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Airlifting milk food to Jaffna1

A Sri Lankan contribution to Japan

By P.L.N. De Silva

This is the success story behind the transfer of a 3000 year old medical technology by an Ayurvedic physician from Sri Lanka to Japan. At a simple ceremony held at the Hotel Lanka Oberoi in March this year, Dr. Upali Pilapitiya of Kasbewa was presented with two prestigious awards from the Association of Colo-Proctology of Japan and the Japan Association for Ayurvedic Research for introducing an Ayurvedic method of treatment for anal-fistula patients. The awards were presented by Professor Nanba of the Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University of Japan, and Dr. Kenji Tazawa of the Ayurveda Society of Japan.

LTTE intensifies violence, kills two sailors and injures a score of others in sporadic attacks all over

By Walter Jayawardhana

The liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) intensified its violence by killing two Sri Lanka navy sailors and injuring another in a claymore mine explosion while in another incident injured two soldiers at Muhamalai in Jaffna. The Sri Lanka Navy sailors were targeted by the claymore explosion while they were on a route clearing patrol along Nilaveli-Trincomalee Road near a place called Alles Waththa (Alles Garden) at the 6th mile post.

Sri Lanka to sort out Indian fishermen’s problems at sea near its border

Sri Lanka’s Deputy High Commission in Chennai has taken steps to sort out problems Indian fishermen encounter while fishing at sea and at times closer to Sri Lanka border. On the 28th of October representatives of the South India Federation of Fishermen Societies (SIFFS), and Alliance for the Release of Innocent Fishermen (ARIF) led Mr. V. Vivekanandan, Chief Executive met Mr. P.M. Amza the Sri Lanka Deputy High Commissioner in Chennai to explain the problems they encounter at sea.A press release said, the main focus of the meeting was for the leaders of fishing communities from Tamil Nadu and the functionaries of the SIFFS and the ARIF to explain the problems fishermen encountered at sea, close to the Sri Lanka border.

Exercises in Futility

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

The A9 controversy is symptomatic of the Lankan crisis. The LTTE, citing civilian needs, wants the road reopened. The government, based on security considerations, opposes the road reopening. If the LTTE is genuinely concerned about the starving population of Jaffna it would have given a security guarantee to ships transporting food and medicines under the auspices of international relief agencies. It refused to do so, prompting the ICRC to withdraw from the supply operations, thereby intensifying the crisis. Though its security considerations are legitimate, the regime should have made a more concerted and sincere effort to anticipate and alleviate the very real humanitarian crisis caused by the closure of the A9. Instead the government went into denial, and maintained that there was no food shortage in Jaffna. This was not only a lie; it was also a stupid lie. Consequently it served the LTTE’s cause by demonstrating, yet again, the Rajapakse administration’s lack of concern about the security and wellbeing of its Tamil citizens.

Banned Tamil Tigers infiltrate Western bases of political power

Walk into any left-leaning parliamentarians office from Toronto to Sydney you will find a Tamil behind the counter in one capacity or the other. These are nominally the volunteers placed in electoral offices of parliamentarians in Europe, Australia, Canada, and the USA to help in their election campaigns. Parliamentarians need helping hands not only to do electoral work but even to do office chores. The Tamil volunteers have become a regular feature in the offices of Western parliamentarians who welcome these "helpers". What the gullible parliamentarians do not know is that invariably the Tamils are plants of the Tamil Tigers. Their modus operandi is to plant Tamil "volunteers" in the offices of selected politicians who are promising candidates likely to win elections and to rise within the ranks of the party.

India's ban on LTTE likely to get judicial imprimatur

By M Rama Rao in New Delhi

Over the next fortnight, India's ban on the LTTE is likely to get judicial imprimatur. It is not a formality though. Much will depend on how the interior ministry puts its case before Justice A K Sikri of the Delhi High Court, who is examining the issue. The Judge is heading a one-man tribunal under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act of 1967, which provides the legal framework to ban any organization engaged in terrorist or secessionist activities or activities detrimental to the safety security and integrity of India.

Saddam Hussein convicted, sentenced to death by hanging

Saddam HusseinThe Iraqi High Tribunal today handed down death sentence by hanging to the ousted Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.The ousted president, visibly shaken, shouted out "Allahu Akbar!" God is Greatest) and "Long live the nation!." Saddam has said he wants to face a military firing squad, not the hangman

Await! TNA decision to 'stay' or 'leave' Lanka parliament coming on Monday 6th

M.K.SivajilingamThe twentytwo Tamil National Alliance (TNA) legislators in Sri Lanka parliament solely representing the North and East voters are set to make a "stay in parliament or go," decision on Monday November 6, a Sinhala language newspaper reported here today. Their decision to 'take a decision' comes due to party's loss of hopes and confidence on the future conduct of GoSL-LTTE negotiations and also the non-availability of any relief for the displaced and starving masses in North and East areas, said MP M.K.Sivajilingam, spokesman for TNA. "Various N&E organizations and societies have sent us countless representations, requests and suggestions to this end" he added.

Sri Lanka Government airlifted children’s milk powder to Jaffna

Government yesterday, as an urgent measure, airlifted 18,000 kilogram of milk powder for children in Jaffna by the Air force plane. In the meantime Sri Lanka Army reports revealed that last week alone, 88 lorry loads of food items have been transported to Vanni. According to the ‘Media Centre for National Security,’ the entire consignment of milk powder for children has been handed over to the Government Agent (GA) Jaffna. It added that the distribution would be supervised by the Security Forces to ensure that "stock levels maintained to prevent any scarcities as alleged by the pro-Tiger sympathizers."

Time India takes interest in Sri Lanka affairs

By Allabaksh - Syndicate Features

India has a clear interest in the outcome of the Lanka peace efforts. Still suffering from the fallout of its IPKF ‘peace’ mission, India has preferred to maintain a distance from the nearly 35-year-old ethnic strife which claimed over 60,000 lives. But there are now some pressing reasons for New Delhi to be more watchful about developments in Sri Lanka. Media reports have suggested that the terror patron of Pakistan, called the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), is now playing an incredibly dexterous game in the troubled waters of the island nation.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation adopts new "bias" rules

Just weeks after Prime Minister John Howard announced a major military expansion and launched an accompanying "Australian values" campaign, his government’s handpicked Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) board adopted new editorial guidelines designed to ensure the national broadcaster serves as an official mouthpiece.
The ABC is already increasingly promoting the government’s foreign agenda. In recent months, its broadcasts have helped engineer the removal of Mari Alkatiri as prime minister of East Timor and uncritically reported Canberra’s quest for similar "regime change" in Solomon Islands. Nevertheless, in the guise of combating alleged bias at the ABC—invariably "left wing"—recently-appointed ABC managing director Mark Scott last month announced new editorial rules that will require "impartiality" throughout the ABC television, radio and Internet network.

Indian Fishermen representatives

Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein 2


Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein 3

Saddam Hussein