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W.D. Jayasingha

LTTE fires at school and village of Somapura killing 4 and injuring 13 hurting many teachers and students

By Walter Jayawardhana

Four died and thirteen others were injured , some seriously when the terrorists of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) fired multi-barrel rockets and long range artillery at Somadevi Vidyalaya, a school of Sinhala students of Somapura in Trincomalee District. When there is conclusive proof that the fire originated from LTTE guns in a nearby guerilla camp, as usual, Irasiah Ilantheriyan (Marshal) based in Vanni, the official military spokesman of the LTTE denied of any knowledge of the their artillery fire and simply asked to inquire from the Sri Lanka Army. The Colombo Embassy of the United States issuing a statement condemned the LTTE for unprovoked attack on the school.

Sri Lanka: Karuna denies allegation of recruitment and use of children and volunteers to work with the UN

Colonel Karuna a.k.a V.Muralidharan, has emphatically denied all allegations of children recruitment leveled against his Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP). While strongly registering his denial, he has agreed to allow UNICEF Monitors to visit his camps to ensure that no children remain associated with his armed group. But in the case of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, they have so far refused to allow UNICEF Monitors to visit their camps to ensure that no children are associated with them. Karuna has officially contacted UN Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict to deny all allegations of child recruitment leveled against his political organization by the UNICEF, UN Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict and Allan Rock, Advisor to the Special Representative.

The Good Soldier

By Rajiva Wijesinghe

The attempt to assassinate the Secretary of Defence, in the very heart of Colombo, came as a shock. It should not have. Some months earlier, when there was an attack on the Pakistani High Commissioner, it was rumoured that the actual target had been Col. Rajapaksa. That however was forgotten, as rumour mills all over the subcontinent went into overdrive, fuelled by allegations such as Mr. Sambandan's that Sri Lanka was trying to bomb the North and East into the Stone Age on Pakistani advice. But even without that earlier attempt, we should have realized that Col. Rajapaksa would be an obvious target.

Norwegian Special Envoy Visiting Vanni Today: Sri Lanka Government Asks LTTE to Allow Jaffna Shopkeepers Open Their Shops

Sri Lanka Government is sending words to Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to release all forms of restrictions to allow Government to provide food and other essential commodities to people in the Jaffna peninsula and to those in Vakarai in the East. Government also has said that they are ready for talks with the Tamil Tigers. Message of the Government of Sri Lanka is carried by Norwegian Special Envoy Jon Hanssen Bauer and the Norwegian Ambassador Hans Brattskar who are visiting today to Killnochchi to meet with LTTE leaders.

Killings and torture rampant in the Eastern Burma – CSW reveals

Reports emerging of the killings, brutal torture on the Karen, Karenni and Shan ethnic groups in Burma. One man, Saw They Shur, was burned alive in his home at Play Hta village near Hoki, in Toungoo District on 1 November. Another person has revealed that he had been jailed, and beaten so severely that he lost his sight in one eye. He alleged that he had been subjected to water torture, electric shocks to his genitals and covered with red ants. "They come hunting people. Whatever they see in the jungle, they steal, burn and destroy. They steal pots, clothes, everything from people’s homes. I dare not return to my village. There is no hope, no place for me for the future," he said

Textile Ministry plans to introduce a new logo on handloom textile products

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

The Ministry of Textiles has made arrangements to introduce a common logo on local textile products to popularize local textile varieties among the local and international masses’ Textile Ministry’s Secretary, W.D. Jayasingha said the main aim is to promote local handloom materials with a traditional touch. Speaking to media, Mr.Jayasingha said this would fill a long term gap that had for hand loom textile, without a proper brand name. The ministry hopes to further develop the logo and the brand name in consultation with the experts in the industry.

Iraqization of Somalia Could Widen the Divide between the West and the Islamic World

As the international community embarks on a frantic diplomatic quest to extinguish the raging political and sectarian fire in Iraq, fatalist ideologues within the Bush administration, in partnership with certain money-motivated regional political powerbrokers, are busy igniting another one in Somalia. Remnants of the Neocons led by John Bolton, the US Ambassador to the UN, are stubbornly pursuing their bankrupt ideology based on the ill-advised perception that ‘all Islamists are irredeemable extremists’ and that ‘force is the only means to deal with them.'

LTTE missive: Rajapakse response…..

By Chandra Mohan - Syndicate Features

LTTE supremo Vellupalli Prabhakaran had put it bluntly that the only option now left is to go back to war and he set the ball rolling by trying to assassinate President Mahinda Rajapakse’s brother defence secretary, Gotabhaya, with a suicide bomber in the heart of Colombo. There were several symbolisms involved: For one he was the President’s brother; for another as defence secretary he was, in the eyes of the LTTE, an ardent votary of the military campaign. He escaped but two others in the convoy were killed and 14 others injured.

Fault lies with us Kashmiris

BY Dr Shabir Choudhry

Rulers of Pakistan more than once have put their cards on table. They have told us categorically that Pakistan has no interest in our azadi meaning independence. In name of our azadi and right of self determination Pakistan wanted to make Kashmir part of Pakistan. Now with every passing day policy makers of Islamabad realize that their dream of getting whole of Jammu and Kashmir with all of its resources will never become a reality. And in the present geo political situation and mounting problems of Pakistan it is becoming extremely difficult to continue with its Kashmir policy which is full of risks for Pakistan, its future and the region.

Grandma Was a Shaolin Monk: Travel All the Way Around the World and You Wind up Back Where You Started

By Antonio Graceffo

From the spoken word CD "Around the World and Back to Your Beginnings" I was wearing an oversized white cowboy hat, boots, three sizes too big, two pistols, and nothing else. The woman I was with refused to take me to the fair till I put some clothes on. I stomped my foot and shouted, "But grandma, I don’t want to put any clothes on." It was the feast day of Santo Antonio, my patron saint, which for me was like a second birthday, that I looked forward to all year. My grandma took me by the hand, after I had dressed, of course, and walked me, what seemed a long, long way, to Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering Church.

Massive US prison population continues to grow

A report released December 1 by the Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) documents a persistence and expansion of America’s vast prison population. In a country whose government addresses itself to the rest of humanity as the world’s leading democracy, almost 2.2 million individuals are behind bars, and this number is increasing at an unsustainable rate. According to the report, "Prisoners in 2005," there were 2,193,798 people incarcerated in the United States as of December 2005. An additional 4.1 million were on probation and around 800,000 more on parole. This amounts to more than 7 million people—or 1 in 32 American adults—who were under some sort of supervision by the US prison system as of 12 months ago.

United States opposition to Sri Lanka’s Prevention of Terrorism Act Solely to prevent human rights abuse of Tamil minority

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune News Analysis

On eve of Sri Lana’s re-introduction of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) to combat Tamil Tiger terrorism and those who are associated directly or indirectly with separatism including that of propagation, the American ambassador Robert O. Blake gave a subtle warning that he would not prescribe USA Patriotic Act type laws as "civil liberties, frankly, are already under strain here." "So, I wouldn’t want to suggest other things that might further imperil them," he further noted.