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Aziz -Chandrika

Climate change race against time

By Atul Cowshish - Syndicate Features

The dark forebodings for the planet Earth arising from greenhouse gas emissions may again come into focus at an international gathering when the UN climate summit is held in Nairobi on November 6. And because of the belief that rapid economic growth is synonymous with increasing emissions of greenhouse gases, the efforts being made by India (and, of course, China) for containing these emissions may also come under the scanner. As for the Nairobi meet, what needs to be watched is if that helps in replacing the rhetorical concerns of governments by action to check the emission of gases that are slowly pushing the planet towards the dooms day.

Congratulations Bernard! But?

By Sudath Gunasekara

Congratulations to our Ambassador in WAshington, Bernard Gunatilaka for his pioneer effort in putting the US Foreign Service personal in particular and the world in general, in the correct perspective with regard to the LTTE problem in Sri Lanka. This I think is the first shot in the arm of our Diplomatic services ever since the untimely death of Minister Kadiragamar. I do not know whether the Ambassadors speech was a sequel to the President’s recent address (which of cause should have been done at he very beginning of terrorist propaganda) to our Foreign Service big wigs.

Chandrika Kumaratunge holding discussion with Indian leaders on her political re-entry

Former Sri Lankan President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga is currently involved in talks with Indian leaders in New Delhi to decide 'with finality' of her re-entry to active politics, reported yesterday a popular Sri Lankan Sinhala language daily in Colombo. Once she decides to do so, she will commence her campaigning from her former party's-Sri Lanka Freedom Party's -main power base, the Attanagalla Electorate, reported Sunday Lankadeepa a daily newspaper published in Colombo. Chandrika's talks with Indian leaders are conducted in the background of a denial by Pakistan High Commission in Sri Lanka that "there are no Pakistanis advising Sri Lanka on military matters."

Iranian Minister pledges to resolve Sri Lankan tea import problems

Iranian Minister Masoud Mir-Kazemi here on Saturday pledged to resolve the problems related to the import of tea from Sri Lanka. Iranian News Agency IRNA reported that Iranian Miniser had discussion with the visiting Sri Lankan Minister of Trade, Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Market Development Jeyaraj Fernandopulle. Reports revealed that he discussed establishing security for private sector investment in the two countries, resolving banking issues as well as developing ties between their respective customs authorities and standard institutes.

Lanka readying a new land route instead of A9

Political sources within GoSL said that a new alternative land-route instead of A9 highway will be opened in the due course for passenger and goods transport to the Northern region. Also, top government officials and LTTE delegates are already in discussion in this regard through the Norwegian facilitators, reported Lankadeepa yesterday, a Sinhala language newspaper published in Colombo.Once the LTTE shows its agreement, the government will 'go ahead in opening the new route', the newspaper reported.

Sri Lanka's Human, Minority Rights and National Question will have closer scrutiny in Democratic-Controlled US Congress

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune

The American voters will go to polls to elect the entire 435 members of the House of Representatives, one third of the 100-member Senate and thousands of constitutional positions throughout the nation at a time the Republican-controlled White House and the Republican-dominated Congress have received the lowest approval ratings from the American people to face a nation-wide electoral debacle. Political pundits and nation-wide pollsters have already predicted that the 12-year control of the Republicans in the House will end and the Democratic Party may wrest control of the Senate taking total control of the Congress making the incumbent White House occupant George W. Bush a lame duck president.

Saddam Verdict a Measure of Justice says President Bush: But Amnesty International Denounces the Trial

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent for Asian Tribune

George BushUnited States president George W. Bush, reacting to the Baghdad High Court judgment of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein said in Waco, Texas on his way to an election campaign rally "The victims of this regime have received a measure of justice that many thought would never come." He further added that the verdict "a milestone in the Iraqi people’s effort to replace the rule of the tyrant with the rule of law". Bush thanked the Iraqi government, the Iraqi security forces and the U.S. troops for their efforts at this Sunday morning comment at Waco, Texas.

Amnesty International Deplores Death Sentences In Saddam Hussein Trial

By Amnesty International

Amnesty International deplores the decision of the Supreme Iraqi Criminal Tribunal (SICT) to impose the death sentence on Saddam Hussein and two of his seven co-accused after a trial which was deeply flawed and unfair. The former Iraqi dictator was sentenced today in connection with the killing of 148 people from al-Dujail village after an attempt to assassinate him there in 1982. The trial, which began in October 2005 almost two years after Saddam Hussein was captured by US forces, ended last July. The verdict was originally due to be announced on 16 October but was delayed because the court said it needed more time to review testimony.

Saddam Hussein’s death sentence: a travesty of justice

The death sentences handed down yesterday against Saddam Hussein and three other prominent figures in his regime are the outcome of show trial concocted for political purposes. Amid unspeakable atrocities being committed against the people of Iraq every day by the US occupation forces, a hand-picked court has condemned the former Iraqi dictator to die. The very timing of the sentence is an attempt to lift the electoral fortunes of the Republican Party in Tuesday’s congressional elections by energizing its right-wing base with the prospect of a high profile legal lynching.

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