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The Maxist JVP opposes Joint Mechanism with The LTTE

The Maxist Janatha Vimukthi Perumuna a Govt. party opposed the Joint Mechanism initiated by the Norwegian Govt. to rehabilitate the North and East of Sri Lanka.

Seven Nepal parties demand revival of Parliament

From M Rama Rao reporting for Asian Tribune from New Delhi

Nepali Congress and CPN (UML), the two largest parties of Nepal have closed ranks with five other small parties to mount a combined offensive against the King to limit his powers and for revival of Parliament which was dissolved three years back. In a jointly signed statement released in Kathmandu the parties said revival of parliament would facilitate formation of an all-party government with a mandate to negotiate a peace with the Maoist insurgents.

Politics of joint mechanism

By Sugeeswara Senadhira - Asian Tribune’s Colombo Bureau Chief

The main political parties as well as the Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims have major differences with each other and within themselves over the proposed joint mechanism for tsunami reconstruction.

Election Commission rubbishes Federal Minister’s allegation on polls last year.

From Narendra Kaushik – Reporting from New Delhi

The battle between Federal Minister for Railways Lalu Prasad Yadav and Election Commission of India (EC), a statutory body responsible for conducting elections in the country, is getting hotter by the day as the three-member EC on Sunday unitedly hit out at Yadav calling his allegations on elections in his parliamentary constituency ‘beneath dignity and scurrilous’.

UPFA government will not privatize vital institutions- President

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

The President of Sri Lanka said on Sunday at a meeting held in Kahatagasdigiliya, off 35 miles from Anuradhapura that a financial crisis of the Ceylon Electricity Board – CEB has arisen due to the policies adopted after the independence.

Pak beefs up security at foreign missions

By Iqbal Hussain Khan Yousafzai – Reporting from Islamabad

Authorities in Pakistan has beefed up security at foreign missions across the country, following the arrest of high profiled terror suspects, wanted in two assassination bids on President General Pervez Musharraf’s life.

Former Miss Jammu accused of performing in sex CD, on the offensive against the Police.

From Narendra Kaushik – Reporting from New Delhi

The police in Jammu & Kashmir, a state in North India, are in a big soup as a former Miss Jammu who they accused of having acted in a porno movie and played moral police to, has gone on an offensive and leveled allegations of torture and illegal confinement against them.

Sri Lankan trade unions won the CEB battle

Sunil C. Perera , Reporting from Sri Lanka

The Governmenmt of Sri Lanka decided not to proceed with the Ceylon Electricity Board -CEB restructuring programme after a meeting with the Trade Union

Karens denies of any involvement in bomb attacks.

Karen National Union has flatly denied any involvement in the series of bomb attacks on 07th May in Rangoon and condemned the attacks as outrageous atrocity of inhuman act and revealed loud and clearly, “we, the KNU, strongly oppose and condemn it.”

Sri Lanka alerts US, EU and India on militants’ air power

By Sugeeswara Senadhira - Asian Tribune’s Colombo Bureau Chief

Sri Lanka has alerted India, United States and European Union members about the danger of Tamil ilitants acquiring aircraft and constructing an airstrip immediately after it came to light. Disclosing this a senior official said that President Chandrika Kumaratunga had written to the leaders of those countries expressing the seriousness of the matter.

Explosion kills two in Pak tribal area

By Iqbal Hussain Khan Yousafzai – Reporting from Islamabad

Two local tribesmen were killed when an explosive device went off in their car on Sunday in North Waziristan Agency of the Pakistan tribal belt neighbouring Afghanistan.

SL Police opened fire a rally in Batticalo

Sunil C. Perera, Reporting from Colombo

Sri Lankan Police opened fire Monday when Tamil activists attending a rally demanded the removal of a new Army checkpoint in Batticoloa.One demonstrator was killed and another 15 were wounded,”said our reporter.