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Pak court issues re-arrest orders of Mai rapists

[b]Pak court issues re-arrest orders of Mai rapists[/b]

By Iqbal Hussain Khan Yousafzai – Reporting from Islamabad

[b]Islamabad, 29 June, ( [/b]The Supreme Court of Pakistan Tuesday ordered the arrest of five suspects who were earlier acquitted of gang raping of Mukhtaran Mai on the orders of a village council.

Bush Rekindles American Patriotism Amidst Nation’s Pessimism on Current Strategy in Iraq

Daya Gamage – A News Analysis to Asian Tribune

Offering no shift in course amidst growing insurgency in Iraq which has led to dwindling support for the administration in every opinion poll taken recently, President George W. Bush endeavored to rekindle patriotism in the midst of American people sensing the national mood which indicate that a majority wants a different path to defeat Iraqi insurgency and succeed in the global war on terrorism.

P- TOMS: Government dispels apprehensions, but Southern Province and Foreign donations remain unaddressed.

Government of Sri Lanka released today new explanations to clarify controversial issues raised about the Post-Tsunami Operational Management (P-TOMS) agreement signed with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) on 24 June. Though the Government has come up with the new explanations to dispel mainly security apprehensions arising from P-TOMS, it has failed to provide any reason for excluding the Southern province from receiving its share of the aid by the foreign donors for the relief and rehabilitation. This has raised doubts as to whether the Southern province is entitled to a share of foreign aid.

Norwegian peace envoy Vidar Helgersen gets a blasting

Sugeeswara Senadhira – Bureau Chief, Asian Tribune, Colombo

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse has severely reprimanded Norwegian deputy foreign minister Vidar Helgesen when the latter called on him last week. A very senior government source said that Rajapakse had accused Helgesen for working on a hidden agenda that aimed to bring the opposition to power.

Backing for President Kumaratunga increases abroad and decreases at home

Gareth Thomas, the British Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for International Development, is the latest to endorse the signing of the Post-Tsunami Operations Management Structure (P-TOMS). America, EU, Japan and other Western countries have commended the signing of P-TOMS as a means of delivering aid to the tsunami victims.

Pak court issues re-arrest orders of Mai rapists

By Iqbal Hussain Khan Yousafzai – Reporting from Islamabad

The Supreme Court of Pakistan Tuesday ordered the arrest of five suspects who were earlier acquitted of gang raping of Mukhtaran Mai on the orders of a village council.Post Your Opinion >

Ex- militant suspect of journalist’s murder up before identification parade

Sugeeswara Senadhira – Bureau Chief, Asian Tribune, Colombo

Former Tamil militant suspect in the killing of journalist Dharmaratnam Sivaram ordered to be presented before an identification parade on July 5. The Magistrate of Kaduwela, a Colombo suburb in the area the bullet ridden body of Sivaram was found, directed the remand prison authorities to produce the suspect with adequate security.

Proper implementation of P-TOMS guarantee stability and economic prosperity

By Q Perera - Our Business Correspondent

In an analysis of the contentious issue of P-TOMS Post Tsunami Operational Management Structure) Deva Rodrigo, President, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce said that the bold and courageous stand the UNP has taken to support the now minority government in P-TOMS , gave a ray of hope for a country economically shattered.

DPRK criticized US human rights charges

By Mendaka Abeysekera - Reporting from Beijing

Starting the fourth
round of the six party nuclear talks in July is in crisis after
the United States' leveled a new round of human
rights allegations against the Democratic People's
Republic of Korea.

Human and Social Tragedy in the aftermath of the Tsunami: Some Thoughts

By Prof Harendra de Silva

This is the third and concluding part of the article by Professor Harendra de Silva. Asian Tribune’s regular columnist Tissaranee after reading the two parts of the article wrote, “Congratulations on carrying Prof. Harendra de Silva. He is indeed a man of courage.” Asian Tribune welcomes courageous academia’s contributions in the future.

World Commends P-TOMS But Govt. Stability Questionable.

Shyamalee Murugesu from Colombo

The United States and India welcomed the signing of the P-TOMS agreement between the government and the LTTE stating that this would lead to progress in the peace process.

Repression of Buddhism in Sri Lanka by Portuguese

By Senaka Weeraratna

The Portuguese while pursuing a policy of destruction and plunder of Buddhist Temples held out various inducements for Buddhists to convert to Christianity. Conversion meant a sure means of exemption from taxes due to the Government. For example, Christians were exempt from the marala. i.e. death duties. This meant that they could leave the entirety of their property to their heirs upon death. Therefore death - bed conversions became quite common to enable one’s kinsmen to secure property upon death. This was a privilege granted only to Christians.

Over 900,000 Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees

Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees

According to the Human Rights Watch issue of May 2005. over 800,000
Sri Lankan Tamils left the Country as Refugees to the following countries
because of the Ethnic conflict between the majority Sinhalese and the minority Tamils

1. Canada - 250,000

2. Switzerland - 105,000

3. Germany - 110,00

4. Norway - 100,000


Norwegian municipalities reject refugees

Nearly 40 Norwegian municipalities say ‘no’ to receiving single refugees who have been granted stay on humanitarian grounds, according to a recent survey from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI). The reason is that the municipalities fear heavy extra expenses in relation to family reunion for this group of refugees, after new and stricter rules about support were introduced.