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Sri Lanka Govt. to go to UN over LTTE imposed cut off of water to Eastern villagers

By Our Colombo Correspondent

Sri Lankan government will take to the highest level of the United Nations, the issue of the LTTE imposed closure of Mawilaru anicut there by cutting off water supply to Seruwila, Mattur and Ichalampattu areas in the Trincomalee District, Government’s Defence Affairs spokesman and Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said. "This is a crime against humanity and a violation of Geneva Convention," the Minister told the reporters at the weekly defence briefing.

LTTE Claymore attack continues: A Civilian and an Army Soldier killed in Jaffna

Suspected cadres belong to the Tamil rebel outfit, Liberation Tiger of Tamil Eelam, triggered claymore bombs this morning in two separate incidents in the Jaffna district, killing a Tamil civilian riding a motor cycle and a Sri Lanka Army soldier. In the first incident, LTTE cadres exploded claymore mine near Nilavarai Deep-well located on the Puttur – Punnalaikattuvan Road, today at 3.50 a.m, killing Mariathas Manojanraj, (23) who was on his way from Atchchuvely to Jaffna.

Sri Lanka's Muslim peace secretariat in crisis

By Munza Mushtaq

Differences of opinion with regard to the role and function of the Peace Secretariat for Muslims (PSM) has led to the resignation of its Secretary General Javid Yusuf. The PSM was set up to bring together all Muslim parties and political formations in order to be a 'one decisive Muslim voice in the Peace Process.' The role of the secretariat was to make sure that all shades of Muslim political opinions were reflected and for the PSM to carry out the responsibility of running the Secretariat, which was also meant to have an image independent of the constituent parties the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) and the National Unity Alliance (NUA) in the PSM.

China’s Rise to World Power Status: A Critique

China has inaugurated its rail link to Lhasa with pomp and show. It is undoubtedly a technological marvel, though one that will be difficult to maintain over the long term. The new railway line is ostensibly designed to open up Tibet to the world. It will also help the ruling Communist party in China to substantially increase the number of Han Chinese that it settles every year in Tibet to change its demography. Another cause for concern is China’s increased logistics capability to build up and sustain over a longer duration a much larger number of PLA Army divisions in Tibet. These extra divisions could be employed to further subdue the Tibetan people during peacetime and will be readily available in case of another border skirmish with India that may arise from the still un-demarcated Line of Actual Control. Very few people realise that another incident like the limited fighting at Nathu La in 1967 and the Wang Dung stand-off in 1986 can lead to a border war.

Sri Lankan Air Force bombs LTTE positions in Verugal aru to clear area to dispatch irrigation workers to restore water supply.

By Our Colombo Correspondent.

Sri Lankan air force yesterday evening (26) bombed Tiger guerrilla positions in the Verugal in the uncleared areas after the Tigers cut off water supply to over 1,500 civilians in the government controlled Muttur, Ichchalampattu and Serunuwara in the East. Air Force spokesman Group Captain Ajantha Silva said Kifir fighter jets bombed identified LTTE positions in the vicinity of Mawilaru anicut, which the LTTE closed by force cutting water supply to 1500 civilians and 30,000 acres of paddy land.

Cargills riding high in all sectors of its business ventures

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

Cargills (Ceylon) Ltd adopts a novel farmer out-grower system and buying process completely new to Sri Lanka which while helping the farmers and the consumers are making great strides forward in the turnover, profits and recruitment of a large number of youth, making a special effort on rural youth. Presenting the Annual Report 2005/06 of the Company, Anthony A Page, and Chairman indicates the Cargills Group has achieved a turnover of Rs 14.2 Billion reflecting a growth of 33 percent over the previous year turnover of Rs 10.7 Billion. The Company achieved a turnover of Rs 8.2 billion which reflects a growth of 12 percent over the previous year’s turnover of Rs 7.3 billion.

More problems facing controversial coal power plant in Sri Lanka

By Munza Mushtaq - Reporting from Colombo for Asian Tribune

The Court of Appeal has issued notice to the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) and eight other respondents to appear before Court in respect of the proposed Norochcholai Coal Power Plant in Sri Lanka.

Norwegian envoy to arrive to salvage Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission

By Our Colomob Correspondent

BauerNorwegian special envoy Jon Hanssen Bauer will arrive in the island This week to salvage the ceasefire monitoring mission from an impending collapse after the Tamil Tigers insisted on the removal of the EU nationals from the SLMM. Hanssen Bauer will meet the government officials, SLMM and travel to Kilinochchi for talks with the LTTE leadership. "Thrust of his visit is to mediate a solution to the current stalemate over the future operations of the SLMM," said Sri Lankan government's Defence Affairs spokesman and Minister Keheliya Rambukwella.

"Can use biogas as a fuel" - Biogas Expert

Sunil C.Perera - Reporting from Colombo

A Sri Lankan bio-energy expert Parakrama Jayasingha says Sri Lanka can produce sufficient biogas quantity to meet the present transport fuel needs. He said biogas is a mixture of methane, carbon dioxide and traces of other gases .carbon dioxide and the trace gases could be removed by simple process.“Methane gas thus produced is very similar to ‘Natural gas ‘used in many countries for many different applications including transport vehicles.

Access International prepares for local 3G demand in Sri Lanka

By Ashwin Hemmathagama – our Financial Correspondent

Access International (Pvt.) Ltd. (AIPL) yesterday launched Huawei Technologies 3G mobile phones and data transfer card to the local market as a measure in getting ready to meet the demand with 3G mobile licence issued shortly. AIPL Joint Managing Director Ranjan Gomez highlighting the company confidence in the potential mobile data communication market said: “We are confident that the new generation would be one step ahead in technology and would utilize the latest 3G mobile phones to its maximum.”

Seirra declares 5 percent dividend as post tax profit increases by 56 percent

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

Seirra Cables Ltd has made great strides during the year under review with turnover growth of 38 percent from Rs 752 million in 2005 to Rs 1,038 million in 2006. After acquiring Alucop Cables Ltd four years ago Seirra had humble beginnings with a market share of only 7 percent but today the share has climbed to 20 percent by 2005. Priyantha Perera, Chairman, Seirra in the Annual Report of the Company indicated the post tax profits reflected a 56 percent increase from Rs 64 million a year ago to Rs 100 million during the year under review.

ITI develops low-cost Moisture Meter for Gliricidia collecting centers

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

The Electro Technology Center of the Industrial Technology Institute [ITI] has developed a user friendly, low cost, digital moisture meter to measure the moisture content in Gliricidia wood used to produce Dendro power. The Alternative Power Section of the Science and Technology Ministry has recognized Bio thermal energy [Dendro] as a method to overcome the power crisis in the country, where dried Gliricidia Sepium wood is used to fire the power plants.

The Sabarimala controversy

By Tukoji R. Pandit - Syndicate Features

The controversy over the entry of a Kannada actress in Sabarimala temple has once again drawn attention to certain Hindu ‘traditions’ that look out of tune in this age and time. It certainly looks odd that when much of the world seems to be fighting gender bias against women, there are religious and some other institutions in India that would not allow a female to step inside their ‘sacred’ premises. Perhaps, instead of treating it as a purely gender issue, the Sabarimala controversy needs to be viewed in the light of the general reluctance or slow pace of religious reforms in the country even by champions of secularism. Is it any surprise that religion’s hold on the people remains very strong?

Sri Lankan government abandons thousands of citizens trapped in Lebanon

Up to 90,000 Sri Lankans, the largest group of migrant workers from poor countries in Lebanon, have been trapped by the US-backed Israeli military assault. One Sri Lankan woman, 28-year-old Vijitha Mallika, has been killed but many others are feared dead or injured. Despite this, the Sri Lankan government has turned its back on its citizens. Neither Sri Lankan President Rajapakse, who is the chairman of the Sri Lanka Committee for Solidarity with Palestine, nor his government, has issued a statement protesting the assaults on Lebanon, Gaza Strip or the West Bank. Rajapakse’s silence over the US-backed Israeli war assault is aimed at securing Washington’s support for Colombo’s war preparations against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

23rd March 2006 – 1st July 2006 : Hundred day protest and hunger strike against the Coca-Cola Company

By Nandlal Master

For the past four years, Lok Samiti and the local community have been organizing a struggle against the Coca-cola bottling plant in Mehndiganj with solidarity and support from the National Alliance of Peoples movement and other groups. So far,we have demonstrated before the Coca-Cola bottling plant, the district headquarters, the pollution control board and the government assembly house. We have met with representatives from district to central government and have explained the impact of the plant in the community but no action has been taken so far.

LTTE continues to cut off water supply, mainly to the Tamil people

The Sri Lankan government is stepping up its diplomatic activity to put pressure on the LTTE to open the Mawilaru Anicut (irrigation channel) – a primary source that provides water to over 1,500 people in the Trincomalee District. The LTTE closed the anicut on July 20 cutting of water supplies to the people, most of whom are Tamils