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Witnessing signing ceremony

Sri Lanka Government appoints a committee to examine possibilities to export aquatic plants

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

The Government of Sri Lanka appointed a committee to examine possibilities to export local aquatic plants. The Minister of Enterprise Development Rohitha Bogollagama appointed this committee and it includes local Forest officials, Ministry officials, Representatives of the Export Development Board, Aquatic plant, Ornamental fish exporters and Officials from the Regional Resources Development Authority [RRDA] of the North Western Province. According to the Ministry sources, the RRDA will forward a detailed proposal on export of aquatic plants from the government owned reservoirs and irrigation tanks.

Two major parties join hands to win peace in Sri Lanka

From our Political correspondent

Witnessing signing ceremonyIn an unprecedented historic move the two main political parties – Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the United National Party – joined hands yesterday to achieve "the goals of peace, good governance, development and a just political solution acceptable to all communities." The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will be operative for two years starting from October 23, 2006. This MoU is expected to replace the existing confrontational politics with active cooperation on national issues. The MoU launches Sri Lanka into a new phase of consensual politics. All eyes will be focused on this new political experiment. Since 1952 when S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike broke away from the UNP and launched the SLFP both parties have been at each others’ throat fighting to win votes. The electorate was split right down the middle with minor parties backing one or the other winning party.

Ceylinco Consolidated to set up Hospital for Women & Children

Sunil C. Perera, - Reporting from Colombo

Ceylinco Consolidated has announced the setting up of the ‘Golden Key Hospital for Women and Children’ which will provide state-of-the-art pediatric, obstetric and gynecology services for the women and children of Sri Lanka. Scheduled for a March 2008 opening, this exclusive, over Rs. 3bn hospital will prioritize Safe Motherhood as one of its goals, as declared by UNICEF, WHO and several international organizations.

Some Reflections on Our Ethnic Differences

Professor Laksiri Fernando, University of Sydney (Visiting)

I was 13 years of age in 1958 when I first came to realize both the skewed reality and ugly face of our ethnic antagonism in Sri Lanka. This realization hopefully is applicable to any other country, particularly those who are beset with similar ethnic conflicts. I was attending St. Sebastian’s College, Moratuwa, when the ‘hell broke loose’ in May 1958. I had a few Tamil friends at school, Jesudasan being one, who on and off writes to Sri Lankan newspapers on religious and other matters. My best friend was Perumal, who was left behind at the vernacular school at St. Peter’s, when I transferred to the ‘English-school’ two years previously. All the same I kept my friendship alive with him almost on a day-to-day basis.

Tourist traffic unhampered despite terrorist attack in southern Sri Lanka

Neville de Silva - Diplomatic Editor Asian Tribune

Major tourism operators to Sri Lanka say they will continue with their tours despite last Wednesday's Tamil Tiger attack on a naval base in Galle, southern Sri Lanka. Though speculation was rife in the western media in particular, trying to pinpoint Galle as a "tourist hub" and that Sri Lanka's tourism industry could be affected by theTamil Tiger suicide bomber attack near the town, comments by major tourist operators in London indicate that they do not have plans to cancel any of their current arrangements nor recall tourists already enjoying a holiday in Galle. The UK is the largest market in Europe for Sri Lanka's tourism and hospitality industry.

Sri Lanka goes for Indian style power sharing

Mahinda RajapakseThe two key Sri Lankan political rivals came together in a Memorandum of Understanding to solve the national problem in Sri Lanka based on the Indian Federal Model, lifting the mood of the country significantly. The MoU comes in the backdrop of both the GOSL and LTTE gearing up for a long awaited peace talks to be held in Geneva on 28thn and 29th October. Officials of the ruling coalition's Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the main opposition, United National Party, signed an agreement at a ceremony at President Mahinda Rajapakse's official residence.

Memoirs of an anti-LTTE undercover agent in London

By Glen Jenvey - Exclusive to "Asian Tribune"

Edited By – Joseph Thavaraja

Like many a news watcher living in the UK, the daily acts of terrorism against Sri Lanka -a commonwealth country- and the killings of its former President Ranasinghe Premadasa, not to mention the murder of its neighbour India’s Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, left me feeling disenchanted for the countless Sri Lankans caught in a civil war that no-one really wanted. I was unable to grasp as to how leaders of two nations were killed with no international outcry against the act–apart from the news reports and the state funerals-and why such terror acts were left unchecked. Both countries had been attacked and the international community ought to have seen them as an attack on democracy in world itself.

LTTE, Govt teams head for Geneva : LTTE travel arrangements cleared

The delegation of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) scheduled to take part in the forthcoming Geneva Talks, led by S.P.Tamilselvan, Head of the outfit's Political Division, will leave Kilinochchi today afternoon for Geneva. According to reports reaching us as of today afternoon, the LTTE delegation was expected to board the helicopter from the Kilinochchi Central College grounds. The Government of Sri Lanka has agreed to send an Air Force helicopter to Kilinochchi to ferry the LTTE delegation to Colombo. It is also learnt that the Head of the Government has given the necessary guarantee for the safety of the LTTE delegation travelling through Colombo to Geneva.

Sri Lanka's Buddhist monk party threatens to sabotage SLFP-UNP alliance

Munza Mushtaq - Repoprting from Colombo

The Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) has threatened to sabotage the proposed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the country's two main political parties; Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and the United National Party, if it fails to fall in line with the Mahinda
Chinthanaya objectives. JHU media spokesman Nishanth Sri Warnasinghe told the "Asian Tribune" that the MoU should be a transparent document made available to all political parties and the public, on grounds that these parties today enjoy power because of the public's support.

North Korean nuclear test opens up political divisions in South Korea

North Korea’s nuclear test on October 9 has fuelled a sharp political debate in South Korea. Despite considerable US pressure, South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun has indicated that his government will continue to pursue its so-called Sunshine policy aimed at ending tensions and opening up North Korea to investors. The opposition Grand National Party (GNP), however, has demanded the imposition of tough economic penalties and South Korea’s participation in the provocative US-led plans for the interception and search of North Korean ships.





Mahinda Rajapakse

Kilinochchi Central College Grounds