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Erich Muller

Golden Key involved in the "Lakecity - township within a town" - third phase

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

Golden Key Real Estate Agency , a member of the Golden Key Group of Ceylinco Consolidated, announced the strategic tie-up with NEM Realtors, the developers of "Lakecity Homes in Ja-Ela for the marketing and sale of the third phase of the Lakecity Project. One of the most modern townships, ‘Lakecity’ is fast coming up at Ja-Ela and out of the 441 blocks, already 221 are built and sold. What is unique in this ‘created township is that it has been carved out of the Ja-Ela town as a separate township and Lakecity is aiming at the proposed main Colombo - Katunayake super highway for its primary access to Colombo.

Heroines in Lanka's History

- By PLN de Silva

This article contains a few examples from recorded history of intelligent and courageous women of Lanka from ancient times. Our founding day may be considered as the day on which Prince Vijaya met princess Kuveni near Keeramalai. She was making cotton thread under a tree, so she was proficient in an important industry i.e. cloth weaving. One legend says that she had 3 breasts. The soothsayers had said that the moment she set eyes on a prince who is destined to become her husband, one of her breasts will disappear. That happened as soon as she saw Vijaya and thereafter, she fell hopelessly in love with him. As Vijaya was a complete stranger to Sri Lanka, he used Kuveni’s knowledge of the country and her people, to capture Sri Lanka.

EuropeAid increases aid package to Sri Lanka

Sunil C. Perera, Reporting from Brussels

Erich Muller Director for Asia - EuropeAid Co-operation office, said that the Co-Chairs and the European Union gave a green light to Sri Lanka to recommence peace talks and the EuropeAid has already increased its annual Aid package to Sri Lanka. Speaking at a press briefing Mr.Muller has confirmed that EU wants to build smooth regional co-operation to boost trade relations.

Sri Lanka: Ninety fourth branch of Sampath Bank opened at Kohuwala

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

"We are the pioneers of the real time on-line banking system that revolutionized the banking system in this country," said Anil Amarasooriya, Managing Director/CEO, Sampath Bank at the opening of the 94th Branch of the Sampath Bank at 81, S de S Jayasinghe Mawatha, Kohuwala last week. The Kohuwala Branch was declared open by Earnest Gunasekera, Director, Sampath Bank.

Threat perception and defence economics

By Vinod Vedi - Syndicate Features

It would be short-sighted indeed if the parameters of procurement of wherewithal for national security are dictated by the venality of arms suppliers rather than national interest and nothing illustrates this better than the Bofors scandal: The gun suited the demands of national security to perfection as proved in Kargil. The threat to national security thus rose not from the procurement of this particular weapons platform but the "fear of corruption" that made it impossible to utilise optimally the potential of the technology and redounding adversely on defence finance and economics. The nation paid a political price as well and continues to do so in trying to acquire upgraded versions of the 155 mm Bofors howitzer technology even as middlemen keep popping up inspite of "integrity clauses."

A riot in China over deteriorating public health care

Two thousand people mobbed and ransacked a hospital in the southwestern Chinese city of Guangan, in Sichuan province, on November 10 after it allegedly refused to treat a 3-year-old child before payment. The riot is another indication of widespread and growing frustration over worsening social conditions, in this case the result of Beijing’s "ser-pays" edical reforms. ccording to the Hong Kong-based Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, the disturbance was sparked by news that a young boy, Xiong Zerong, was rushed to local Guangan No.2 Peoples’ Hospital on November 8 after he swallowed pesticide.



Changing moods in Chennai, fludity in reltions herald Rajapakse's India parelys

By M Rama Rao - Reporting from India

President Mahinda Rajapakse begins his Indian parleys today with meetings with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his senior aides. He also intends to meet a cross section of the entire political spectrum ostensibly to keep New Delhi in the loop as he works out plans to meet the ethnic Tamilians' demand for their rightful say in shaping the future of the island nation. While in Dehradun, where he inaugurated the Asian Mayors Conference and laid the foundation for the Indo-Sri Lanka Human Rights Centre, he made a strong pitch for joint patrolling of the Pak Straits. His case is 'Tigers are a threat not only to Sri Lanka but also to India and the world at large'.