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Navy Dovra Boat checked after the Attack

Eagle Insurance intensifies island-wide branch network

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

Dambulla, agricultural produce hub with historical significance has now been taken under Eagle’s wing and is enhanced with greater convenience and peace of mind for its residents with the opening of the newest branch of Eagle Insurance, at 734/1 Anuradhapura Road. The launch of this new branch broadens Eagle’s extensive island wide network of branches and signifies Eagle’s commitment to continue its growth momentum and further strengthen its market position whilst adding value to all its stakeholders.

Sri Lanka government rules out participation of separate Muslim delegation at peace talks

Munza Mushtaq – Reporting from Colombo

The Sri Lankan government appears to have ruled out accommodating an independent Muslim delegation at peace talks on grounds that it cannot 'agree to every demand put forward by the 57 registered political parties operating in the country. Governments defence spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said that, "Muslims are represented at peace talks in the form of Minister and National Unity Alliance leader Ms. Ferial Ashraff. There are 57 registered political parties that do not mean we have to send 57 people in addition to the government delegation."

"None of our vessels were attacked in the Katpittiya sea" - Irasiah Ilanthirayan

Irasiah IlanthirayanNone of the vessels belonging to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam were attacked by the Sri Lanka Navy in the Katpittiya sea. LTTE Military Spokesman Irasiah Ilanthirayan denied that their vessels were not at all attacked as claimed by the Sri Lanka’s Navy spokesman D.K.P. Dissanayaka. He added this was a mischievous propaganda disturb normalcy in the Katpittya sea area. Earlier it was revealed by the Navy spokesman D.K.P. Dissanayaka that they were compelled to attack an LTTE vessel with arms and ammunition and the vessel was sunk.

The Grameen Bank Founder Muhammed Yunus Gets the Nobel Prize.

By Garvin Karunaratne, Ph,.D.(Michigan State)

Muhammed YunusMuhammed Yunus, the Founder Director of the Bangladesh Grameen Bank has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.
From very small beginnings in 1976 in a village in Bangladesh- with an initial loan of pounds fifteen, began this micro credit system of giving credit to the poor- mainly womenfolk. Today there are 6.5 million borrowers, 96% of whom are women. The Peer Lending Programme as it is called has 2,226 branches in 71,371 villages. In addition the Programme has spread to many countries including the USA.The key method is that in any village community a loan is given to a selected poor person without any collateral security on the condition that the members of the community stand as voluntary unofficial guarantors. Their task is to apply social pressure on the loanee to keep up the repayment installments.

Drug addict kills innocent Sri Lankan convenience store clerk in bizarre rage and climbs a roof of a restaurant

By Walter Jayawardhana

A drug addict and a criminal parolee out from a California state prison in a bizarre rage under the influence of drugs killed an innocent Sri Lankan convenience stores clerk of a mini market on night duty in a suburb of Los Angeles. The tragic murder that occurred in San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles became headline news in all television stations in the nation.

LTTE gun men kill five civilians; three of them slain in execution style after robbing 36,000 rupees

By Walter Jayawardhana

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) gunmen caught two Sinhalese traders from Wennappuwa and their truck driver, bound their hands on their backs and shot them in execution style, an eye witness said. A Muslim man who was in the company of the slain businessmen said he and another Muslim who were together with the victims were asked to run away and save their lives since they were non-Sinhalese.

Anton Balasingham – will he or will he not lead LTTE delegation to Geneva talks?

Anton BalasinghamIt is unlikely that Anton Balasingham, afflicted with Parkinson disease and suffering from an excessive drinking problem to participate in the forthcoming talks to be held between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and the Government of Sri Lanka, scheduled for 28 – 29 this month in Geneva, Switzerland. Reports from London reveal that AC Shanthan, the LTTE representative in London is trying his utmost to provide the best medical treatment to Balasingham. According to reports Santhan has appointed a special private nurse to take care of Balasingham even though his wife Adele, an Australian born is also a qualified medical nurse but debilitating due to old age.

Sri Lanka Army spokesman says it is wrong to call any area in the east as LTTE controlled

By Walter Jayawardhana

Sri Lanka Army spokesman Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe said there are no areas demarcated as LTTE territories in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. He said the Ceasefire Agreement definitely did not demarcate LTTE territories in the Eastern Province and it was wrong for anybody to state that the Special Task Force of the Police has gone to Kanchikudichcharu, a LTTE territory. He said the STF had every right to enter that area since there was definitely a threat to the security of the country from there and the STF did enter that area and retaliated against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

Akashi told to meet Tamilselvan

By Vandana Jayasinghe

Yasushi AkashiJapanese special peace envoy Yasushi Akashi, who arrived the country on Sunday, will meet the government peace negotiator Health Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva at the Ministry, today. According to Ministry sources, Mr. Akashi and Minister de Silva will discuss the future of the peace talks, schedule in October. Mr. Akashi, during his stay, earlier planed to meet the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) leader but Vallupillai Prabakaran but it is learnt that he has bluntly refused to meet him.

Supreme Court rules N-E merger "unconstitutional, illegal and invalid"

From our political Correspondent

A bench of five judges, headed by the Chief Justice, Sarath N. Silva, ruled that the temporary merger of the northern province with the eastern province is "unconstitutional, illegal and invalid". The ruling was delivered at 11.35 a. m. today. The two provinces were merged temporarily in 1987 under the Indo-Sri Lanka Agreement signed by the Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi and the Sri Lankan President J. R. Jayewardene. It was a part of the Indian-proposed package to solve the problem. But the Indo-Sri Lanka Agreement virtually collapsed after the LTTE opened fire on the Indian Peace Keeping Force. Rajiv Gandhi, the peace-maker, was finally assassinated by the Tamil Tigers.

LTTE ridicules alliance of Sri Lanka's main two parties

Munza Mushtaq - Reporting from Colombo

Tamilselvan Colombo, 16 October, ( LTTE political wing leader S.P. Tamilselvan has mocked at the much-hyped Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) – United National Party (UNP) alliance, claiming it to be a move to merely safeguard their respective political futures. "Both parties are taking part to save their respective political futures. This alliance is neither permanent nor sincere one. I will be delighted if proved wrong, if the two parties indeed come forward together to address the Tamil issue with sincerity and understanding of the Tamil aspirations," Tamilselvan was quoted saying on the LTTE peace secretariat website.

AMW diversifies to Capital Leasing

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

The 70th leasing company in the country, AMW Capital leasing Limited a fully owned subsidiary of Associated Motorways Ltd, plans opening new branches at Kurunegala and Mathara by November this year. AMW Capital leasing commenced commercial operations last August at their office in Colombo 08. AMW is expected to launch a major expansion program, with spreading their operations in some of the major cities together with AMW Capital leasing and the places identified for expansion are Ratanpura, Badulla, Kandy and Negombo.

Rooting for Afzal

By Tukoji R Pandit - Syndicate Features

The announcement of the date for executing Mohammed Afzal’s death penalty for his part in attacking the Indian parliament in December 2001 is now assuming the shape of a political ‘crisis’ with both domestic and international dimensions. Within the country, opinion is sharply divided over whether the sentence should be carried out (on October 20), though it will now have to wait till the President decides on the mercy petition filed by Afzal’s family. In Afzal’s native Kashmir some ‘moderate’ voices have lent their support to the militant and separatist leaders demand for clemency for the man. One of the better-known separatist leaders Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, who is the present day favourite of the Islamabad regime, lost no time in utilising his presence on the US soil to seek American intervention for saving Afzal from the gallows. Pakistan has made its own contribution in internationalising the Afzal issue further.

LTTE Indian made trawler boat blasting


Irasiah Ilanthirayan

Muhammed Yunus

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