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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 83

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Klaus Multi Parking

LTTE’s guns target civilian villages in the east: Thousands flee, scores killed and injured

By Walter Jayawardhana

Heavy casualties have been reported in the Seruwila area in the Eastern Province where Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) artillery guns targeted civilian settlements in Serunuwara and and Somapura located in the restive Eastern Province of Sri Lanka, hospital sources in Kanthale said. Sri Lanka Army sources said two soldiers died and scores of other soldiers injured when the LTTE targeted their army camp with artillery fire. "Two soldiers paid supreme sacrifice and 30 were injured in the armed confrontation with the Tiger terrorists when they launched artillery and mortar attacks, in Kallar, and Serunuwara area today (09) since morning," the Army said.

LTTE simply for its political and military gains ignores humanitarian needs of the People in Jaffna and Vakarai

One more time Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam has refused Sri Lanka Government’s proposal to provide food and urgently needed medical supplies to the Tamils in the Jaffna Peninsula and Internally Displaced Person in Vakarai in the East. After returning back from Kilinochchi, Norwegian Special Envoy Jon Hanssen Bauer and the Norwegian Ambassador Hans Brattskar met Dr. Palitha Kohona, Secretary General of SCOPP at the Peace Secretariat for debriefing. Both the Norwegian diplomats came empty handed and delivered LTTE’s message of ‘Blatant Refusal’ to the Sri Lanka Government’s proposals intended to alleviate the sufferings of the people in Jaffna and Vakarai.

British MPs and Lords ask why Tamil Tigers are allowed to use UK as a base for terrorism.

The House of Commons and the House of Lords are putting pressure on Tony Blair’s government to crack down on Tamil Tigers raising funds in Britain. Lord Naseby, pin-pointing "that there is continual money laundering in the United Kingdom; that illegal rallies take place under the flags of Tamil Eelam; that bogus charities are being set up; and that TTN is broadcasting Tamil Eelam propaganda in the UK" flouting the British proscription asked: "Is it not the responsibility of the Home Office and the Government in general to make sure that proscription means what it is meant to mean and that it is not just flouted almost daily?" Lord Howell of Guilford urged the government "that something very firm needs to be done to prevent these people (Tamil Tigers) pursuing their activities in this country or, indeed, anywhere else."

Mirror Images and a Silver Line

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

Telling are the different responses to the LTTE’s barbaric attack on Somadevi Vidyalaya and the Kallaru village; the attack killed several Sinhala civilians including a child and injured several more. As the government spokesman correctly pointed out, most of those who condemned the Vaharai and Vallipunam incidents are silent or are prevaricating over the Kallaru attack. Similarly many of those who are condemning the Kallaru attack today were either silent over the Vaharai and Vallipunam incidents or tried to justify/excuse them. Ironically the excuses some of the Tiger apologists are using now, over Kallaru, mirror the excuses we used then (over Vallipunam and Vaharai), which in turn were mirror images of the past utterances of Tiger apologists to justify the unjustifiable and to excuse the inexcusable

Sri Lanka Minister Douglas Devananda on a mission to South Africa to revive Afro – Asian Solidarity

Sri Lanka’s Minister Douglas Devananda is expected to visit South Africa in 2007 as a special emissary of Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse on an invitation by Thabo Mbeki, President of South Africa. Douglas Devananda, Minister of Social Service and Social Welfare and the Secretary General of the Eelam Peoples Democratic Party will be meeting the South African President to discuss on the need for the reviewing the now defunct Afro – Asian Solidarity organization and would be delivering President Mahinda Rajapakse’s proposal for the urgent need to reorganize the Afro-Asian solidarity Conference.

Maldives: Tourist Dollars Feeding Human Rights Violations?

By Raj Gonsalkorale

Idyllic Maldives is renowned for its tourism. Hundreds of white sand bathed islands, sapphire blue waters and the best of resorts that are frequented by thousands of tourists from all over the world. Tourism is Maldives' largest industry, accounting for 20% of GDP and more than 60% of the Maldives' foreign exchange receipts. Over 90% of government tax revenue comes from import duties and tourism-related taxes. Maldives would be in dire straits if tourism is affected and the foreign exchange it brings is reduced. A State that basically survives on tourism owes a lot to the tourists, and tourists who enjoy the warm hospitality of a poor country’s people also owe something to the people of that country.

G.C.E. OL Examination for Children of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees to be held in Tamil Nadu from tomorrow

The first ever Sri Lanka G. C. Ordinary Level Examination to be held abroad will commence on 11th December 2006 in Chennai and conclude on the 21st of December 2006. The examination is held for the benefit of displaced Sri Lankan students who have arrived in Tamil Nadu as refugees since January this year, was to facilitate the continuation of their education. As the G. C. E. Ordinary Level Examination is crucial for all Sri Lankan students, on a directive by Mahinda Rajapaksa, President of Sri Lanka following an initiative by the P. M. Amza, Sri Lanka Deputy High Commissioner in Chennai and S. C. Chandrahasan, Treasurer, Organisation for the Eelam Refugees Rehabilitation (OfERR), in an unprecedented move, it was decided to hold this competitive examination abroad in Chennai with the fullest cooperation of the Government of Tamil Nadu which has extended all possible support and assistance to this noble venture.

A meeting with Mike Gapes MP

By Dr Shabir Choudhry

I had an honour of meeting Mike Gapes MP in the House of Commons where we discussed Kashmir dispute and other issues related to violence, terrorism and racism. We agreed that forces of extremism, communalism and terrorism have to be opposed; and that democratic values and dialogue should be promoted to resolve disputes. Mike Gapes is not an ordinary Member of Parliament as he holds an important position - Chairman of House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee. As the Chairman of this influential Committee he keeps a watchful eye on the important issues of the world and has a very busy schedule; and despite that he kindly found some time to see me.

Under the shadow of Lakegala 6. Of Their HÄ“n Cultivation

By Sudath Gunasekera

Hena or Chena7 cultivation as more fashionable and anglicized people in Sri Lanka call it, is generally considered a primitive form of subsistent agriculture practiced in the tropics. It is rain-fed and offers a very practical and appropriate form of cultivation to these regions. However, most agricultural scientists the world over commonly refers to it as a backward, primitive and uneconomic form of agriculture that destroys the forest resources and degrade the land. Local conditions without causing any serious damage to the environment, while meeting the needs of the farmers. In this village it is an integral part of the rural economy both from the point of view of employment and income.

Human Rights Day and World Poverty

Professor Laksiri Fernando, University of Sydney (Visiting)

10 December 2006 marks the 58th birthday of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted and proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1948. During the last 60 years many achievements have been made in the name of human rights, but considerable challenges still remains to be fulfilled in making human rights an irreversible reality in the world. In terms of democracy, the world has made considerable progress from just 29 countries in 1948 to 122 this year (now minus one after the recent military coup in Fiji!). This figure represents the number of electoral democracies. But in the case of poverty, the world community is still procrastinating without much advancement.

ABC launched the first all three language Credit Card

By Quintus Perera – Asian Cribune

ABC Credit Card Co., a subsidiary of the ABC Group captured the honor of introducing a credit card for the first time in Sri Lanka in all three languages – Sinhala, Tamil and English. It was launched on the 17th November. ABC group is now 25 years and has been involved in various businesses like container transport, shipping, imports, plantations, insurance, travel and a host of other business has now introduced a Credit Card through their subsidiary company ABC Credit Card Company.

Peaceful Existence , Political and Social Contracts: Latest Proposals for Political Reform in Sri Lanka

Dr. Siri Gamage - University of New England, Australia

Societies are held together to provide a peaceful means of existence for the citizens of a given country not only by the State and the forces it controls. While State is an important and even a central institution, there are a range of other institutions and processes that contribute to a peaceful existence. Among these is education, religion, marriage and family, community and locale, law, culture or way of life characterized by a set of values and norms.

German Klaus technology for Sri Lanka vehicle parking

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

The ever growing townships, ownership of vehicles with economic development and in Sri Lanka due to war, the imposition of no-parking have created a difficulty of finding space for parking their vehicles in congested towns. One of the solutions now adopted in many cities and towns in various countries is the parking of vehicles, one above the other. Thus to ease the vehicle congestion in major cities in Sri Lanka various conventional parking facilities are adopted.

Banning The LTTE: The only option but not the only strategy

By R Ranasinghe.

In his article Raj Gonsalkorale (Asian Tribune) tries, as so many moderate and well meaning Singhalese have done before, to advocate a policy of rapprochement that seeks to go to extremes in accommodating what he believes are the grievances of the Sri Lankan Tamils. While it is noble to show the kind of largesse that will put verses of the National Anthem into Tamil these actions of gesture politics by themselves are unlikely to achieve very much in either the short term or the distant future.

Dollars For Pakistan’s Education

By Allabaksh & Malladi - Syndicate Features

Say this for Uncle Sam: if he likes a fella dollar bills flow out of his wallet in incredibly generous proportions, unconcerned about the end use of his munificence. Not content with pouring sophisticated arms and supplying weapons for use against ‘terrorists’ (but actually used to bomb Baloch and other nationalists) and in addition to over one billion dollars annually in cash for its favourite South Asian poodle, the US has promised Pakistan a $100 million grant for ‘education’ in 2007. Incredibly, Washington believes such largesse would rid the Pakistanis, especially its youth, of its inherent hatred for the US and the non-Muslim world in general.

Britain: Asylum seekers protest treatment at detention centres

Asylum seekers, refugees and undocumented workers seeking to remain in Britain last week staged a protest in response to their treatment at Harmondsworth detention centre near Heathrow, London. Riot police and dog handlers were brought in to quell disturbances, which spread to four wings of the centre. Detainees lit fires to draw attention to their plight and at one stage spelled out the message “SOS Freedom” in the courtyard, using sheets from their dormitories. Although the centre was wrecked, no injuries to staff or detainees have been reported. Some 150 low-risk detainees have been released from other centres so that the inmates at Harmondsworth can be moved there. One detainee, Diyako Rasul, an Iraqi asylum seeker, was put in detention seven months ago and is awaiting deportation after his asylum application was turned down. Rasul fled to the UK from Iraq in September 2003 after refusing to join an Islamic extremist group, of which his father is a member.

Under the shadow of Lakegala

SL Government forces retaliate LTTE artillery and mortar fire

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

Sri Lankan Security Forces have launched counter operations to restore normalcy in Kallar, Serunuwara, Sirimangalapura, Mahindapura, Somapura and Agbopura. The Media Centre for National Security in its reports reveals civilians have been greatly distressed by LTTE artillery and mortar attacks. The Media Centre says ground and electronic sources have confirmed that about 40 Tigers have been killed and over 40 injured. As a result of counter operations, two soldiers have been killed in action and 37 soldiers were injured.