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Fidel is 80 today

Kethesh’s unwitting self-portrait

These glimpses of Kethesh Loganthan’s life path and thinking are extracts from an article by him entitled "Mervyn's Insights were Foresights’ published on June 19th 2005 in the Sunday Observer, Colombo. …..But, first let me begin with my personal interactions with Mervyn de Silva. Those interactions, of course, began as it did for many young intellectuals and activists during the late 70s when Mervyn launched the Lanka Guardian. That was the period when I had returned to Sri Lanka as an "internationalist" after my studies abroad.

Kethesh Loganathan, Deputy Head of Peace Secretariat, the latest of victim of LTTE

Ketheshwaran Loganathan, Deputy Secretary General of Sri Lanka Government's Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP), was "assassinated by LTTE gunmen" in Colombo at 9:30 p.m. last night (Saturday, August 12, 2006), according to analysts who had studied the pattern of LTTE targeting leading Tamils engaged in the democratic stream. Police said that the gunmen called for him at the entrance to his house in the suburb of Dehiwela and shot him twice in the head. He succumbed to the gun shot injuries on his way to the hospital.

Who is the Enemy?

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

One year ago the Tigers murdered Lakshman Kadirgamar; one year later, a few hours ago, they murdered Kethish Loganathan, the deputy head of the Lankan Peace Secretariat. The Tigers know their enemy. That is why their prime targets are top Security Forces officials and those Tamils who desire a united Sri Lanka rather than the Sinhala supremacist ‘heroes’ who cannot differentiate between Tamil nationalism and Tiger fascism or the LTTE and the Tamil people.

Fidel at 80: A Revaluation

By Dayan Jayatilleka

Fidel CastroThe Cuban leader’s 80th birthday this Sunday (Today, August 13th), his renewed significance in Latin America, and his current illness which may presage the passage of his era, render relevant a re-valuation of Fidelismo, which Prof Donald E Rice defines as "a global perspective…Fidel’s particular construction of Marxism”. The relevance of Fidel Castro’s achievement and contribution, and his political ideas could be contested on the grounds that they belong to an age that has disappeared, the age of socialism and revolution.

Kethes Loganthan shot and killed

A group of unidentified pistol men shot and killed Kethes Loganthan (54), Deputy Secretary General of Sri Lanka Government's Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP), and a former member of EPRLF at about 9.30 p.m. inside his resident at Dehiwala, Colombo. According to a police report, the assassins have come in a van and shot at Ketheshwaran. Ketheshwaran received serious gunshot wounds and died on the way to Kalubowila Hospital.

LTTE suffered a heavy causalities: Offensive in Jaffna against the Security forces receded

Media Centre for National Security said that fresh offensives initiated by tigers attempting to show the world as defensives for offensives against the Security Forces in Muhamalai, Kilaly, and Kayts in the Northern theatre of war receded on Saturday, with casualties to both sides and a significant defeat to the tigers. At least 127 Tamil militants were killed and another 280 wounded in the heavy fighting that raged between the Government troops and the Tamil Tiger rebels in northern and eastern Sri Lanka on Saturday, military claimed. In a media briefing in Colombo on Saturday, Sri Lanka Army Brigadier Ajith Jayawardene, the acting Defence Spokesman said, "Our casualties were three officers, 22 other rankers and two sailors killed. Eight officers and 72 other rankers were wounded during the fighting in the Jaffna peninsula for the last 24 hours from Friday to Saturday."

Prabhakaran’s daughter given a big b’day bash in London, but LTTE admits it can't feed Tamils in its areas

In its latest press release the LTTE is urging that "immediate action must be taken to address the needs of civilians trapped in the LTTE administered areas of Trincomalee district." LTTE press release states "The plight of the Tamil community under GoSL oppression," dated 10 August 2006, issued by the LTTE’s Peace Secretariat "Close to 42,000 civilians are trapped and displaced, with no proper food, water, or medical assistance in LTTE areas of Eachchilampattu, Sampoor, Verugal, Kathiraveli, Vaharai and surrounding villages." Analysts see this as a serious admission of the failure of the LTTE to look after the welfare of the Tamils in its so-called de facto state.

Karen national Union on topical events.

The Karen people greatly want freedom, justice and equality, unity and peace emphasized a statement. "In accordance with this stand, it will join hands and work in harmony with all the ethnic nationalities, the entire people and all the political parties. The KNU will not tolerate forever oppression against it, the Karen resistance or the Karen people, militarily, and it is also against the dirty divide and rule policy."

Dayan Jayatilleka's: 'A diagnostic scan of the conflict' — A response.

By Oscar E V Fernando

The article by Dayan Jayatilleka appeared recently in "Asian Tribune." This writer wishes to comment on some aspects of his article. DJ says that the battle in the east of Sri Lanka 'brings home three stark realities'. These are - The Sri Lankan armed forces beat the Tigers at Elephant pass in 1991 and liberated Jaffna in 1995. So, he says ‘what we are witnessing today is the truth of Lakshman Kadirgamar’s warning of the LTTE build-up in Trincomalee during the CFA, and what we are undergoing is the consequence of what the Ranil Wickremesinghe interlude did to our military and for the LTTE’.

Sri Lanka and Indian interests

By Vinod Vedi - Syndicate Features

Now that India has rebuffed him, Pirabhakaran may well decide that a "scorched earth" policy would force both India and Sri Lanka to negotiate with him. It will be an act of desperation but his track record is replete with such spectacular hits, remarks the author

Aid workers murdered execution style in Sri Lanka

In the aftermath of fierce fighting between the Sri Lankan military and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) for the control of the eastern town of Muttur, the bodies of 17 aid workers were found on August 5. All but two had killed execution style with a shot to the back of the head. The cold-blooded murders have provoked outrage in Sri Lanka and internationally.The aid workers were attached to the French-based Action Contre la Faim (Action Against Hunger) or ACF, which has worked in Sri Lanka since 1996. In the Muttur area, ACF was involved in supplying clean water and promoting economic activity to assist victims of the 2004 tsunami. All but one of the dead were Tamils and most were young.

The killing of Kethesh Loganathan

By Dayan Jayatilleka

1956, half a century ago, the year I was born, was a strangely seminal year: it was the year that Fidel and Che landed on the shores of Cuba, the year of the Suez crisis, of the 20th Congress of the Soviet Communist party and de-Stalinisation; it was the year of Elvis Presley and rock-and-roll. It was also the year that Alan Ginsberg published his poem 'Howl', which began unforgettably: "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked…" Looking back on my country in my times, the indelible impression is of seeing the best minds of my generation murdered by those once thought to belong to the same side; believers in the same ideas and project; comrades even. A collective Abel slain by a collective Cain.