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Lionel Premasiri

Civilians’ life put at risk by EU withdrawal from truce monitoring in Sri Lanka - Human Rights Watch

Disappointed by the withdrawal of the three EU member states -- Denmark, Finland and Sweden -- from the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission the Human Rights Watch has said that this move “will deal a devastating blow to the protection of civilians in Sri Lanka.” Brad Adams, Asia Director at Human Rights Watch said: “The lives of countless civilians are at risk at this critical time. With the dramatic increase in violence in Sri Lanka, more international monitors are needed, not fewer.” Adams added: “Concerned governments must take urgent steps to get more international monitors on the ground.”

Sri Lanka government will not succumb to blackmail by LTTE on the water issue in the eastern province - Ambassador Goonetilleke

Ambassador Bernard GoonetillekeIn an interview with Hong-Kong based CNN International, Ambassador Bernard Goonetilleke clarified the Sri Lanka government’s position on the current situation that has arisen in the northeast over the LTTE cutting off water supplies to 60,000 civilians. He further emphasized that Government has made it very clear that it is interested in pursuing a negotiated settlement to the conflict and is interested in safeguarding the Ceasefire Agreement, which was signed with the LTTE a couple of years ago.

Norway to provide humanitarian relief through Red Cross and NGOs

Norway is to provide humanitarian relief to those affected by the recent war in the Trincomalee, Muttur region. According to the press statement issued by Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the emergency relief will not be channelled through the Government of Sri Lanka, but only through the Red Cross and NGOs who will be responsible for the distribution of the relief measures to those affected by the recent fighting. Accordingly, Norway would provide humanitarian relief worth of Sri Lankan Rupees 150 million (USD 1.5 million) to Sri Lanka.

Retreating Tamil Tiger shells kill Muslim patients in hospitals

In the blazing battle for the control of Muttur - a Muslim town in the eastern sea board close to Trincomalee - a mortar fired by the Tigers landed in a hospital ward killing a civilian and injuring at least 20 civilians were wounded, reported Xinhua news agency. "During the whole incident, troops attacked the terrorists in retaliation, causing them heavy casualties, killing over 40 Tiger cadres and wounding 70 other terrorists", said Xinhua, quoting a military source. The Security Forces have accused the retreating Tamil Tiger forces of indiscriminate shelling

Ottawa Demo for 18th Anniversary of Democracy Uprisings in Burma

Canadian Friends of Burma (CFOB) is to hold a demonstration in front of the Burmese Embassy in Ottawa to mark 18th Year Anniversary of the nation-wide Democracy Uprisings in Burma. The demonstration is to be held on 07 August in the sidewalk, opposite the Burmese Embassy, 85 Range Road, Ottawa. Canadian Friends of Burma pointed out that on 08 August 1988, millions of Burmese people came out to the streets in protest of a 26-year-old totalitarian rule in Burma, calling for the re-establishment of multi-party democracy system in the country.

Lionel Premasiri - sixth UNP parliamentarian to join the Government.

Mr. Lionel Premasiri, United National Party Member of Parliament for the Galle district, joined the Government as the Deputy Minister for Social services. Mr. Premasiri is the sixth UNP MP to join the government since presidential elections- in November 2005. On 02 August MR. Premasiri has taken oaths and accepted the deputy ministerial portfolio. Speaking after the swearing in Premasiri said he decided to join President Mahinda Rajapaksa in order to support him in his genuine effort to develop the country.

BJP dragging President into politics

By Allabaksh - Syndicate Features

It looks unbelievable that the BJP is unmindful of its self-goals in the blind pursuit of publicity and seeking public sympathy and getting neither, says the author. The Bharatiya Janata Party has a convoluted understanding of the ‘offence is the best defence’ policy that it has so avidly embraced. Not content with a show of disregard and disrespect to Parliament and parliamentary procedures, not to mention the contempt for the taxpayers who pay for the upkeep of Parliament and its members, the party that claims to be blessed by Lord Rama is now going all out to subvert the Constitution and Constitutional institutions

US steps up provocations against Cuba amid speculation on Castro's health

In the wake of President’s Fidel Castro’s announcement that he is temporarily turning over the principal reins of power to his brother, Raul, before undergoing emergency surgery for intestinal bleeding, the Bush administration has escalated its provocations against Cuba, posing the threat of a direct US intervention against the island nation. It was the first time in the 47 years since coming to power as a result of a guerrilla uprising against the US-backed dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista that Castro has relinquished his position as head of all the principal organs of the Cuban state.

Jon Hanssen Bauer

Ambassador Bernard Goonetilleke

Norway’s special envoy Hanssen Bauer in Colombo

Jon Hanssen BauerNorway’s special envoy Jon Hanssen Bauer who arrived in Colombo in a fresh bid to salvage the faltering peace process is scheduled to meet Dr Palitha Kohona, Secretary General of SCOPP, Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister and Defence Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayake and Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera today. Hanssen Bauer is expected to discuss the future of the Swedish led monitoring mission from which three EU member country members including Sweden are expected to pull out by the end of this month.