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Under the shadow of Lakegala

Displaced persons fleeing the war-zone grab food sent to Tiger-controlled area

Internally displaced people (IDPs) trapped in Mathurankulam and Kirimichchai -- the no-man’s land between Government controlled Mankerny and Tiger controlled Vaharai -- have prevented lorry loads of food item dispatched by the Sri Lankan Government from reaching the people in Vaharai in the uncleared areas. They have forcibly unloaded the Lorries and taken the good for their own use. According to reports (18 Nov) yesterday, Sri Lanka Government arranged and dispatched ten lorry loads of urgent relief supplies consisting of food, medicine and other essential items to the Vakarai area as relief for the people in distress. These Lorries as well as two ambulances left for the uncleared areas of Vaharai.

An Anniversary and a Birthday

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

One year ago Mahinda Rajapakse became the fifth executive president of Sri Lanka. One week from today Mr. Pirapaharan will deliver his annual Hero’s Day speech. When Ranil Wickremesinghe made his Faustian bargain with the Tigers, he confidently expected to win the Presidency with their help. But the LTTE double crossed him (just as it double crossed all other Lankan and Indian leaders); it imposed a boycott on the Tamils, enabling a Mahinda Rajapakse victory. In his Hero’s Day speech one week later Mr. Pirapaharan indicated what he hoped to achieve from his gamble – the recasting of the Lankan state in the role of ‘Sinhala state’ and the Lankan Forces in the role of ‘Sinhala Army’ in the Fourth Eelam War he was planning to unleash. That is why he laced his last Birthday peroration with code words such as ‘Mahavamsa mindse

U.S. Bipartisan Commission tells Congress China’s Failure to promote free trade and global security

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune

China, as one of the world’s major powers, is not meeting its growing responsibilities to promote free trade and international security, according to the latest report by a congressionally mandated bipartisan commission. The analyses of the report were presented by the U.S. State Department on Friday, and the following are the findings.

Peace Secretariat to work with World Bank to promote and guarantee development in north and east

By Walter Jayawardhana

Dr. KohonaSri Lanka government’s Peace Secretariat will get together with the World Bank, Board of Investments and private investors to promote and guarantee development in the conflict areas especially to create job opportunities for the youth of these areas, the Peace Secretariat announced. The programs are aimed at providing the benefits of such development among the people of the North and the East and raising their standard of living Peace Secretariat head Dr. Palitha Kohona said. Kohona said the Multi-Lateral Investment Guarantee Agency of the World bank would play a major role in the proposed system.

Outlook on Regional Development Positive but Concern over Rising Defence Expenditure

From Sunil,C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

The Business for Peace Alliance, a network of 21 regional business chambers welcomes the budget proposals of the government for the year 2007. The proposals for the coming year include strategies to develop the under-developed areas with special emphasis on infrastructure development, education and skill development, improvements in the health sector and promotion of SMEs. However, the massive increase in defence expenditure overshadows the spending on productive sectors, placing the country on a 'war footing' which may send out negative signals to investors.

Panorama that is Meemure

Sudath Gunasekara

Fantasy begins at the Corbett’s Gap . Standing alone at the Koratuwe muduna (Corbett’s Gap as the British called it) the present southern gate to this historic village and gazing in to the open valley of Meemure on a clear morning in the month of Navam (Late February), one can witness one of the rarest scenic panorama in the world, perhaps you may experience only in your dream world.

Suicides in army--- a deep concern

By Sarla Handoo - Syndicate Features

In yet another incident of a soldier killing his senior, a Lt. Colonel was shot dead by a Gunner in Harwan area of Kashmir last week. Col Saket Saxena, Company Commander, became a victim of S.C. Behra’s AK-.47 rifle. Behra had just returned from leave and is said to have been scolded by the Colonel for not doing his work. On October 28, Satyam Kumar a Signalman at Udhumpur, Headquarters of Northern Command, fired from his service rifle at Havaldar Padamranjan, killing him on the spot. A soldier fired indiscriminately in an Army camp in Narian, killing three jawans.

France: Socialist Party chooses a Blairite presidential candidate

Ségolène Royal had been designated Socialist Party candidate for the 2007 presidential elections. The party’s 218,771 paid-up members cast their vote in 4,000 transparent ballot boxes on November 16. Of these eligible voters, 68,049 were new members who had joined the Parti Socialiste (PS) via the Internet with cut-price dues of €20 in order to participate in the ballot. Royal received 60.6 percent of the vote. The other two contenders were Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the finance minister in Lionel Jospin’s Plural Left government (1997-2002), with 20.8 percent, and Laurent Fabius, prime minister under PS president François Mitterrand (1984-86), with 18.5 percent.

Tissa Attanayaka

Dr. Kohona

Ranil Wickremesinghe protégé Tissa Attanayaka threatens dire consequences for those who went to courts against his leader

By Walter Jayawardhana

Tissa AttanayakaThe United National Party’s handpicked General Secretary and protégé of the leader Tissa Attanayaka threatened severe consequences for the senior members of the party who sought the fail judicial intervention to stop today’s annual convention of the party. Tissa Attanayaka , a politician who believes there should be undivided loyalty among the members of the UNP to the illustrious and infallible leadership of his helmsman Ranil Wickremesinghe is of the opinion that no UNP member should seek the intervention of the country’s judiciary, a basic constitutional right of any citizen of the country, when they are in doubt, whether the right thing is being done to them by a political party who claim that they stand for the constitutional parliamentary democracy, the integral part of which is a political party system that allows them to discuss matters freely.