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Israel deepens offensive in Occupied Territories

Media reports now refer to Israel’s attack on Gaza as the “forgotten war,” a conflict overshadowed by the carnage in Lebanon. Tel Aviv is happy for this situation to continue. While the world’s media focuses almost exclusively on Lebanon, and Israel has itself concentrated its military efforts on the bombing of Beirut, Tripoli and other major cities, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) has also deepened its three-week-long offensive against the Palestinians.

UN Paralysed Over Israeli Attacks on Lebanon

Analysis by Thalif Deen - - Inter Press Service

As Israel continues to unleash its deadly firepower on a hapless Lebanon for a second week running, the United Nations remains paralysed and unable to take any action because of an indisputable fact of international politics: the unrestrained U.S. support for an intransigent Israel. U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan's grim statistics -- presented before the Security Council Thursday -- gave a clear indication of the grossly disproportionate use of Israeli firepower, mostly against civilians, in the incessant bombing of Lebanon.

LTTE snubs EU envoy, insists on the removal of EU monitors

By Our Colombo Correspondent

Tiger guerrilla leadership today turned down a request by an European Union Envoy to give up the guerrilla demand for the replacement of the EU nationals in the ceasefire mission before September 1. Swedish Ambassador at large Anders Oljelund visited Sri Lanka's Tiger guerrilla in their northern base on Friday morning to urge them to reconsider their decision to oust EU truce monitors, amid fears it could destabilize the island as war fears grow.

The Rohingya: Discrimination in Burma and Denial of Rights in Bangladesh

Refugees International, a refugee advocacy organization based in New York in its latest report pointed out that “Recent Rohingya arrivals (in Bangladesh) living outside the camps reveal that they continue to flee from Burma because the situation for them has not improved much since the early 1990s. It went on to add that they report coming to Bangladesh to escape arbitrary cases launched against them by local authorities. “They also cite an inability to make a living due to severe travel restrictions that prevent them from leaving their villages to access employment, markets, education and medical care.”

Early solution to Naga problem hopeful but no time frame: Fernandez

Oken Jeet Sandham – Asian Tribune

Union Minister for Statistics and Program Implementation Oscar Fernandez said the Center-NSCN (IM) talks were moving in the right direction and further hoped that their upcoming talks to be held in Thai capital later this month would be more productive. Addressing the press conference here at the Raj Bhavan on Friday after winding up his two-day visit to Nagaland, the Minister, who is the head of the Indian Ministerial Team for the political negotiations with the NSCN (IM), however refused to give any time frame for the solution to the protracted Naga political issue. Fernandez said it was not the intention of the Government of India to prolong the issue but the point was the talks itself were going in the right direction. "That is a progress." he pointed out.

Italy embassy urges to use proper and safe methods in seek of foreign employment

Text and pix by Ashwin Hemmathagama – Our financial correspondent

Embassy of Italy in Sri Lanka recently urged the local job seekers to use safe and proper methods in immigrating to Italy. Ambassador of Italy in Sri Lanka Pio Mariani told the “Asian Tribune” that Sri Lankans are mostly welcome as they are good workers in Italy. “We have experienced a 43 per cent increase in visa issued to enter Italy, compared to the first half last year. As per Italian authorities there are 120,000 to 130,000 Sri Lankan workers in Italy. Most of them are illegal workers but have no criminal involvements in Italy which would force them for deportation,” he said. According to the Ambassador existing Sri Lankan workers could sponsor their relative, which provides more opportunity for locals. “It is very risky and unsafe to use boats and other ways of illegally getting in to Italy. Sometimes this could lead to loss of lives,” he added.

Tech Distribution partners with Adobe

Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

According to a press release Tech Distribution Sri Lanka (Pvt) Ltd have established partnership with the $ 2.3 Billion software giant Adobe - a US based software company marketing a range of software including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe illustrator. TDSLL has branches in Sri Lanka and in Brunei and it markets value added software. In 2003 it commenced operations here and has been a Microsoft Distributor for Sri Lanka, Maldives and Brunei.

A Sustainable Means of Providing Fertilizer Subsidies.

By Sunil C. Perera

The most far sighted decision by President Mahinda Rajapakse to provide a substantial subsidy on fertilizer to the paddy farmers since the last Maha season has already paid dividends. "We are now talking about not only self-sufficiency of rice but an exportable surplus. This amazing turn around in such a short time has given full credence to the premise expressed by Sri Lanka President that the money spent on the subsidy is an investment in the future,” said spokesman of the local Bio Energy Association. In this light the recent decision to expand this facility to other crops such as tea, coconut and rubber too would also prove to be a necessary step in the right direction.

As land is not available, Sri Lanka Cinnamon Academy a distant dream

By Quintus Perera - Asiantribune

Though funds up to Rs 26 million are available, the delay in providing a suitable land to put up a Centre for Training for Cinnamon Industry (Cinnamon Academy) for the last six months perturbs the cinnamon industry people. The funding would compute as follows:: Rs 15 million from German Technical Cooperation (GTZ); Private Sector Rs 3 million; Department of Export Agriculture Rs 3 Million; Export Development Board Rs 3 million and other Rs 2 million.

Run up to the breaking point

By Sarla Handoo - Syndicate Features

New Delhi and Islamabad reached an agreement that truck service should be allowed on Srinagar –Muzaffarabad road to give a fillip to trade between the two sides of Jammu and Kashmir. For this representatives of Chambers of trade and industry had to visit each other’s country to work out the details. Six months have passed but Pakistan is yet to give clearance to the delegation India has to send.

Two Sri Lanka soldiers succumbed to LTTE's claymore mine blast.

Two Sri Lanka Army soldiers were killed, when a claymore mine exploded suspected to be planted and triggered by LTTE men on the roadside on Saturday the 22nd of July at 08.45 a:m. Sri Lanka soldiers were on a foot patrol in Meesalai, on a road clearing patrol mission on A9 Road, close to Meesalai Railway Station, between Chavakachcheri and Kodikamam . Meesalai is located 4 kilometers north east of Chavakachcheri, in the revenue division Thenmaradchchy, located in the Jaffna district