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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 73

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Escalating killing of civilians and army harassment in northern Sri Lanka

In the war zones in the East and North of Sri Lanka, there is a rising toll of unsolved “disappearances” and murders of Tamil civilians as the government and the military prepare for a renewed war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Despite denials, it is not credible that the armed forces and police, which enforce stringent security measures in these areas, are not colluding with the pro-government paramilitaries in killing suspected LTTE sympathisers.

The Scariest Predators in the Corporate Jungle

By Thalif Deen - Inter Press Service

The world's oil, gas and mining industries account for nearly two-thirds of all violations of human rights, environmental laws and international labor standards, according to a soon-to-be-released United Nations study. The food and beverages industry is a distant second, followed by apparel, footwear, and the information and communications technology sector.

News analysis: Who is behind the escalation of violence in the north and east?

The rise in violence, particularly killings in Jaffna, after the first round of talks in Geneva, is a disturbing trend that is yet to be investigated by the Police, judicial inquiries and the Sri Lankan Monitoring Mission. "We can't say who's clearly responsible for the killings, as there are still many questions on who may have been behind it," said Helen Olafsdottir, spokeswoman for the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission to the New York Times. (May 16, 2006).

LTTE deserves the label of terrorists and ban by EU - Donald Camp, US official in Sri Lanka

In two separate interviews held by two TV stations - government and private - Donald Camp, U.S. Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, reaffirmed US support to "the democratic government of Sri Lanka" and confirmed that America is pushing hard to get EU ban the LTTE.

Truce monitors discuss safety amid Tiger threats on lives.

By Our Colombo Correspondent

Colombo, 17 May, ( Scandinavian truce monitors from the North East converged at the Head Quarters in Colombo to discuss their safety amid threats by the Tiger guerrillas against continuing with sea monitoring activities.The sea Tigers last week carried out an abortive attack on Sri Lankan Navy passenger ferry with a truce monitor aboard.

Bangladesh Cabinet approves anti Chemical Weapons Bill

The Bangladesh cabinet approved in principle the Chemical Weapons (Prohibition) Bill proposing enactment of a new law on the prohibition of development, production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons and on their destruction, although Bangladesh does not produce, possess or use any such weapon.

Tigers attack army Forwards Defence Lines in Nagar Kovil

By Our Colombo Correspondent

Tiger guerrillas attacked Sri Lankan Army Forward defence line in Nagar Kovil, Jaffna peninsula on Tuesday and were driven back by security forces retaliation, military officials in the filed said."The LTTE attacked our bunkers with RPGs (Rocket Propel grenades), Tombo guns and mortars," a military official told the "Asian Tribune."

Pak troops kill eight rebels as militants shot dead two cops in Waziristan

By Iqbal Hussain Khan Yousafzai – Reporting from Islamabad

Pakistani security forces have killed eight miscreants in a clash at Razmak-Miranshah road in tribal region of North Waziristan neighbouring Afghanistan. According to officials, miscreants ambushed a convoy of security forces on Tuesday, triggering a shootout at Miranshah –Razmak road that left eight miscreants and one security official dead.

UNICEF underlines, "Escalating violence threatens the safety of Sri Lanka’s Children"

The uncertain plight of the children living in the troubled spots in Sri Lanka has attracted the concern of the UNICEF which revealed ‘Sri Lankan children are paying a high price for the escalating tension in the island.’Geneva based UNICEF in a statement highlighted the plight of the Sri Lankan children in areas most affected by recent clashes are paying a high price for the escalating tension in the island. It revealed that thousands of children are still displaced from their homes following the recent violence in Trincomalee District in which six children were killed and others injured or severely traumatized.

Outboard engine service centre opened in south Sri Lanka

An outboard engine service and repair facility centre was formally inaugurated in Dodanduwa, Galle District recently. The newly inaugurated centre is expected cater about 350 boats with three to four fishermen working on each boat (approximately 1,200 families) in an area where access to appropriate servicing facility is extremely limited.

Vavuniya Local Govt Polls Postponed.

By Our Colombo Correspondent

Local government polls to elect members to the Vavuniya Urban Council and Vavuniya South (Sinhala) Pradeshiya Sabha scheduled to be held on May 20 are postponed till September 30, this year, the Elections Commissioner’s office announced on Tuesday.

Bangladesh expects bumper rice production

Rice production in the outgoing Boro (summer crop) season in Bangladesh is expected to increase by at least 10 per cent, predicts the Ministry of Agriculture, terming this year’s rice output a ‘bumper crop’ despite earlier apprehensions. ‘We were afraid of lower crop output. Now, during the harvesting, we see farmers everywhere in the country looking happy, and my belief is that they deserve a good price,’ the agriculture minister, MK Anwar, told reporters.

Meghalaya Police discovered World War II ammunitions

By Raymond R Kharmujai – Reporting from Meghalaya

Meghalaya Police recovered a huge cache of World War II ammunitions hidden beneath the surface of the earth was recovered from a Telecom complex in Northeast India. This is not the first time that cache of World War II ammunitions were recovered by the Meghalaya Police. Earlier, the State police recovered huge number of grenades and ammunitions of different calibers buried underneath the earth.

Ministry of Plantation decided tp pay long delayed EPF dues.

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

The Ministry of Plantation Industries decided to pay long delayed Employee’s Provident Fund [EPF] and the Employee’s Trust Fund [ETF] contributions of the workers attached to the Sri Lanka State Plantation Corporation [ SLSPC ]and the Jantha Estate Development Board [JEDB]. The Ministry also promised to issue ‘a give a priority order’ to pay long delayed gratuities of the retired workers in the both institutions.

Bangladesh to adopt Basel II by 2009

Bangladesh’s banking sector is likely to adopt the Basel II accord, the latest version of risk-based capital standards set for banks worldwide, by early 2009. The Bangladesh Bank, at a high-level meeting last month, set the deadline after seven months of spadework for the implementation process since September 2005. The central bank will also go for a quantitative impact study to assess the possible impacts of the implementation of the Basel II accord in the country’s banking sector, sources said.

Tigers kill three soldiers and a civilian

By Our Colombo Correspondent

Tiger guerrillas exploded claymore mines killing three soldiers and shot dead a Tamil civilian today, a day after the United States Principle Deputy Assistant Secretary of South and Central Asian Affairs, Donald Camp told the press that the US would encourage the European Union to ban the LTTE.