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Vallipunam: A Sri Lankan Tragedy

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

The Tigers say that the Vallipunam air raid targeted an orphanage hosting a leadership and first aid training workshop for school girls of Mullaitivu and Killinochchi. The government contends that it was a LTTE training camp for child soldiers. Either way we can be sure that the young participants did not have much of a choice about their presence in Vallipunam at 7 am on 14th August 2006. If the LTTE is correct, the participants would have been ordered to attend the ‘workshop’ with no excuses tolerated; something the Tigers have been doing to schoolchildren throughout the peace process, with nary a protest from Wickremesinghe, Bandaranaike or Rajapakse regimes.

Indian Tamil leaders concerned over escalating Lanka violence

By M Rama Rao - Reporting from India

Indian Tamil leaders are concerned over the escalating tensions in Sri Lanka. At least an influential section wants Prime Minister Manmohan Singh government to see that the strife ends and Colombo and the LTTE return to the negotiating table. This demand is still muted and has not hit the headlines for reasons as of now but pressure is mounting on Delhi to publicly condemn 'the assault the Sri Lankan Army had been inflicting on innocent Tamils' in the island nation.

Whither JVP?

By Vasantha Raja

The spiralling humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka, and the global pressure to end fighting, may eventually force the adversaries to return to square one, making the lost lives so far a criminal waste. Still President Rajapaksa's main advisor the 'Marxist' JVP has not budged from its original position: Continue the war to its logical end; do not give in to foreign pressure. If Mahinda Rajapaksa stops the war we will withdraw our support to him and independently campaign to carry on fighting. JVP theoreticians have an illusion that if the government stops the war at this stage then the 'patriotic' Sinhala/Buddhist masses and the troops will rally around them to finish the job; and that will mark the JVP’s leap as the mass-party to replace the two big parties - the SLFP and the UNP!

Sri Lanka Army arrested the kingpin behind the killings in Jaffna

Sri Lankan Army yesterday arrested the kingpin alleged to be behind the killings of many civilians in Jaffna and the man said to be responsible for disturbing the normal life in the Peninsula. Sri Lanka forces arrested yesterday T. Paherathan 24, a third year arts faculty student in the University of Jaffna for questioning. Paheerathan, from Mullaithievu is the Personal Assistant to Kajendran alias Kuthirai Kajendran, a Tamil National Alliance MP from Jaffna.

Mourning for Loganathan

By H. L. D.Mahindapala

MahindapalaKethes Loganathan is the latest point of the rising trajectory in Velupillai Prabhakaran's grisly graph that plots the number of Tamil intellectuals liquidated by his assassins. Adding to this tragedy of Tamils killing Tamils is the spectre of ambivalence that hangs over this particular death in the so-called civil society and, more importantly in the Tamil community. To begin with, there is Jehan Perera who, in his appreciation of Longanathan's contribution to the peace process, has displayed at last some of his abilities to grasp the realities which he had either denied or ignored so far. Had he dropped his NGO scales from his eyes earlier there was more than an accidental chance to save the lives of the victims of the Tamil Tigers.

Sri Lanka orphanage under attack by LTTE in Trincomalee

Revatha an orphanage survived motor bomb attacks. According to the statement released by Singithi Sarana, on 17th August at 19.30 the LTTE launched an audacious attack on the Revatha orphanage in Trincomalee by firing at the army sentry post. Fifteen mortars were fired of which eight had exploded. The Revatha orphanage is situated at the 5th mile post, in Gemunupura on the Kandy Road is near China Bay in the Trincomalee area. The Army personnel who were on duty and who received serious injuries were rushed to hospital.

Young Tamil cadres dying in hundreds in battle: Prabhakaran in hiding

PrabakaranIn the do-or-die battles waged so far to capture Jaffna the early recruits to the "Baby Brigades" of Velupillai Prabhakaran (now reaching their late teenage) have been thrown into the frontlines with disastrous consequences, Analysts believe that their inexperience and immaturity have contributed to the heavy losses of the "Baby Brigades" in the frontlines. While the cadres are falling in the battle field causing widening gaps in manpower their leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran has not been seen or heard since the Eelam War IV began.

Despite new security consciousness by EU not all European airports have got the message

Neville de Silva - Diplomatic Editor Asian Tribune

Though strict security is clamped down on all out-bound flights from the UK, especially those to the US, following the alleged terrorist plot to blow up several transatlantic flights, not all European airports seem to observe this sense of alertness for flights coming to London. British television’s Channel Five on Friday night showed how relaxed security could be at Brussels airport when a passenger was able to bring in his hand baggage a bottle of water, a can of shaving foam and other liquid toiletries and a cigarette lighter, all items banned from hand baggage for passengers leaving the UK.

Sri Lankan Government to honor Tamil leader Late A. Amirthalingam by issuing special commemorative postal stamps

Munza Mushtaq – Reporting for Asian Tribune

AmirthalingamMoves are underway to issue a commemorative stamp in honor of the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) leader Late A. Amirthalingam.
Douglas Devananda MP and a Cabinet Minister confirmed that the Government has taken the initiative to issue the stamps in honor of Mr. Amirthalingam, the undisputable leader of the Tamil community. According to Minister Douglas Devananada the release of the commemorative postal stamps would be announced in the coming weeks.

Mahinda Rajapakse



Urgent measures taken to provide food supplies to Jaffna

Government takes urgent measures to provide food supplies to the Jaffna Peninsula. Accordingly, K.Ganesh, Government Agent of Jaffna has announced that arrangement are made to provide food stocks from the Government stores at Navatkuli today to all the Multi-Purpose Cooperative Societies in the district. He has instructed all the MPCS to obtain the food stocks and deliver them to the people in their respective areas without delay.