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Tamil Tigers fail: Sampoor falls

President Mahinda Rajapakse broke the news of the recapture of Sampoor to the thunderous applause of the jubilant SLFP delegates attending the 55th anniversary of the party this afternoon. He also praised Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka, the Army Commander who survived a Tiger suicide attack, for his courageous leadership. President Rajapakse resisted the pressures of the international community to halt the advance of his forces into Sampoor. Refusing to give in he asked the Norwegian Ambassador, Hans Brattskar who was putting pressure on him at a meeting: "Are you asking me to hand over the Sampoor to the enemy?"

Take appropriate action against the atrocities of the Burmese regime

The people of Burma voted for change and the regime responded with thuggish brutality, however the regime in Burma cannot do the same to the international community. The regime cannot intimidate or coerce members of the Security Council, pointed out National Council of the Union of Burma. In a statement released by the National Council of the Union of Burma said, "The people of Burma voted overwhelmingly in 1990 for a change in Burma. The military regime responded with brutality.

Commonwealth Finance Ministers Go Ahead With Colombo Meeting

From Neville de Silva - Diplomatic Editor Asian Tribune

The Commonwealth Finance Minister’s meeting due to be held in Colombo next week will go ahead as scheduled, Commonwealth Secretariat sources said. Despite earlier concerns about the security situation in Sri Lanka, consensus among security experts here is that the LTTE would be shooting itself in the head if it is foolish enough to try any scarce tactics ahead of or during the meeting.

UNDP - Coco-Cola partner to provide potable water

A 2-km pipeline is to be laid to deliver drinking water to tsunami-affected families in Kalupe a village off the Southern coast in the Galle district. Residents of a housing scheme built by Caritas International for tsunami affected would be the beneficiaries of pipe borne potable water. The project costing Rs. 2,877,624.25 [US$ 28,776.25] is scheduled to be complete in by December 2006. The water scheme was launched on Saturday 2nd September by officials from UNDP, Caritas International and the Coco Cola Company. UNDP has commissioned the services of the National Water Supply and Drainage Board to execute this project.

Tigers threaten bank officials for freezing their assets

Last week the Central Bank of Sri Lanka froze the assets of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) in keeping with UN Resolution on terrorism (including 1373) which requires member states to suppress financing of terrorist organizations. Australia and UK are two other countries which have banned TRO as a front of the Tamil Tigers. Based on the investigations of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the Central Bank instructions had gone out to freeze Rs. 20 million some of which are held in the Bank of Ceylon branch in Killinochchi. Bank officials have refused to have any financial transactions with agents of TRO.

Commonwealth Finance Ministers to formulate a common agenda

By Ashwin Hemmathagama – Our Financial Correspondent

The 60th Commonwealth Finance Ministers meeting which will commence next week is expected to formulate a common agenda in addressing the development issues of its member countries. This meeting will also be used as a launching pad for the Sri Lanka Tourism in promoting the country as a safe destination for tourists as well as a location to hold international meetings and other important events.

JICA submits Master plan study on Power generation transmission development in Sri Lanka

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

Final report of the Master Plan Study on Power Generation Transmission Development in Sri Lanka completed by the Japan International Cooperation agency [JICA] was recently submitted to the government of Sri Lanka. The Master Plan consists of power development plan, organizational and institutional issue and recommendations.

Sri Lanka: Journalist’s abduction highlights intimidation of media

An unidentified group of gunmen kidnapped Nadarajah Kuruparan, a senior Tamil radio journalist in Sri Lanka, last Tuesday and held him captive for nearly 24 hours. While it remains unclear exactly who carried out the abduction, there is every reason to believe that the military, or Tamil paramilitary groups aligned with the military, was responsible. The Colombo government and the military have been attempting to intimidate journalists into toeing the official line on the deepening civil war in the North and East of the country. Kuruparan is news manager for "Sooriyan FM", a popular Tamil language radio service broadcast from Colombo by the Asian Broadcasting Corporation.


Protect Tamils in Colombo -- Pillayan, Commander Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal

PilliyanAppealing to the government of Sri Lankan to give protection to the Tamil people in Colombo Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP) Supreme Commander Pillayan said in a statement issued to the Asian Tribune that the escalation of the recent abductions and disappearances of Tamil youths both males and females should be stopped. Pillayan said: "This has caused great fear to the Tamil people who live in Colombo and who come to Colombo for their needs. We are very worried and shocked by this increase. We should not permit this situation to be continued. The Tamil people’s safety in Colombo should be assured.