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Dr. Wong Tuck Meng

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Sri Lankan businessman dies after being arrested and tortured

Sunil Perera, 55, a small businessman from the Colombo suburb of Kotte, died in the National Hospital of Sri Lanka on July 6 after being repeatedly assaulted and beaten by prison officers while on remand. He was arrested on June 28 on charges, which proved to be false, of making a fake warning over the phone that a bomb had been planted at a school. Perera’s arrest and death was not an isolated case or a mistake as the media and police have tried to claim. His brutal treatment was the product of the climate of hysteria, communalism and fear being deliberately whipped up by the government as it intensifies military operations against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The security forces and the media are creating panic about the dangers of LTTE bombings to justify further inroads into basic democratic rights.

Malaysian Timber Council plans to grab big market share in Sri Lanka

By Sunil C. Perera, Reporting from Colombo

Dr. Wong Tuck MengMalaysian Government owned Timber Council; an international trade matchmaker who promotes Malaysian timber in overseas market is now in Sri Lanka. A eleven member delegation hold discussions with the local construction agencies and entrepreneurs to spread their wings into Sri Lankan market and hope to fulfill local timber demand without any barriers.

Israel's Military Invincibility Dented by Hezbollah

By Thalif Deen - Inter Press Service

Israel's phenomenal victories against collective Arab armies in 1967 and later against Egypt in 1973 firmly established the Jewish state's legendary military superiority in the Middle East. The 1967 war -- called the Six Day War -- was so swift it ended in less than a week, with Egypt losing 264 aircraft and 700 battle tanks; Jordan 22 aircraft and 125 tanks, and Syria 58 aircraft and 105 tanks. The only equipment losses suffered by Israel in the 1967 war were 40 aircraft and 100 battle tanks, according to Dilip Hiro, a Middle East analyst based in London.

LTTE propaganda boomerangs again: Australia asked to provide forensic evidence on the killing of aid workers

The LTTE claim that the government has placed an embargo on essential food items like milk and baby food has not been confirmed by any NGO or aid agency working in the north and the east. Numerous aid agencies work in the north and the east and there has not been a single report of an embargo on food or other essentials. Nor have the Tamil government agents (GA) of the area complained of such restrictions. Government sources admit that there are some restrictions on cement and steel in order to prevent constructions of bunkers for the LTTE hierarchy. But there has been no embargoes on donor-funded and GA supervised projects. Nor has the World Food Programme and local and international NGOs working in the north and the east made any complaints about such restrictions.

Tigers must have fitted the plastic magnetic explosive devise either in Kalipinya or in Colombo

Police maintain that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) must have fitted a plastic magnetic explosive device on to the ill-fated van, in which Sankarapillai Sivathasan (72) traveled on Tuesday. Sivathasan is a senior leader of the Eelam Peoples Democratic Party led by Minister Douglas Devananda MP and also a former Member of Parliament. At present Sivathasan is the Chairman of the Palmyra Development Board.

Norway backs down and accepts that LTTE terms for opening sluice gates will

After his three-day visit to the Jaffna, Killnochchi and Trincomalee, the Norwegian Special Envoy, Jon Hanssen Bauer, has accepted the position of the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) that "the LTTE must not illegally deny water to a civilian population again." Bauer has also agreed that "the approach (to the opening of the sluice gates in Mavil Aru on their terms) would leave the populations of Seruwila, Muttur and Ichchalampattu, which consists of over 50,000 persons (largely Muslims) and 30,000 acres of paddy land, hostage to the whims of the LTTE."

TamilEela Viduthalai Pulikal to open their political office today in Colombo.

TamilEela Viduthalai Pulikal led by Colonel Karuna will be opening up their main political office today in Colombo.The office will be situated at 11/3A, Scofield lane at Kollupitiya. Already they have their political office located at the Govindan Road in Batticalao.