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U.S. "Waiver" a means to an end for Burma

By Nehginpao Kipgen

Media Release of the U.S. State Department says: "The Secretary of State, on October 11, exercised her discretionary exemption authority under the Immigration and Nationality Act, so that Chin refugees from Burma living in Malaysia, Thailand, and India can resettle in the United States….." This development is partly the recognition of the plights of ethnic people in the Union of Burma. When the State Department granted a waiver for Karen refugees in Thailand, it considered as a test case; it now appears that the test was successful partially if not in its entirety. This being the third time in this year – May, August and October – to waive provisions of the US Patriot Act of 2001 and the Real ID Act of 2005, "waiver" has become a means to an end for Burma.

Government of Netherlands provides four billion rupees for the upgrading of disaster response network

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

The government of Netherlands has provided four billion rupees for upgrading of disaster response network in the western province and in selected other urban areas. The project will facilitate setting up a special response unit with specialized human and material resources to support first line response to large incidence and disasters.

Surge in people smuggling from Somalia to Yemen nears 6,000 since September

Despite a crackdown in Somalia's Puntland region, hundreds of Somalis, Ethiopians and Sudanese are still resorting to smugglers' boats to make the perilous and sometimes fatal journey across the Gulf of Aden to Yemen, with the total nearing 6,000 in the past seven weeks. UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) spokesperson Ron Redmond a news briefing in Geneva said, "Passengers on one boat reported that five Ethiopians were beaten by the smugglers, thrown overboard and attacked by sharks in view of the others on the vessel," UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) spokesperson Ron Redmond a news briefing in Geneva.

JHU asks whether Rajapaksa’s Government is trapped in LTTE’s fake-net?

By Vandana Jayasinghe - Asian Tribune

The time has come to the government to beat the drum to its own tune to make the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) to dance accordingly, says the Jathika Hela Urumala (JHU), which strongly opposes the decision to hold October peace talks in Switzerland. The JHU urges the government to hold peace talks in Colombo to avoid the LTTE collecting funds during their stay in Switzerland, where they collected a huge sum of money during the peace talks in Switzerland last time. JHU Leader Puraviya Chakkrawarthi Ven. Ellawala Medananda Thera says that in the past, all the successive governments were dancers, which danced to the tunes of the LTTE.

Monash College Sri Lanka to transform tertiary education

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

Dr Lalith KotalawalaAustralian National College ( ANC), a member of the Ceylinco Consolidated together with Monash University, Australia have established the Monash College Sri Lanka. Monash University is a member of the prestigious "Group of 8" Australia’s leading universities. The college offers Monash Programmes, where students are guaranteed entry to the second year of Monash University for more than 50 destination degrees at the three main Monash campuses in Australia, Malaysia and South Africa.

The Wonder That is Lakegala from where Ravana ruled Lanka and Lord Buddha preached Lankavatara Sutra and laid his Foot Print

Wrapped in mystery and legend, on the northern end of this village, rising above the surroundings like a colossal giant is the world famous Lakegala, the highest bare rock outcrop in the world. "The Resplendent Rock", "The Rock of Lanka’ or "The Target Rock", Lanka Pabbata, Lankagiri, Laggala, Samudramalaya or Samudragiri are the different names given to it as it was differently called by different people at different times in different contexts. However, it ever remained Lakegala (The resplendent Rock) for the people of this village. At first, looking at it no one will believe that this is a natural phenomenon. It is so breathtaking and so unbelievable that it portrays more a painting by a maestro artist than a mere creation of nature – an epic poem, Mother Nature has created for men to adore as long as the sun and the moon shall last.

American Politicians and Lawmakers Recognize the ‘Political Clout’ Of Asian-Americans in Las Vegas, Nevada

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune

In mid-July this year. Asian American Group, a federation of Asian associations in Las Vegas, convened its annual session with an unprecedented representation of all Asian and Pacific Islanders in this western state of Nevada. The session was stormed by incumbent U.S. Congressmen and their challengers, state lawmakers in both House and the Senate who are running for reelection and their challengers, elected state and city administrative hierarchy who are facing reelection and their opponents, the state’s law enforcement personnel, some of whom are seeking reelection, representatives from the governor’s office, the contenders for the position of governor and last but not least the popular mayor of Las Vegas Oscar Goodman.

Velu For Vendetta

By Dayan Jayatilleka

A month before his birthday, the villainous Velupillai Prabhakaran has shown flashes of his old form, though he has not been able, so far, to return to the form of the 1990s when his Tigers overran military bases, causing hundreds of casualties overnight. Nor has he entered the same league as Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah who addressed (behind a bullet-proof screen) at an 800,000 strong victory rally in Beirut, despite Israel’s declared and reiterated policy of killing him. Nasrallah’s Hezbollah have distributed US $ 12,000 to every family affected by Israel’s air-strikes. Though the fortunes of Sri Lanka’s war have shown a see-saw rhythm (Mavil Aru/Muhamalai), the overall strategic balance has reasserted itself as one of essential equivalence, with victories by either side being of a tactical nature, however important and dramatic.

20 sea Tigers killed in the sea confrontation off Nagarkovil

Sri Lanka Navy destroyed two sea tiger boats killing 20 Sea Tiger cadres and inflicted heavy damages to other boats during retaliatory fire around 6.00 p.m. yesterday on 20th October. Naval sources said that at least 15 LTTE boats were detected and three suicide boats were also among them. The Fast Attack Craft of Sri Lanka Navy intercepted them off Nagarkovil and confronted the LTTE boats completely destroying According to Media Centre for National Security, two sea tiger boats that tried to beach in Manalkadu area in the Point Pedro East were also fired by the Army using Multi Barrel Rocket Launches (MBRL) and Artillery.

SriLakan Airlines aggressively promote holiday makers.

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

‘Sri Lankan Holidays’ of SriLankan Airlines embarked on a ground breaking promotional campaign to attract travelers an affordable and hassle free perfect holiday opportunities. The first of this type of campaign was launched in March 2006 by Sri Lankan Holidays, the leisure arm of the National Carrier which has created a storm with its pricing formula, with price slashes on party packages ensuring value for money. Sri Lankan Airlines re-launched an aggressive ground breaking promotional campaign ‘Sri Lankan Holidays’ to offer the travelers an affordable and hassle free holiday opportunities.

No concessions in mitigating national sovereignty or territorial integrity says Sri Lanka’s President.

By Walter Jayawardhana

Under whatever peace program implemented by the government, no concessions whatsoever would be given to undermine or betray the sovereignty, territorial integrity and value system of the motherland to terrorism, pledged President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Addressing the convocation ceremony of the Sir John Kotelawela Defense Academy, Sri Lanka President Rajapaksa , who is also the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, said under any peace arrangement no decision detrimental to or mitigating the country’s sovereignty , territorial integrity, or public security would ever be taken.

A Tamil Man

Dr Lalith Kotalawala


Richard Boucher

WSWS interviews: Sri Lankan soldiers oppose return to war

As the civil war in Sri Lanka escalates, the military is carrying out a massive recruiting campaign in the press and electronic media. The government is making an explicit communal appeal, declaring that it is the duty of heroes to defend the "Sinhala motherland" against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).
Recruiting targets have not been met. Within the army, reports have filtered out of disgruntlement and war weariness. Since President Mahinda Rajapakse won office last November, hundreds of soldiers and military personnel have been killed in a conflict that has widened into open warfare. The overwhelming majority of soldiers come from poor Sinhala families in rural areas. Most had no alternative but to join the army to provide for themselves and their families. In short, they are economic conscripts who have been used by successive governments as cannon fodder in a racialist war.

Reviving Indo-German Military Ties

By Chandra Mohan -Syndicate Features

The proposed revival of Indo-German military ties is a classic example of why political pique must not be allowed to impinge on national interests. Shutters were pulled down on cooperation with Bonn in military hardware production during the Rajiv reign in the wake of reports that some persons benefited from kickbacks in the deal to produce SSK hunter-killer submarine at the Mazagaon Docks under licence from HDW. Before the deal went into cold storage for good, courtesy the then finance minister V P Singh, India had bought two submarines from the German shipyard. Two more were bought in completely knocked down (CKD) kits. The last four hulls were made from local material but the engines and some other components were procured from original German manufacturer.