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Allama Dr. Muhammad Iqbal

Democrats Take Total Control of US Congress: Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Resigns

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent for Asian Tribune

Robert GatesWith the Democratic Party taking total control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives in Tuesday’s national elections in the United States, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld who became more of a target as the Iraq war grew increasingly unpopular among the American people, resigned Wednesday morning, President Bush announced here at a press conference at White House. Bush nominated a former CIA director Robert Gates the new defense secretary saying that "Secretary Rumsfeld and I agreed that sometimes it’s necessary to have a fresh perspective."

Sri Lanka: Amnesty International calls for inquiry into attack on displaced civilians

The London based human rights watchdog Amnesty International has condemned yesterday’s killing of 65 civilians taking refuge in a school in Kathiraveli, Vaharai. In a statement released from London the human rights watchdog said, "Amnesty International condemns the targeting and killing of innocent civilians and calls on the Government of Sri Lanka and the LTTE to take immediate and adequate precautions to protect civilian lives." It further added,"All parties to the hostilities must comply with international humanitarian law, which prohibits murder or other violence to those taking no active part in hostilities, requires parties to ensure that their forces comply with the principle of distinction between civilian and military targets and do not target civilians or carry out indiscriminate attacks."

Major crackdown in Maldives ahead of Friday's demonstration

Munza Mushtaq – Reporting from Colombo

Maldivian authorities have initiated a major crackdown on frontline opposition supporters, who are expected to take part at Friday's anti-government demonstration in Male, Mohamed Latheef, founder of the country's main opposition, Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) told the "Asian Tribune" in an exclusive interview. Latheef, now domiciled in Sri Lanka noted that already many of his party's frontline supporters have been arrested by law-enforcement officers in Maldives on false claims including terrorism. "The government is using television, radio, newspaper to intimidate people; they have warned that anyone who takes part in the demonstration would be charged as a terrorist. Already scores of our supporters including leading activists have been arrested under the disobedience order," Mr. Latheef said.

Sri Lanka military reported to have killed 65 civilians

According to a latest report emerging from Tami Tigerl rebel sources, at least 65 civilians were killed and about 300 injured when Sri Lanka Army fired Multi-Barrel Rockets and artillery shells on Wednesday around 11.35 a.m. targeting a school in Kathiraveli, a coastal village 15 km north of Vakarai, in the Batticaloa district, located in the East of Sri Lanka. The bodies of the victims were brought to the Vakarai hospital inside the rebel-held part of Batticaloa following heavy artillery shelling.

Nearly 35,000 kilos of food parcels sent by post to the starving people in Jaffna are still lying in Trincomalee

Latest news reports revealed that at least 35,000 Kilos food parcels sent by mail to Jaffna from South of the country, lies at Trincomalee Post office, as no ships are leaving from the Port of Trincomalee to Jaffna. Reports said that the central mail exchange in Colombo has been flooded with food items to be sent to Jaffna. Relatives and friends in the other parts of Sri Lanka rushed to various post offices to send food and other essential items to their starving friends and relatives in the Jaffna peninsula.

Sri Lanka: Launch of the ILO Technical Assistance Project for Trade Unions

International Labour Organization (ILO) office in Sri Lanka is to sign a Memorandum of Understanding today with the National Association for Trade Unions Research and Education (NATURE) to initiate the implementation of the two year project in Ampara District, supporting 10 trade unions when they launch the Technical Assistance Project for Trade Unions. According to the ILO Office in Sri Lanka, with Financial Support from the Irish Congress of Trade Unions they are launching today Technical Assistance Project for Trade Unions at Hotel Renuka, Colombo. Mr. Peter Bunting, Assistant General Secretary of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions will be in attendance for the occasion as a special invitee.

Today is Allama Iqbal's birth anniversary

By Prof Sharif al Mujahid

Allama Dr. Muhammad IqbalMultidimensional are Iqbal's thoughts, as are his intellectual forays and philosophical shifts at various times in his four-decade long active career as a poet and philosopher. Yet all said and done, it was given to the renowned Professor Hamilton A.R. Gibb to provide a perspective on how to look at him. This Gibb did in his Chicago lectures (1946) on "Modern trends in Islam" which have since been published under the same title. In this he perceptively observes, "Perhaps the right way to look at Iqbal is to see in him one who reflected and put into vivid words the diverse currents of ideas that were agitating the minds of Indian Muslims.

EU – Burma Dinne: Lesson to be Learned from EU

By Ko Sa La

Surprisingly so! Four Burmese in London end up witnessing a serious political discussion between the European Union citizens when a casual dinner turns into a hot socio-political dialogue. The discussion erupted with someone originally from Croatia around the table declares that he strongly opposes Croatia joining EU. According to him, the country is riddled with corruption and joining EU would make it worse. The irony came with a pure coincident whilst I was trying to tuck in Spanish Omelette when the discussion turned into the business of free trade and export and import. A Spanish woman became extremely defensive of the export of olive from Spain. The Burmese dinners observed the saga in silence with sips of wine.

Market gains as foreign investors eye telecom sector

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

The much-awaited peace talks between the government and the LTTE ended in a deadlock, with the both parties unable to come to an agreement on the opening of the A9 highway. Not only did the parties fail to achieve a consensus but also failed to set new dates for future talks. HNB Stockbrokers indicated that the break down in much awaited talks between the government and the LTTE led to the indices sliding last Monday (October 30) with the All share Price Index (ASPI) falling by 28.9 points and the MPI Milanka Price Index (MPI) falling by 40.1 points. However surprisingly the market picked up during mid week, as investor at least for the time being seem to shun concerns over continuing hostilities in the North and East.

To veil or unveil….

By Sarla Handoo - Syndicate Features

And now it is Shabana Azmi. Soon after she received the International Gandhi Peace Prize in London, she made some remarks about Burqa--- the veil used by Muslim women to cover them. And that earned her the wrath of Muslim clergy. What she said was that Quran does not compel women to cover their face and the issue needs to be debated. She probably wanted to reassure the European audiences about the liberalism among the Indian Muslims. But it has been taken as an affront. The statement was described as "appalling." Some went to the extent of declaring her a "non- Muslim." Even a person like Maulana Mahmood Madni, MP and General Secretary of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind accused her of "talking about sensitive issues without authority."

Keith Ellison

Donald Rumsfeld

Robert Gates

Mohamed Latheef

First Muslim to Enter United States Congress

Keith EllisonDaya Gamage – US National Correspondent of Asian Tribune

Tuesday’s national elections in the United States made history when Minnesota voters sent a Muslim to Congress who advocated U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. This was the first time a Muslim got elected to the Congress in the electoral history of the United States. Keith Ellison, 43, a lawyer and state representative easily defeated two rivals to get elected as a Democratic Party representative to the U.S. House.