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Sachin Tendulkar: What is prodding you?

By Ramu Sharma - Syndicate Features

SachinWonder whatever is prodding Sachin Tendulkar? He seems desperate to come back into international cricket. And his first target is the tri-series in Sri Lanka in August. He says his shoulder has healed and wants to go in for a fitness test that would automatically make him eligible for selection to the Indian team. Whether he is fit enough to take on international bowling is open to question. Here is a man, admittedly a world class player, but out of active cricket for quite some time. In fact, he has not played any top class cricket after the Test series against England.

Government to prepare a 10 year development plan

Dr. JayasundaraBy Ashwin Hemmathagama – Our Financial Correspondent

Government is currently preparing a development plan for the next 10 years which is expected to uplift the economy while elevating poverty. Treasury Secretary Dr. P.B. Jayasundara yesterday revealed this delivering the keynote speech at the launch of the publication ‘Millennium Development Goals in Sri Lanka – A statistical review’ and the data base ‘MDGInfo – Sri Lanka’ compiled by the Department of Census and Statistics

Sri Lanka shows serious concern on the inflow of refugees into Tamil Nadu

P.M.AmzaSri Lanka shows serious concern over the inflow of Sri Lankan refugees into Tamil Nadu. Government is making attempts to stem the flow of refugees by adopting several measures including opening of Open Relief camps in Mannar and Trincomalee. "We are very much concerned about refugees from Sri Lanka entering Tamil Nadu. Sri Lanka Government is doing its maximum to discourage refugees taking chance, risking their lives traveling by boats, braving the choppy seas to take refuge in Tamil Nadu,” emphasized P.M.Amza, Deputy High Commissioner of Sri Lanka in Chennai. Speaking to “Asian Tribune”, Deputy High Commissioner Amza told that the inflow of refugees after January 2006, has shot up to 5000. An average rate of daily 50 new refugees arrives into Tamil Nadu.

President Kalam leads India in paying homage to Mumbai blast victims

By M Rama Rao – Reporting from New Delhi

Abdul KalamPresident APJ Abdul Kalam led India in paying homage to the victims of last week's serial blasts in Mumbai. At the stroke 6. 25 pm, the time of the first of the seven explosions that left more than 200 people dead last Tuesday, life can to a standstill for two minutes; vehicles came to a stop, no flights operated, trains stopped in their tracks, screens in theatres went blank, and shopping malls stopped business for two minutes, in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Guwahati, Kolkata and several other bustling cities and towns across the country.

When Terror is Just Fine

By John Chuckman

Two of Israel's soldiers are kidnapped, and Israel quickly destroys much of the infrastructure of Lebanon, cuts the country off from the world, and kills, at this writing, two hundred civilians. Already forgotten in the press is Israel’s behavior leading up to events in Lebanon. Israel had blown up an entire family on a Gaza beach and carried out a number of other killings and assassinations. It killed about twenty innocent people in a week or so. The pitiful efforts of people in Gaza to respond to the outrages were met by more killing and a partial invasion. Most of the cabinet of Palestine was kidnapped, and the elected Prime Minister was openly threatened with assassination.

Ceylon Workers Congress's shift in priorities defended by its Vice President

By Munza Mushtaq - Reporting from Colombo for Asian Tribune

YogarajanCeylon Workers Congress (CWC) Vice President R. Yogarajan yesterday defended his party's obvious shift in priorities following their decision to join the government and accept ministerial portfolios. Mr. Yogarajan early this year made a declaration that his party will not accept ministerial portfolios if supporting the government, however when questioned his party's change in policy he said, 'Politics changes everyday. And we have also shifted our stance because a ministerial portfolio which would take care of the plantation sector will benefit our community.'

"Minister's office is more of a profit than MLA's corporation": Imkong Imchen

By Oken Jeet Sandham – Asian Tribune

Imkong L ImchenNagaland Minister for School Education Imkong L Imchen said the “controversial” Office of Profit Act should be done away as it lacked clarity. Talking to “Asian Tribune” here at his office chamber on Tuesday, the Minister said if an MLA or an MP was disqualified for holding the post of Chairmanship of Corporations as they enjoyed salaries and other perks as per the Office of Profit Act, there was no reason why the Chief Ministers, Ministers or for that matter even the Prime Minister and his Council of Ministers should not be disqualified.

Maoist movement in India and "Salwa Judum," - State sponsored paramilitary movement

By Subash Mohapatra - Founder and Director of FFDA

: Central Reserve Police ForceIndia is undergoing a long term low intensity civil war which barely appears on the media and is scarcely debated in international forums. Even then during January and June of this year, 460 persons have been killed in nine Naxalite-affected states: 90 security personnel, 189 alleged Naxalites and 181 civilians. In his address to the Second Standing Committee Meeting on 13 April 2006 Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, urged to take two-prong strategy: effective police response and socio-economic development of the Naxalite affected areas.The Naxalites is a Maoist ideological armed movement receiving its name after a peasant’s armed uprising at Naxalbari in West Bengal on 1967. Their funding main goal is to improve the situation of Adivasis –Indigenous Indian- who constitute roughly the 8 per cent of the nation's total population.

Sri Lanka's Military to deal with Karuna cadres sternly

By Munza Mushtaq - Reporting from Colombo for Asian Tribune

Sri Lanka's military spokesman Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe has reiterated that security forces will take all possible measures to 'deal to the maximum' with LTTE renegade leader Karuna and his cadres if they disturb the peace in any government-controlled area. Brigadier Samarasinghe told the “Asian Tribune” that, "anyone unauthorized possessing arms operating in government-controlled areas will be arrested. No mercy will be shown on anyone or any group," he stressed.

A Commentary on Dayan Jayatilleka’s Devolve or Die

Dayan Jayatilleka’s article appeared in the “Asian Tribune” on 9th instant; this writer’s comments are made on some aspects of his article. DJ starts with a statement made by the present US Ambassador in Sri Lanka Jeff Lunstead thus; "A solution [to Sri Lanka’s civil strife] will require radical changes in the way the entire nation is governed. These changes must empower all the people of Sri Lanka: Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and others, and give them a greater say in how they are governed in the areas where they live.” (July 4, 2006)

Work on Sri Lanka's second coal power plant to kick off later this year

By Munza Mushtaq - Reporting from Colombo for Asian Tribune

Work on the country's second coal power plant located at Trincomalee is set to kick off later this year, with the Sri Lankan and Indian Governments expected to sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the coming weeks, according to a Power and Energy Ministry official. "It has been tentatively decided to begin preliminary work on this 1000 MW Trincomalee power plant by October/November this year," media spokesman for the Power and Energy Ministry Harsha Abeykoon told the “Asian Tribune.”

LTTE explodes claymore mines, kills two soldiers and injures 12.

By Our Colombo Correspondent

Tiger guerrillas this morning exploded a claymore mine killing two army personnel and injuring 12 others in the Northern city of Jaffna. Tiger guerrilla claymore mine targeted a security personnel convoy passing the weekly fair in Marathanamadam, located on the Jaffna –KKS Road in the Jaffna Peninsula .