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Escalation of Violence and Torture to be highlighted on the International Day to fight Against Torture

By our Business Correspondent

Sri Lanka has been notorious for violating the rights of its citizens for a very long time and it now has a spiraling effect as day by day there is increasingly torture, inhuman and degrading treatment of its citizens in addition to the abductions and murder committed specially by the security forces. For all these the government is held responsible which could be termed as ‘state terrorism’.

Tamil Nadu: Is the political system heading towards a transition?

Kenath Jayashankar Menon, reporting from Chennai

There are many
paradoxes in Tamil Nadu politics. The decline of
Congress in the State in the '70s paved way for a two
party system to dominate the Tamil Nadu
politics between 1980 and 1996.

Thamil Eelam Doesn't Satisfy 'Montevideo Convention' Criteria for Separate State

Daya Gamage – An Analysis to Asian Tribune

The necessity of the Government of Sri Lanka to enter into an agreement, known as the Joint Mechanism, with Sri Lanka’s separatist outfit the LTTE to jointly undertake tsunami rehabilitation and allow the Tigers to run its writ in 84.6% government controlled tsunami-affected areas in the north and east provinces and legitimizing its claim as the ‘sole representative of the Tamil people’ is somewhat incomprehensible.

Japanese companies reviewing of investment in China

By Mendaka Abeysekera - Reporting from Beijing

Major Japanese
companies in China are in the process of contemplating of their future
expansion plans, as of the anti-Japanese fervor in the midst of the ordinary Chinese in the Mainland exacerbate.

Musharraf leaves on weeklong visit to Australia, New Zealand on Monday

By Iqbal Hussain Khan Yousafzai – Reporting from Islamabad

President Pervez Musharraf will embark on a week long state visit to Australia and New Zealand today. He is the first Head of State from Pakistan undertaking visit to these countries. The visit aims at reinvigorating Pakistan's relations with the two countries by forging cooperation in economic, trade, agriculture, education, security and other fields.

Sri Lanka Plea For Continued Tsunami Support

Daya Gamage – A News Analysis to Asian Tribune

The tone was passionate but there was an urgency in his plea to the world’s richest and technologically developed nation, the United States, from a Trotskyite who belonged to Sri Lanka’s oldest political party that professed Leon Trotsky’s ‘permanent revolution’ and onetime a staunch advocate of anti-imperialism.

Results of today’s Co-Chairs meeting in Washington predictable

H. L. D. Mahindapala – Asian Tribune

The Co-Chairs of the Tokyo Conference on Reconstruction and Development of Sri Lanka – United States, European Union, Japan and Norway – will meet today in Washington to survey the peace process with an emphasis on pushing the Post-Tsunami Operations Management Structure (P-TOMS), irrespective of the mounting opposition.