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Sri Lankan government intensifies military offensive against LTTE

Despite the opening of the Mavilaru irrigation sluice gate on Tuesday, the Sri Lankan military has intensified its offensive against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the eastern province, making clear that the government has no intention of upholding the 2002 ceasefire.President Mahinda Rajapakse ordered the "limited" military operation on July 26, claiming that it was necessary on “humanitarian grounds” to reopen the sluice gate to provide water to thousands of farmers downstream. The "water issue", however, was simply a pretext for a military offensive aimed at capturing LTTE territory and weakening its hold throughout the East.

To the United States: Some are terrorists, some are freedom fighters

Daya Gamage – News Analysis, US Bureau Asian Tribune

If one does some research and do some analyses on the United States policy toward Sri Lanka’s 'national question' since the early eighties to date, the 'set mind' of the now defunct NEA or the Near East and South Asian Bureau in early days, the 'pronouncements' of South Asia Bureau in recent times under Christina Rocca and the 'declarations' of the currently reorganized South and Central Asian Bureau of the U.S. Department of State under Richard Boucher is sure to come to a near conclusion that the U.S. never considered the Liberation Tigers or the LTTE a terrorist organization.

Both sides claim victories in Jaffna

Conflicting reports have clouded Jaffna scene with both sides claiming victories. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam’s websites says that they have broken through checkpoints in Muhamalai and are advancing in A – 9 road. Defense Ministry spokesman said this is a psychological warfare launched by the LTTE. According to defense spokesman their offensive has killed over 100 rebels. At the Forward Defense lines Muhamalai 30-35 LTTE cadres were killed and some bodies were lying on the road.

Jaffna remains tense: "LTTE media are carrying out psycho warfare" - SL Army

Situation in Jaffna remains tense as conflicting reports emerges. A pro-Tamil Tiger news portal reported of an aerial attack on Sri Lankan military base at Palaly located in Jaffna, on Friday around 9.30 p.m. But Sri Lanka Army denied the report completely. No such incidents took place, the Army spokesperson told. Army spokesperson while denying the canard about aerial attack added that "There were only mortar fire yesterday but no heavy calibre artillery attacks."

Voice of America Correspondent Spouts Radical Propaganda

By Dr. Richard L. Benkin - Asian Tribune

Voice of America (VOA) Dhaka correspondent, Matiur Rahman Chowdhury, called today’s revelation of a mega terror plot a "game of the British government." Chowdhury made his comments on the program, "Today’s Newspaper," shown on Channel I in Dhaka. Chowdhury went on to accuse "western governments," and in particular the United States and the United Kingdom, of deliberately fabricating the terror plot to deflect world attention from what he called "Hezbollah victories."

Muslims protested against LTTE’s atrocities in Colombo

Hundreds of Muslims, including Muslim political leaders participated in a slogan chanting ‘Protest March’ yesterday in Colombo, after the Jumma prayers (afternoon Friday prayers), around 1.30 pm from Dematagaha Jumma Masjid located near the Colombo Town Hall.The protest march that set out from Masjid went along the Town Hall roundabout, the Lipton circle and to the Maradana Jumma Mosque along Deans Road. From there the protestors marched along D.R.Wijewardena Mawatha to Pettah where the protest march concluded.

100 Burmese/Karen refugees arriving in Ottawa in September

At least 100 Burmese/Karen refugees are to arrive in Ottawa in Mid-September, as part of a total of 646 refugees expected arrival during August and October, 2006. Canadian Friends of Burma in a press release revealed that in the early part of this year, Canada accepted 810 ethnic Karen refugees from a refugee camp located on Thai-Burma border. It was officially announced by Immigration and Citizenship Minister Monte Solberg during World Refugee Day on June 20, 2006.

Bankers caution depositors on ‘classification as abandoned property’

By Ashwin Hemmathagama – Our Financial Correspondent

Sri Lanka Banks’ Association (Guarantee) Ltd. (SLBA) yesterday cautioned their depositors and customers over the Governments recent classification of inactive deposit accounts and safe custody lockers as abandoned property. SLBA highlighting the sense of panic amongst deposit holders in banks, especially among those resident overseas has brought to the notice of customers that provisions in the Banking Act to consider certain articles as abandoned property if there has been no activity for a period of 10 years.

Puleedevan: "Many Tigers dead" in new offensive of Sri Lankan forces

Pro-LTTE websites have admitted that the Tigers are "rushing reinforcements to their northern Vanni defences to confront the Sri Lankan Army advance". The Tigers admit that they are being hit in three locations - Jaffna, Trincomalee and Batticoloa. S. Puleedevan , head of the Tigers' Peace Secretariat, said: "Many of our members are dead." Reuters News Agency reported that fighter jets had bombed an LTTE training camp in the east, killing many rebels.

Ban alone not enough to curb child labour

By Tushar Charan - Syndicate Features

The ban, effective from October 10, on employing children below the age of 14 as domestic workers, and as workers in eating establishments (including dhabas) and resorts, has rightly been welcomed widely. It remains to be seen how far it actually helps the estimated 13 million child workers in India—the world’s largest force. India has probably more children (about 250 million) than the entire population of the United States of America. The non-governmental agencies may pat themselves for forcing the government to come up with the new law. But their goal cannot be achieved as long as ‘public awareness’ remains poor in the country while ‘public apathy’ seems to be getting stronger. One can almost take a bet that October 10, 2006 will not be the last day when one can see children below 14 working in households and at dhabas across the country, or, at least, a visually reduction in their numbers.

Co-Chairs wanted hostilities stopped and negotiations to start immediately.

While the battle between the Sri Lanka Armed Forces and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam continues in three fronts in the Island, Sri Lanka Co-Chairs of the Tokyo Donor Conference have called to cease hostilities immediately. Sri Lanka’s armed forces and the Tamil rebel outfit are at present engaged in pitched battles in the Jaffna theatre of war as well as in Trincomalee and down South in the East near Tharavai in Batticalao and adjacent areas. Sri Lanka co-chairs – the United States of America, the European Union, Japan and Norway have expressed their deep concern for the continued violence which was seriously unraveling ceasefire agreement and peace process in Sri Lnka.