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Jon Hansen-Bauer

The World Out There

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

An avalanche, it is said, begins with a few small snowballs. In Sri Lanka those first few snowballs, presaging a future avalanche, are already in evidence. There is the growing disaffection in Tamil Nadu, fed by the daily influx of Tamil refugees and by attacks such as Vallipunam. There is the growing disaffection in Delhi, concerned about the impact of the Fourth Eelam War on Tamil Nadu and about the 'Pakistan factor'. There is the growing disaffection in Western capitals and at the UN about the execution style killing of 17 aid workers and the absence of any discernible, verifiable progress in the inquiry. Even taken separately these developments do not bode well for Sri Lanka; taken together they indicate the possibility of an adverse change in Indian and international opinion, impacting on our chances of overcoming the Tiger challenge.

Timing of Henriccson’s accusation was to embarrass the President in UK – Peace Secretariat

HenriccsonMaj-Gen. Ulf Henriccson, the outgoing head of the Truce Monitors, has come under fire again from the Colombo Peace Secretariat. The Colombo Peace Secretariat has questioned the timing of making a premature judgement, without substantive evidence, on the killing of 17 aid workers just at the time when the President was on a delicate mission negotiating with the Prime Minister of UK, Tony Blair. "Given the international engagements of the President at the time, the selective timing of the SLMM ruling and its motives are extremely questionable," said the Peace Secretariat in its latest press release.

Sri Lanka well poised to export computer software

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

JayanthaInformation and Communication Technology (ICT) plays a vibrant and extremely useful role in the lives of people today and due to the vast improvements in he ICT, world is getting closer and access to knowledge is possible and easier. It provides impetus for economic development and even could be applied to reduce hunger. In Sri Lanka it is developing qualitatively, while some point out compared to the changes taking place in many under developed countries reaching ICT to peripherals, in Sri Lanka the technology has not reached the peripherals in that speed and intensity.

Norway and India facing new pressures in Sri Lanka

Jon Hansen-Bauer Norway is concerned that its role as the key facilitator will be diminished if Sri Lanka woos others (example: UK) as partners in the peace process. India too is worried that Pakistan is moving in to replace India as an influential force in Sri Lankan politics. Jon Hansen-Bauer, who has been kept out of the President Rajapakse's talks with Prime Minister Tony Blair, is flying in to London to talk to Dr. Palitha Kohona, according to diplomatic sources. The Norwegians are keen on finding out the outcome of the talks with UK and where they stand in relation to the new developments. Pressure is mounting on the Sri Lankan government put the Norwegians in their place. Sri Lankan media and political parties believe that the Norwegians had overstepped their mark particularly by playing up to the Tamil Tigers.

Reply to Mrs Htein Linn: Need A Burmese Surgeon

By Prof. Kanbawza Win

An excellent feature article, "The Burmese Patient" appeared in the Irrawaddy Vol. 14 No 8, although rather an old wine in a new bottle seems to have a lot of cetena (love) and worth reflecting on it. With due respect to the British culture, may I addressed the authoress as Mrs Htein Linn, not because, I have taken a leaf out of the Junta's book, of addressing Daw Aung San Suu Kyi as Mrs. Michael Aris but rather adhering to the British customs and traditions. If Burma, were still under the British Colonialist I would have address, as Her Excellency Vicky Bowman, Extra Ordinary Plenipotentiary, from the Court of St James, the honourable ambassador to Burma.

Nations Trust Bank initiates E-learning

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

To develop the general knowledge in banking and in particular about the banking product knowledge, the Nations Truest Bank (NTB) has launched e-learning for their staff in a bid to gain a competitive edge so that the staff would keep abreast with the rapidly changing banking industry in Sri Lanka. This would enable NTB to achieve its vision "To be the Premium Retail focused Sri Lankan Bank, with superlative quality in all their dealings."

US prepares to escalate conflict with Iran

The Bush administration has reacted aggressively to Iran’s refusal to halt its nuclear activities, with threats of punitive sanctions and an escalating, open-ended confrontation. A UN Security Council resolution passed on July 31, under pressure from Washington, set August 31 as the deadline for Tehran to shut down its uranium enrichment facilities and comply with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) resolutions. US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, branded Iran’s failure to stop enrichment as "a red flag” issue and demanded that the Security Council now impose sanctions. While some US officials have hinted that any measures against Iran would be graduated, Bolton indicated that "a very tough sanctions resolution" was also an option as a first step.

Sarath Fonseka


Sri Lanka Army Commander on an "Operation wipe out LTTE," in Jaffna

Sarath FonsekaSri Lanka's Army Commander Sarath Fonseka who has vowed to wipe out LTTE terrorism (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) after surviving an attempt on his life visited Jaffna on Saturday. It was his first visit to Jaffna since he survived an assassination attempt in April this year. The unsuccessful Tiger suicide attack on him came just four months after he assumed office as the Army chief in December 2005. He was badly injured on April 25 when the LTTE deployed a female suicide bomber to kill him at the Army headquarters. Fonseka who was seriously injured in the attack, returned to duties late July after undergoing medical treatment in Singapore.