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What after Sampoor?

By H. L. D. Mahindapala

With each forward step taken by the Security Forces President Mahinda Rajapakse advances two steps. If the Army consolidates its position ousting the LTTE from one camp the President consolidates the entire acreage of his national electorate. And if the forces push the Tamil Tigers to retreat the President will not have to lift a finger to push the opposition into oblivion. The Security Forces too depend on the political will of the Commander-in-Chief to advance and consolidate their positions. It is symbiotic relationship. And the mutual support given to each other has paid off dividends in the first round of Eelam War IV.

Sri Lankan forces advance into Muhamalai

Independent new sources reported that the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) forces had advanced 1 km into the LTTE-held territory in Muhamalai area. According to the LTTE Military spokesperson, Irasiah Marshal Ilanthirayan, the forces opened fire at 4.30 am. Saturday and ground troops advanced towards the LTTE-held FDL in Muhamalai - the southernmost end of the Army-held territory in Jaffna. He denied SLA had advanced into LTTE territory.

Sri Lanka's estate unions hoping for high stakes

By Munza Mushtaq -- Reporting from Colombo

Estate trade unions are expected to set tough conditions including a daily wage hike of Rs. 350/- when negotiations with the Employers Federation of Ceylon commence in October. An estate worker earns a daily wage between Rs. 131 to 185. During a meeting held at the Renuka Hotel in Colombo recently, the trade unions had decided to forward 15 demands to the plantation companies. "They are also expected to request for the similar benefits now enjoyed by the estate sector be bestowed upon the workers attached to the rubber sector," sources said.

Browns brings back Digital Color Printers

By Quintus Pereira – Asian Tribune

We are in the world of digital technology with which anything is possible and Sri Lanka needs that technology very much to move forward with the country's economic development said Prof V K Samaranayake, Chairman, Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka as Chief guest at the launch of Sharp MX 2700 G Digital Color Multifunctional System by Brown & Co Ltd at Cinnamon Grand Hotel.

The Post-Sampur Prospect

By Dayan Jayatilleka

On the 5th anniversary of 9/11, the Global War on Terror has some good news from Sri Lanka. Unfortunately it has not been so understood by the international community nor communicated as such by the Sri Lankan authorities. Dr. Henry Kissinger famously said that so long as the army is not winning, it is losing, but as long as the guerrillas are not losing they are winning. Well the good news is that in Sri Lanka the army is winning and the guerrillas are losing - both territory and (more importantly) combatants. Corrosive cynics, prissy politically correct purists and doleful Doubting Thomases are directed to the professional analysis in ‘The Fall of Sampor’ by Gen. Ashok Mehta (retd), in The Pioneer, India, Sept 6. (Gen. Mehta, former commander IPKF, Batticaloa-Ampara sector, was at the time, the youngest general to have served in the Indian army.)

Retailers reappear with violence abating

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

The momentum in the market created last week failed to retain, with Monday witnessing a fall in both indices. HNB Stockbrokers indicated, while the All Share Price Index (ASPI) managed to pick up subsequently during the week, the Milanka Price Index (MPI) remained volatile. Comparing Week on Week (WoW) the ASPI closed up by 23 points to close at 2239.7 points, while the MPI fell by 13.1 points closing on Friday at 2808.6 points. The fall in the MPI was led by a decline in share price witnessed in market heavy weight counters Dialog, SLT and Distilleries.

The Vacuum and the Challenge

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

JVP’s Wimal Weerawansa was correct, up to a point, when he said that the international community would not allow the Tigers to be defeated. The international community, including India, would not allow the Tigers to be defeated so long as there is no political solution to the ethnic problem. The case would be otherwise if there is a strong democratic alternative to the Tigers, with the political strength and legitimacy to negotiate a political solution with Colombo. In the absence of such a Tamil alternative, the international community will continue to see some use value in the Tigers.

Multi stakeholder meeting in Colombo to achieve Millennium Development Goals

By Munza Mushtaq -- Reporting from Colombo

The multi-stakeholder national conference on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) will be held on September 12, 2006 at the BMICH to coincide with the United Nations General Assembly. The conference which is sponsored by Worldview Sri Lanka, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and Plan Sri Lanka will bring all stakeholders together to discuss and agree on a blueprint for a community led by MDG agenda.

Tamil writers meet in London

The two-day European Tamil Literary Conference is to be held this time at the University of East London, - East London Campus. The Tamil Literary conference is to be held in partnership with The London Tamil Literary Forum and University of East London, on 23rd and 24th of this month. According to the organizers of the meet, the coming event would be the 33rd literary meet of the Tamil Diasporas mainly from Europe. Last time it was held in Germany in 1994. Even the first meet took place in Hern-Germany in 1988. Subsequently Tamil literary meets were held in various European cities and also once in Canada.

9/11 Anniversary

By Allabaksh - Syndicate Features

The fifth anniversary of the horrendous 9/11 attacks on ‘impregnable’ America has brought the grim reminder that we are in the midst of a new war the end of which may not be witnessed by this or the next generation. Some people already call it World War III. Unlike the previous two ones, this one is being fought not against a visible and conventional army but against fanaticism which had morphed into religious terrorism, and as an ideology and concept, it seems to be only adding to its followers for a variety of reasons that range from perceived bias of the West against Muslims to their ‘humiliation’.

Canada: Conservatives to revive Liberals’ Internet surveillance legislation

The minority Conservative government of Stephen Harper is widely expected to revive legislation, originally introduced by the preceding Liberal government, that would expand the ability of the Canadian state to spy on domestic Internet communications. Bill C-74, the Modernization of Investigative Techniques Act, was introduced by the minority Liberal government of Paul Martin in November 2005 only to die when the minority government was brought down later that month.

Sri Lankan forces advance towards Elephant Pass despite threats from Tamil Tigers

MapForeign and local media reports claim that the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) is advancing towards Elephant Pass, disregarding the threats issued by S. Tamilselvan, the Political head of the LTTE. After facing a heavy barrage of fire from the LTTE on Friday the SLA moved out of the FDL in Muhamalai and advanced into LTTE territory on Saturday, according to defense spokesperson. Media estimates that at least 27 soldiers were killed and 113 injured as the army backed by air support advanced into LTTE-held areas, taking control of the first forward defense lines held by LTTE at Muhamalai.