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David Zerman

"Jamir should have peaceful retired life": Dr Shurhozelie

By Oken Jeet Sandham – Asian Tribune

Nagaland Minister for Planning and Urban Development and Leader of the major ruling party NPF in the State, Dr Shurhozelie said the Goa Governor SC Jamir should have a "peaceful retired life." He was replying in an interview to Asian Tribune here at his official residence today. Asked as to why situation in the State got alarmed whenever Jamir visited the State and his recent visit to Chuzuba in connection with a Chakhesang Youth Front event had even given a major jolt to the NPF party as its two Youth leaders resigned from it (party), the veteran regionalist said SC Jamir was Chief Minister of Nagaland for many years and he had also done many things for the Naga people. "If so, we should allow him to have a peaceful retired life," he pointed out, adding, "His rising is over."

Washington Times Editorial : " Targeting the Tamil Tigers" - A Response

I'm Nakuleswaran, a Sri Lankan refugee in Chennai, India. I'd like to shed some light into the views expressed in the Washington Times Editorial of October 18, 2006, titled "Targeting the Tamil Tigers." I particularly refer to the statement 'secession within a country is unacceptable as it is unworkable.'

Memoirs of an anti-LTTE undercover agent in London - PART II : Delicious Curry served with a Stark Warning!

By - By Glen Jenvey - Exclusive to "Asian Tribune"

Edited By – Joseph Thavaraja

Walking down the road towards the LTTE offices in London at 211 Katherine Rd, one comes across a disused corner shop with a side door. This tatty little X corner shop or office with blanked out windows was the LTTE London office. Once inside the office, directly across your view is a cubicle with a big desk, hosting LTTE flags and photos of the supremo, Velupillai Prabhakaran. Around the office walls to the right was a room, full of PR videos and a long conference table. Young men cleaned the office, served us tea and at just a lift of a finger, would run off and fetch files.

The final Sri Lankan battle will be in the sea and not land – Soosai, Sea Tiger

Colonel SoosaiJunior Vikatan, a Tamil publication in Chennai, India, published an interview with the Sea Tiger Commander Soosai when negotiations were going on between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and the Government of Sri Lanka to re-open peace talks. At this stage Junior Vikataninterviewed Soosai, the Special Commander of the Sea Tigers to find out the position of the Tamil Tigers.

India Gets a Foreign Minister and a New Defence Minister

By M Rama Rao reporting from New Delhi

Pranab MukherjeeIndia has finally got a foreign minister after a year long wait. It also got a new defence minister on Tuesday. Pranab Mukherjee, 71, who is number two in the Indian government since the days of Indira Gandhi, has moved to the foreign office 'reluctantly'. His place in the Defence Ministry has been taken by Mr Clean of Indian politics, A K Antony, a former Chief Minister of south Indian state of Kerala, also reluctantly. The Kerala strong man is returning to the Federal Ministry after a gap of over a decade. His last stint in Delhi was as Minister for civil supplies in the Narasimha Rao Ministry, which incidentally was the last single party government in India in a decade.

Tamilselvan says that they would make use of Geneva to do propaganda against Sri Lanka Government

By Walter Jayawardhana

Tamilselvan S. P. Thamilchelvan, the head of the political section of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam said they would use the Geneva talks to expose the "atrocities of the Government of Sri Lanka" scheduled to be held in Switzerland on October 28 and 29. Telling the media that their intention of making use of their talks for their propaganda against the Sri Lanka government Tamilselvan said they were only going there since they wanted to respect the co-chairs of Sri Lanka’s aid giving consortium.

American Lawyer V.Rudrakumar in place of Anton Balasingham in Geneva

V.Rudrakumar, a US citizen and a New York based lawyer will also be a members of the official delegation of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam which will take part in the forthcoming peace talks scheduled for 28th and 29th in Geneva. Rudrakumar's participation was confirmed by the LTTE hierarchy in the absence of Anton Balasingham who is suffering from Parkinson disease. According to the official announcement, Mr. Rudrakumar would participate as a Legal Advisor.

Mukherjee as Foreign Minister: Political Heavy Weight to political wilderness?

P R Kumaraswamy - Exclusive to Asian Tribune

After nearly a year, India at last got a Foreign Minister in the form of veteran Congress leader Pranab Kumar Mukherjee. It woul have taken considerable persuasion on the part of Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to make Defence Minister agreeing to move to the External Affair Ministry. His reluctance was both natural and inevitable. Like many other countries in the world, foreign policy has never been a major agenda in India.

Special passes needed to travel from eastern province to other areas as a way to prevent terrorists

By Walter Jayawardhana

The security forces have implemented a new checking procedure for all vehicles exiting the Eastern Province from where most of the suicide vehicles have entered other areas in country during the last few weeks. In addition in adjacent areas like the North Central Province the Police have been rounding up people who do are unable to show any kind of identity.

Media—Clash of civilizations and truth

By Oscar E V Fernando

If media is a derivation from the word mediator, then a journalist has to play an important role with standards of truth and ethics in this high tech era where media has been dubbed as the fourth estate coming next to the legislature, executive and the judiciary. They carry out the important functions of communicators and opinion formers and therefore have to report discreetly after due research on a subject. It must be in the minds of readers that a writer or a journalist searching for the truth in the field of media would at all times express his opinion—an opinion being only a view held as probable; the more the writer and the reader understands this concept, the more it will help in situations of conflicts. It is increasingly seen that recordings of history are but opinions expressed by writers in their observation of the truth; in fact arbitrators are essentially needed to decipher between opinions of the truth as expressed by the contending parties. Don’t Appeal Courts exist essentially due to this very reason?

Demerger of the North and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka raises concern - Richard Boucher

Richard BoucherThe merger of the North and East was there for many years and now it has been one of the fundamental assumption of the peace process pointed out Richard Boucher US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs. He added, "It is one of the fundamental assumptions of the whole negotiations and therefore, I agree it does raise some issues for all the parties, about how they are going to approach these both in terms of the court decision and in terms of negotiations." Richard Boucher held a press conference at the Galle face Hotel in Colombo on 20th October. Boucher was in Colombo on a two day official visit. At the press conference when he was asked about the Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court’s judgment on the de-merger of the North and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka and told that it has caused great deal of concern among various sections in the country and asked whether it figured in his talks?

Richard Boucher

Colonel Soosai

Pranab Mukherjee

India's new ministers2

New Indian Ministers 1


Sri Lanka’s state-owned television censors drama series

Censorship of filmmakers, artists and writers is escalating in Sri Lanka in line with the Rajapakse government’s intensification of its war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). In a recent case, the Sri Lanka Ruphavanini Corporation (SLRC), the island’s state-funded television channel, cut dialogue from the weekly teledrama Sudu Kapuru Pethi (White Camphor) early last month and a few days later axed the series entirely, claiming it "disgraced" the military. The then SLRC chairman Newton Gunaratne told the media the television show had insulted the security forces. "Some parts of this teledrama bring disgrace to these soldiers and their self-respect," he claimed. Gunaratne, however, made no attempt to substantiate his claims.