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Vanguard Toshiba

Subramanian Swamy puts LTTE on notice, offers an out of box advice to Tigers

From our Bureau

Dr. SwamyJanata Party President and former Union Minister Subramanian Swamy is not surprised by LTTE efforts to win over India to its side in the decades old ethnic crisis rocking Sri Lanka. But they cannot hope to curry favour with New Delhi, he said and put the Tigers on notice. "Within the Indian establishment there is a determination that if LTTE carries out another assassination in India, we shall use tactical nuclear weapons on Kilinochchi and wherever else Prabhakaran is known to be hiding", he said in a startling disclosure. "The US and Israel know about this contingency plan", the former minister stated without elaborating. He further said the damage (from such an attack) could be contained to civilian population by using a 'low tonnage of the bomb' and 'by issuing a 24 hour warning' to people to clear out.

Muslims and Tamils in Eelam War IV

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

The East cannot be saved from the LTTE without the support of the province’s Muslim community. In the previous Eelam Wars, whatever other follies we may have committed, we did manage to keep the Eastern Muslims on our side. The debacle of Pottuwil, horrendous and tragic, can loose us the support of this vital community in the Fourth Eelam War. Last week’s massacre of ten Muslim men does indeed bear the hallmarks of the Tigers; but there can also be ‘copycat killings’

Condoleezza Rice tells Mangala Samaraweera terrorism is unacceptable whether practiced in US or Sri Lanka

By Walter Jayawardhana - Reporting from New York

Dr. Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State told her visiting Sri Lankan counterpart, Mangala Samaraweera in New York that terrorism wherever it is practiced, whether in Sri Lanka or United States is thoroughly unacceptable to the government of the USA. The visiting Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka Mangala Samaraweera discussed with the US Secretary of State in a long discussion on the current situation in Sri Lanka and the activities of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Toshiba Satellite L30 Notebooks in record breaking sales.

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

John Keells Office Automation (JKOA), the distributor for Toshiba notebook computers in Sri Lanka with record breaking sales performance of the Toshiba Satellite L30-C330 and the lucky purchaser of the 299th Toshiba Notebook L30-C330 is Mangala Wickramasinghe, CEO,Infocraft Ltd, a Hayleys Group and with it he received a Toshiba Pocket PC free. The Satellite L30-C330 promotion was opened for purchases via JKOA Head office, Toshiba dealers Island wide, all Singer Mega stores & the latest neXxt @ Abans Showroom in Colombo 3.

Shaukat Kashmiri and Gandhi Peace Award

By Dr Shabir Choudhry

Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri is a controversial political figure. Some say he is a nationalist political figure who wants unification and independence of Jammu and Kashmir; others say he is not as he is projecting India's agenda. Like this saying that one person's freedom fighter is other person's terrorist, depending on who is saying it there could be some truth in both statements. History is witness to this fact that every one who has introduced something new or challenged forces of status quo has become controversial, even declared traitor and sentenced to death.

Sluggish market movement slow as investors take profits - awaits peace talks

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

There were positive and negative movements though during the week market remained stagnant with only modest movements being witnessed, according to the analysis of the stock market by the HNB Stockbrokers. While last week the market propped up on peace hopes, this week the lacklustre behaviour of the market, while partly being driven by profit taking was also driven by dampened sentiments due to uncertainty and concerns over the up coming peace talks. Comparing

SAF Games Medals —What Use?

The truth is that the SAF Games serve no real purpose to any of the competing nations other than as an occasion for a get-together. It is time that the countries involved in continuing this four-yearly competition evolve some other means to ensure that the standard too improves. Till that is done the SAF Games will continue to be looked upon as a joke says the author, a veteran sports commentator.

Dr. Swamy

Maoists close ranks to make South Asia a flaming field of revolutions

By M Rama Rao reporting from India

Maoist of Nepal, who are now in a consolidation phase, have closed ranks with their counterparts in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Bhutan to turn ‘South Asia into a flaming field of Maoist revolutions’. Meeting at an undisclosed location, the South Asian grouping of Maoist parties also vowed to ‘advance revolutions for the seizure of power by armed force’ though no time frame was set for ‘action’.