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Mother weeps

A preview of Prabhakaran's speech: old Molotov cocktail in the same old Tiger bottle

By H. L. D. Mahindapala

S. P. Tamilselvan, the Political Head of the Tamil Tigers, and Ranil Wickremesinghe have warned from their separate platforms in almost dark but prophetic jeremiads that the end of the limited Eelam War IV is coming near. According to them the worst is yet to come, come November 27 - the fateful day on which Velupillai Prabhakaran is expected to launch Eelam War V with the full force of his apocalyptic wrath for not installing him as a head of state with the blessings of the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL), India and the rest of the international community.

Imitation Tigers?

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

Ranil Wickremesinghe helped (and helps) the Tigers consciously. Mahinda Rajapakse helps the Tigers no less, albeit unconsciously. In fact Mr. Rajapakse’s political flat-earthism may eventually be of greater assistance to the LTTE than even Mr. Wickremesinghe’s pro-Tigerism. Already Mr. Rajapakse has presented the Tiger leader with a pre-Birthday gift of immense significance – the barbaric shelling of a refugee shelter in Kathiraweli, Vakarai, which caused the death of more than 50 civilians. The attack has been rightly condemned by the UN, the US, Canada and the EU. The cowardly assassination of TNA parliamentarian Nadaraja Raviraj in broad daylight, in the heart of Colombo, (obviously by some state actor, possibly with the help of Tamil allies), has caused further damage to the Lankan cause.

Ibrahim Gambari meets separately with Myanmar leaders and Aung San Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu KyiUnited Nations Under-Secretary-General Ibrahim Gambari held separate meetings yesterday in Myanmar with government leaders State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) Chairman, Senior General Than Shwe, and Vice Chairman, General Maung Aye, as well as the most prominent member of the opposition, detained Nobel Peace Laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Ibrahim Gambari and his delegation traveled on Saturday to Nay Pyi Daw, the country's new administrative center, to meet with Myanmar's senior leadership.

"Maamanithar" title only for pro-Tiger MPs

Mother weepsTamil Tiger websites announced that V. Prabhakaran has conferred the title of "Maamanithar" posthumously on Tamil MP, Nadaraja Raviraj who was shot by two armed men in Colombo. A security guard of the Sri Lankan government escorting him was also killed by the two armed men who shot and fled on motor cycles. A rival Tamil group, Seerum Padai, claimed responsibility and warned other Tamil MPs to quit dancing to the tune of the Tamil Tigers if their lives are to be saved in the future. Seeru Padai said that this is the second pro-Tiger MP they had killed. The first was Joseph R. Pararajasingham in December last year. Analysts tracing the history of killing Tamil MPs point out that it was the Tamil Tigers who set the pattern initially. Prabhakaran, in fact, began his career in collecting Tamil scalps in 1975 when he first and shot and killed at point blank range the mild-mannered Alfred Duraiyappah, MP for Jaffna and also Mayor of Jaffna.

Asians earn 25 percent of doctorates in American universities

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent for Asian Tribune

Although international students earned less than 10 percent of all doctorates awarded in the United States in 1960, by 1999, they were earning more than one-third of all doctorates in the fields of science and engineering and 17 percent of doctorates in other fields, according to the October 10 report, U.S. Doctorates in the 20th Century, by the National Science Foundation.

Serving the sick: Searching for sources

This is a search for the origins and the spread of Nursing in sources that have remained untouched up to now. In spite of the large body of scholarship in the 20th century in many countries, the origins and spread of Nursing have not been satisfactorily settled. Therefore let me examine some possibilities. Nursing and Nursing Education were evolved by women. Even today the nursing profession is a profession predominately reserved for women. (The male nurses are few in number). It was originally from mother to daughter. Hence, in a sense nursing education was a hereditary process. It became a science later when scientific concepts were absorbed into it.

Under the shadow of Lakegala

By Sudath Gunasekara

It was not only a mundane poet, a product of the Victorian romanticism in mediaeval England but even the All Enlightened One, Gautama the Buddha, who had attained Buddha-hood after discarding all worldly things as mean, vulgar, base and mundane also made such endearing reference to the nostalgic fragrance that comes from the place of his birth. It is partly this nostalgia and partly the eternal attachment and the bondage, which has been common to all human beings down the ages, both mundane and supra-mundane and partly my love towards my own native village that nursed me in its warm bosom for ten long years in my childhood that prompted me to pen these few lines on Meemure, the place of my ‘birth’ and the spot that is closest and dearest to my heart on this earth.

China Worries about People’s Etiquettes

By Vazeeruddin - Syndicate Features

China is already well on way to becoming world’s number one economy and can claim to have a lot more clout in global affairs than any country, with the exception of the US and perhaps Russia. Yet in one respect, the Chinese authorities are worried about being viewed poorly by the world. It is the fear about the image of their country left by the travelling Chinese and also when foreign tourists visit Chinese cities. As is well known there is a boom in both Chinese tourists going abroad and those visiting Red China and so a large number of Chinese are regularly seen in different parts of the world just as an equally large number of foreigners are soaking in the sights of China.

Iraqi prime minister calls for Saddam Hussein to be hanged before year’s end

In remarks that highlight the politically motivated and rigged character of the trial of Saddam Hussein, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki declared that Hussein is to be executed by the end of the year. Maliki made the statement in a televised interview with John Simpson of the BBC that was broadcast on November 7 from Baghdad. When asked by Simpson whether he meant January or February next year, Maliki reiterated that he expected the execution to take place before the end of 2006. Hussein was sentenced to death on November 5 in connection with the execution of 148 Shia men and boys from the village of Dujail in 1982. Under Iraqi law, a review of the sentence must be made by a nine-judge appellate court 30 days from the verdict. If the court upholds the rulings, the execution must be carried out within 30 days.

Ravi Raj's mother with Magla

Raviraj's family

Raviraj's widow and children

Aung San Suu Kyi

Raviraj's family weeps.

Sri Lanka Government offers aircraft to transport of Raviraj’s casket for his last rites in Chavakachcheri - his home town

By Walter Jayawardhana

Raviraj's familyA move by the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to transport the coffin of the assassinated Jaffna District parliamentarian Nadaraja Raviraj through the A9 highway by opening up the entry /exit point at the Forward Defense Line at Muhamalai was turned down by the Sri Lanka Government. The Government of Sri Lanka instead, offered aircraft facilities from Colombo to transport the slain parliamentarian’s body and his family members to Chavakachcheri located in the Jaffna peninsula, free of any encumbrances for last rites and cremation.