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Will case change cable economics for viewers

By SF media critic - Syndicate Features

When the BBC World became a pay (TV) channel in the middle of July, many cable operators in Delhi discontinued beaming the BBC to their subscribers. The reason was obvious: the cable operators were not willing to pay the extra fee that would become due by producing the list—genuine or fudged—of their subscribers. The ‘cablewallah’, who serves in this reviewer’s area, said that the great majority of their clients would not agree to cough up the extra 15 or 20 rupees a month for the encrypted BBC channel. And obviously no cable operator worth his salt is going to dip into his profits to foot the extra bill for buying the BBC service.

Consensual governance in Sri Lanka

By Oscar E V Fernando

The parting of the ways that brought about sustained turmoil in our country over the years, lets hope, has now come to an end with the historical agreement reached between the two warring factions of our significant political divide. It is propitious that this formal agreement is to be signed before all religious dignitaries as from religion and spirituality stems peace that much needed ingredient for economic development. If properly analyzed the two parties are two sides of the same coin—with a few differences that can be adjusted; they are also complementary to each other, as what one can deliver the other cannot and vice versa; this is obviously due to divergences in the two vote banks significantly divided.

Sri Lanka plans to organize a Science exhibition in Colombo

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

Professor Tissa VitharanaSri lanka’s Science and Technology Minister Professor Tissa Vitharana says the government of Sri Lanka and his Ministry have agreed to organize "Science Week" in Colombo to mark the World Science Day. The Ministry plans to conduct a Science Exhibition and Science workshop at various venues in Colombo. Speaking to media Mr.Vitharana said the Colombo based three day exhibition would commence on 3rd of November. The Ministry sources said it has planned to organize an educational day on 7th November at the BMICH, Colombo.

BJP leader charges Congress for insincerity towards Naga solution

By Oken Jeet Sandham - Asian Tribune

The BJP said the Congress-led UPA Government at the Center had not shown any sincere attempt in finding honorable and acceptable solution to the Naga political issue. Talking to Asian Tribune here at Hotel Japfu today, V Satish, Northeast BJP in-charge, said the progress of the peace process it had when the BJP-led NDA left the Government still remained without any sign of progress. "No substantive progress in the peace process is there ever since the demotion of NDA from the Office," he stated, alleging the Congress-led UPA Government at the Center is not eager to find solution to the Naga political issue.

Sri Lanka: Northeast demerger and its far reaching implications

R. Hariharan

The recent ruling of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka that the merger of Northern and Eastern provinces into a single entity – Northeastern Province -was "unconstitutional, illegal and invalid" will add yet another spanner in the works of the troubled peace process. The resuscitation efforts now on way to reactivate the muddled peace process is likely to be made more murky as the clamour to implement the Supreme Court judgement rises. And it is also likely to give a lease of life to Sinhala-Tamil ethnic confrontation, particularly when LTTE is trying to provoke it by extending its suicide attacks to the Sinhala areas well outside its beat.