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Nedumaran with Prabakaran

Swedish Truce Monitor, Henriccson blasted for making false accusations against Sri Lankan forces

HenriccsonThe outgoing Maj-General Ulf Henricsson, the Head of Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) is now facing a barrage of criticism from media analysts, the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) and the Peace Secretariat for ignoring the basic evidence related to the killing of the 17 aid workers of a French charity orgnisation in Mutur on August 4, 2006 -an area held by the Tamil Tigers till August 4, according to TamilNet. A news item posted on TamilNet, August 05, 2006 08:02 GMT, under the title Fighting ceases in Muthur, ICRC resumes food supply states categorically: "Initial reports from Muttur said the LTTE fighters returned to their positions Friday (August 4, 2006). The autopsy report of the JMO Anuradhapura states that the possible date of crime was late night August 3 or August 4. TamilNet report also stated that there was firing of shells even on August 5.

In Lebanon, France Converging to Pre-mandate Policy

By Nicola Nasser

In a pattern that reminds of the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement (1), France seems converging to a role that belongs to its previous colonial era in Lebanon and Syria, in harmony with, but under the regional hegemony of the United States’ involvement in other countries of the Arab Levant, in a stark departure from Charles de Gaulle’s post-Algeria legacy. Gone are the days when Paris was briefly perceived early in 2003 as if it was in the shoes of the former Soviet Union as a balancing world power trying to halt the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Tamil Nadu politicians on the pay roll of the LTTE

Nedumaran with PrabakaranInvestigations now reveal that a number of politicians in Tamil Nadu are on the regular pay roll of the Tamil Tigers – a banned terrorist organization in India. Payments to these S. Indian political leaders by the LTTE are made either in huge lump sums whenever they organize public meetings and protest rallies or as monthly salaries. Pala Nedumaran is on the top of the list of those receiving payments. He has been a vociferous backer of the Tamil Tigers. His links to the Tigers go as far back as 1982. Some Tamils view him as a hired mourner at funerals. It is a custom among Tamils to hire mourners for their funerals. Lamenting for payments is known in Tamil as Koolikku Maaradiththal.

63 buss passengers at Kebitigollawa killed by LTTE: 17 aid workers in Muttur killed by Security Forces – SLMM Chief

Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission Chief blames Government forces for the killings of 17 aid workers and LTTE for the killing of 63 civilians at Kebitigollawa. The outgoing Head of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission, Retired Major General Ulf Henricsson accused the Sri Lanka Government Security Forces as responsible for the killings of the 17 civilian aid workers in Muttur on 04 August 2006. He also alleged that Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam was responsible for the attack on the civilian bus in Kebitigollawa on 15 June 2006 killing 63 innocent civilians which included 15 school going children, and a few pregnant women.

UN presents $37.5 million aid plan to help Sri Lankans affected by violence

With more than 200,000 Sri Lankans fleeing their homes in recent months to escape escalating violence between the Government and Tamil separatists, the United Nations humanitarian office today presented an inter-agency appeal calling for $37.5 million to provide food, water, protection and other urgent assistance. The Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) country team in Sri Lanka launched the action plan, which covers the period from September to December, in response to "serious humanitarian consequences have arisen from the spiralling conflict" in the north and east, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in a press release.

US $ 71 million worth ADB assistance cancelled or immediately reallocated

By Ashwin Hemmathagama – Our Financial Corespondent

Asian Development Bank (ADB) yesterday announced identifying of US $ 71 million worth projects to be immediately cancelled or reallocated in its efforts of improving the country assistance portfolio. ADB Director General for South Asia, Kunio Senga, disclosing its decision to media stated that ADB active portfolio in Sri Lanka includes 49 loans and grants, totaling to US $ 1,745 million, of which US $ 1,249 million is from the Asian Development Fund (ADF) and US $ 346 million from Ordinary Capital Resources (OCR) and US $ 150 million from Asian Tsunami Fund (ATF). Of these, US $ 627 million from ADF and US $ 176 million from OCR are still un-disbursed.

Sri Lankan military launches new offensive in strategic Sampur area

The Sri Lankan military launched a major new offensive on Sunday aimed at capturing the Sampur area in the East of the island from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The operation is another flagrant breach of the 2002 ceasefire agreement and again exposes the Colombo government’s lies that its armed forces are engaged only in "defensive actions". Sampur is located on the southern side of Trincomalee bay, directly opposite the major Trincomalee port and naval base. The military has been warning for years about the dangers of LTTE positions within easy range of what is a key installation for patrolling the east coast and for supplying troops based on the northern Jaffna peninsula. Having provoked the present fighting, the army has seized the opportunity to move against the LTTE’s bases in the area.

Mangala Samaraweera




Sri Lanka Quash Speculation About President's London Visit

By Neville de Silva - Diplomatic Editor Asian Tribune

MahindaSri Lanka today quashed media rumours that President Mahinda Rajapakse's current visit to London to meet Prime Minister Tony Blair was undertaken suddenly to shore up support for his administration as the situation in the country deteriorated with continuing clashes between government troops and the separatist Tamil Tigers (LTTE). Diplomatic sources rejected media rumours that the trip was undertaken at very short notice, saying that President Rajapakse's visit has been under preparation for almost six months and that the meeting with Prime Minister Blair was confirmed about three months ago.