of Tsunami awareness efforts, has been taken off the air. The song plays on, sans those parts of the video.

Jayalalithaa govt in a battle of wits with Kanchi Seer

From M Rama Rao- Reporting for Asian Tribune from New Delhi

A battle of wits is raging between the Jayalalithaa government and the beleaguered Hindu Seer, Jayendra Saraswati, the Sankaracharya of Kanchi Mutt (monastery).

Britain gets its act together – but Lanka will pay

Rajpal Abeynayake - Reporting for Asian Tribune from Sri Lanka

Two days after this online news daily pointed out that Britain’s attitude towards Tsunami aid has been lackadaisical, Stephen Evans the British High Commissioner announced in Colombo that Britain will pay 10 per cent of Sri Lanka’s loan commitment as a gesture of support.

Troubles for Jayalalithaa on the Tsunami relief front

By D P Kamat in New Delhi

Jayalalithaa, the chief minister of Tsunami hit Tamilnadu state of India is facing flak increasingly on the relief front. There have been reports of discrimination on the basis of caste, lower level bureaucracy demanding a cut in the ex-gratia relief being paid to the families of the victims and of mismanagement both at the micro and macro levels.

Chief Buddhist prelates call for the restoration of all places of religious worship.

All places of religious worship Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic and Islam affected by Tsunami devastation have to be reconstructed in a fitting manner with the help of responsible sections and organizations local and international.

Tipplers know everyday is not just-post-tsunami.

Rajpal Abeynayake - Reporting for Asian Tribune from Sri Lanka

The tsunami wrecked many industries including the fishery industry, but one industry that it helped at least temporarily, was the liquor industry.

BJP hopes RJD-Congress differences and murder charge against Shibu Soren will offset anti-incumbency in Jharkhand.

From Narendra Kaushik – Reporting from New Delhi

Buoyed by differences in United Progressive Alliance (UPA) constituents and framing of charges against Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) chief and Union Minister for Coal Shibu Soren in an old murder case, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP),is hoping to recapture Jharkhand state in the first ever assembly polls in the state.

Prabhakaran will not take the chance to come out from his underground bunkers in the Vanni jungle

By Dr. Soma Hewa and Elizabeth Hewa, in Montreal

Sri Lankans of all social and ethnic backgrounds experienced a devastating tragedy on Boxing Day, 2004. This tragedy, in a very cruel way, taught all of us that nature does not heed man-made barriers on earth.

A tale of Galle

Rajpal Abeynayake - Reporting for Asian Tribune from Sri Lanka

“When a previous government wanted to level the Galle fort to the ground - - demolish it - - and make the fort a part of the town, it was Geoffrey Bawa the grand old man of Sri Lanka’ architectural world, who stepped in to say that the fort will offer protection against the sea. He was right.

Human Rights Commission notice to TN Govt in Seer case.

From M Rama Rao - Reporting for Asian Tribune from New Delhi

India’s National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), a statutory body, has taken cognizance of the Hindu Seer’s case following selective leakage of police interrogation of Jayendra Saraswati on Wednesday. It asked the Tamil Nadu government to furnish within a fortnight ‘factual report' on the ‘selective leakage'.

Foreign Cardinals commended Sri Lankan President’s leadership during crisis.

Cardinal McCarrick said his team was astonished by the resilience displayed by all Sri Lankans in the wake such a terrible catastrophe.

Swedish HR activist demands action against Myanmar regime

From M Rama Rao – Reporting from New Delhi

The campaign of the Burmese freedom groups for concerted global action against the military junta in Rangoon received an unexpected shot in the arm with a European Human Rights activist closing ranks with them. And calling upon the European Parliament to take lead in bringing Burma back to democracy-fold.

Wokha Town Council sworn in, BJP gets Chairman---giving Vice Chairman to NPF

Oken Jeet Sandham – Asian Tribune

The newly elected Wokha Town Council (WTC) Members have been sworn in here at 11 a.m. in the jam-packed conference hall of the Deputy Commissioner today. The Wokha Deputy Commissioner, E Ezung had administered the swearing-in-ceremony.

Sri Lanka: Amazing story of how 25 orphan girls survived in Karaitivu in Amparai

From S Nagarajah in Sydney

Amazing stories of how some places remained untouched and how some people miraculously escaped from the huge tsunami tidal waves that killed over one hundred and fifty thousand people in Asia continue to emerge. This is one such story from Eastern Sri Lanka.

<i> Media Watch</i>: Who Is Afraid Of Prince Harry?

By H. L. D. Mahindapala

The frenzied reaction of the Western media, beating up the Nazi fancy dress of Prince Harry, is typical of the sensation-mongering press that ignores the larger concerns of the world and focuses on trivia – and this includes the BBC.