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Ratmalana airport 1

Suspected LTTE gun running trawler attacked and destroyed off Kalpitya in the western coast – Sri Lanka Navy

By Walter Jayawardhana

A large trawler suspected of carrying a big haul of arms, ammunition and explosives for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was destroyed and sunk by the Sri Lanka Navy off the seas in Kalpitiya of the island nation’s West coast, the Defense Ministry announced. The large trawler, used usually for fishing went down the with eight Tiger cadres abroad in a ball of fire the Navy said. The trawler was destroyed around 4.30 p.m. November 14 off Kalipinya , West of Kudiramale the Navy said.

More on What to Do with the War Criminals of the Myanmar’s SPDC Regime

By Dr. Habib Siddiqui

The important matter concerning what to do with the war criminals that victimize civilian population has been hotly debated for the last few years, especially after the invasion of Iraq by the USA and the UK. Many human rights activists are on the opinion that the warlords of our world need to be tried for their crimes against humanity. A few years ago, therefore, there were cases filed in the European courts against some war criminals, including Ariel Sharon of Israel for the massacre of Palestinians in Jenin, Palestine. Fearing their imminent arrest if they had stepped onto European soil, some of the Israeli generals did not land and returned to Israel.

Eagle Insurance expands its branch network island-wide

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

The newest branch of Eagle Insurance was opened at Dambulla - the hub of agricultural produce in Sri Lanka and a location of great historical significance to enhance the greater convenience and peace of mind for its residents. The launch of this new branch broadens Eagle’s extensive island wide network of branches and signifies Eagle’s commitment to continue its growth momentum and further strengthen its market position whilst adding value to all its stakeholders.

Gandhi, Godse and perils of appeasement

By Janaka Perera

Fifty seven years ago at dawn on November 15 Nathuram Godse (38) and Narayan Apte (37) were taken from the death row in India's Ambala Prison to its court yard where they paid the supreme penalty for assassinating the great apostle of non-violence, Mohandas K. (Mahatma) Gandhi. Clutching a map of undivided India on the one hand and the saffron flag in another Godse and Apte walked to the gallows chanting in unison a Sanskrit invocation to the motherland. Godse died instantly, but Apte's end was more painful and he had to be hanged a second time. A few hours later their bodies were cremated outside the prison walls.

Suntel sponsors FCCISL entrepreneur awards

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

Suntel, signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry Sri Lanka (FCCISL) to become the Chambers’ strategic partner for its annual event ‘Entrepreneur of the year 2005’ awards programme. The flagship event which is held for the 11th consecutive year and sponsored for the second time by Suntel is to reward and recognize the spirit of enterprise and leadership among Sri Lankan entrepreneurs. The FCCISL together with Suntel plans to hold the regional award ceremonies in November 2006 which will culminate with the ceremonious selection of the "Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year 2005" event scheduled for December 2006.

Special Envoys on conflict in Commonwealth meet in London

Neville de Silva, Diplomatic Editor Asian Tribune

Seven special envoys appointed by Commonwealth Secretary-General Don McKinnon to look into conflict situations in the 54-nation organisation meet in London tomorrow for two days to review progress in their respective areas and for an important dialogue, diplomatic sources said. They are expected to exchange information and experiences of the Commonwealth Good Offices engagements which are basically intended to see how the London-based organisation could help defuse conflict situations and possibly help resolve them.

Sri Lanka Tamil MP’s mortal remains to be consigned to fire today

The body of Nadarajah Raviraj, the slain Tamil National Alliance Member of Parliament for the Jaffna electoral district was flown to Jaffna yesterday morning on an Sri Lanka Airforce AN – 32 (Antonv) aircraft in the company of his family members and TNA parliamentarians. Earlier family members of Raviraj accompanied the white color funeral hearse to Ratmalana airport where the coffin was received by the Air Force personnel for lodging in the aircraft.

Friends, Enemies and Countrymen

By Dayan Jayatilleka

Post war Italy’s most respected political and legal philosopher was Norberto Bobbio, who died a few years ago. A liberal leftist in orientation, he nonetheless endorsed and considered foundational, the work of a thinker of very different ideological persuasion, Carl Schmitt. The political theorising of Carl Schmitt, a conservative Catholic who initially opposed and then supported the Nazi state, was so brilliantly pioneering, that he is acknowledged (and taught) as a seminal political theorist, just as his contemporary Martin Heidegger, who had a similar political past, is widely respected as one of the most important philosophers of the 20th century.

Share market climbs new heights

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

The HNB Stockbrokers indicated that according to their review share market soared to new highs this week, surpassing the previously held high of 2551.4 points, which was reached in November of last year. While the market breached the previously held high on Wednesday, with continued positive sentiments, the market propelled forward setting a new peak of 2580 points on Thursday. Friday saw the indices sliding modestly as investors took profits, while an escalation in violence with the assassination of a prominent TNA parliamentarian Nadarajah Raviraj also contributed towards the dampening of sentiments.

Many villains of demolition

By Atul Cowshish - Syndicate Features

It is difficult to decide just who exactly is the villain in the unpleasant saga of demolition of ‘illegal’ construction in Delhi that has upset life so much from fear of violence, fits of shortage and rocketing prices of essential items, dislocation of traffic, forced closure of schools and so on. The search for the villain cannot be abandoned even when it reveals what many already believe that ‘trader power’ decides the shape of Delhi’s local politics. Nor does it help if all the blame is heaped on city fathers and planners of previous decades who had a better sense of expediency than a vision.

Vinci Construction of France steps into Sri Lanka

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

Senior representatives of the World number one construction company, Vinci Construction, are in Sri Lanka to participate in local infrastructure development activities, specially in the road sector. Vinci Construction, a market leader in France & major player world-wide , brings together an unparalleled combination of capabilities in building , Civil Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering multi-Technical maintenance & services. With strong roots in its local markets in France, Europe & Africa, the Company holds a leading role in the world market for major design & build projects and specialized civil Engineering.

At the Jaffna Municipality hall