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Kosovo's Kouchner, Inventor Of "Humanitarian Interventionism" To Monitor Sri Lanka

By Dayan Jayatilleka

"You give them a finger, they take your hand! You give them your hand, they take your arm! You give them your arm, they take your whole body!"There are new trends and tendencies in the international community which may indicate either a witting plan or unwitting process that could end our country. First there was the recent mention by former US president Bill Clinton, on his latest visit to the tsunami hit areas (except Sri Lanka), that Sri Lanka could look to Bosnia for a model of successful conflict resolution. Bosnia is of course a former constituent republic of Yugoslavia, which broke away, was recognized by the EU, then militarily supported by NATO, is now and independent country and whose secession marked the beginning of the end of Yugoslavia. Therefore President Clinton’s reference to Bosnia as a model for Sri Lanka to follow is fraught with danger.

Obituary - Saw Bo Mya: A Symbol of Resistance

By – Saw Kapi

The quiet recognition among the Karen people is that General Saw Bo Mya is the one and only true symbol of contemporary Karen resistance movement. Born and raised in Hteemukee Village of Mudraw District, Saw Bo Mya belongs to the Sqaw Karen tribe and was an animist until he met his wife, Naw Lar Poe, who later ‘saved’ him to accept the Baptist Christian faith, which, in this case, happens to be that of the Seventh Day Adventist denomination. Saw Bo Mya founded the Karen National Liberation Army and was its Commander-in-Chief until 2000. In the 1980’s he was the paramount leader of KNU or the Karen National Union, the organization that has spearheaded the Karens’ struggle for self-determination since 1949.

Was One Of The Magi, A King From Lanka?

By K.T.Rajasingham

A page in history reveals that the Tamil king of Yalapanam (Jaffna), was one amongst those wise-men - Magi, who went to Bethlehem, to worship the new born baby Jesus. This happened, according to the prophecy in the Bible. "Kings along the Mediterranean coast- the kings of Tarshish and the Islands- and those from Sheba and from Seba- all will bring their gifts." Psalms 72-10. Joao de Barros, the Portuguese historian, in his book, "Asia de Joao Barros, dos fectos que od Portuguese fizeram no descobrimento & conquista dos mares & teras do Oriente,” published after 1563, relates, “a king of the island of Ceilam, called Primal, went in a ship to the coast of Mascate, to join other kings, who were going to adore the Lord, at Bethlehem, and that he was the third."

Helping the Weak and the Poor to Build Back Better

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

The Reconstruction Development Agency [RADA] says during their ten months period the Livelihood Division of RADA has commenced a number of initiatives highly significant for affected individuals, socially vulnerable groups, villages and communities as well as Divisional and District Governance and coordination. “RADA Livelihood Main initiatives are, Coordination of Sri Lankan and international donors and initiatives to support reconstruction of livelihoods at village, Division and District level,” said Director of the Livelihood Division, Kausal Rajapaksha.

Caritas Sri Lanka commemorates the second year of Tsunami at Galle.

"It is a great day for our village," says a Caritas coordinator at Walauwatta. "We are here to tell the Tsunami survivors that we can wipe away their tears by tending a loving hand through solidarity." Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC in conjunction with Caritas SEDGalle commemorated the Second year of tsunami with the handing over of houses to 76 beneficiaries at Walauwatta on Wednesday 20th December, 2006.

Sri Lankan Photographer Honoured in UK

By-Leel Pathirana

Lal HegodaWhen the Camera became luxury item of privileged English speaking class during pre- Independent era in Colonial Sri Lanka and when the Photography was published only in English it was only this class had an opportunity learn photography. Then, there was one Man who looked in a very different perspective of the common people of Sri Lanka

Why the international interventionists failed in Sri Lanka

H. L. D. Mahindapala

The various phases of the history of peace-making in Sri Lanka have consolidated collectively into an entirely separate segment in the chain of bloody events dragged on by the on-again-off-again war waged by the Tamil Tigers. For students of conflict resolution there are many Ph. Ds theses waiting to be teased out from the complex skeins of this peace process. The central issue of why the peace process has failed, despite the inter-actions of the many well-meaning and even sinister interventionists, can be turned into a profitable industry for academics and, of course, the hired NGO coolies digging up dirt to throw at the Sri Lankan government.

Release of Jordanian ship crew: ICRC reported to be working towards it

By Walter Jayawardhana

The international Committee of the Red Cross said in Colombo that it was working on the release of the 25 member crew of the Jordanian ship that was reported by the Jordanian authorities to have come under the attack of the pirates of the sea tigers. Meanwhile the pro-Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam ( LTTE) under whose directions the Sea Tigers operate published photographs of officials of the local ICRC officials speaking to the Jordanian ship’s captain and the crew.

Government airlifts food for Xmas beating Tiger obstructions of food flow to Jaffna

On Saturday the Government airlifted a large stock of essential food stuff and medicine to Jaffna to avoid any shortage during the Christmas season. The consignment consisted of 3100 cans of milk-food, 10,000 eggs, and 2800 bottles of marmite, biscuits and one million Paracetamol tablets, according to Media Unit press release. It said that the Commissioner General Essential Services(CGES)Sri Lanka Governmen sent by sea and air a total of over 42, 284 225 tons of food and essential items to Jaffna. This is more then the tonnage sent by the Government prior to the closure of Muhamalai.

Remembering Upasni Maharaj

By Cyrus Khambata - Syndicate Features

Upasni Maharaj was a Perfect Master. He was the chief disciple of Sai Baba. It was during December 1915 that the young Zoroastrian from Poona to whom Sai Baba had uttered "Parvardigar," wandered in a dazed state to the Khandoba temple where Upasni had been living for three years on water and was reduced to a skeleton. He was naked, sitting outside on the steps of the temple as the young man slowly walked forward with folded hands. Looking directly at him, Upasni picked up a stone and …in Meher Baba’s own words, "When I came near enough to him, Maharaj greeted me, so to speak, with a stone which he threw at me with great force. It struck me on my forehead exactly where Babajan had kissed me, hitting with such force that it drew blood... with that stroke, Maharaj had begun to help me return to ordinary consciousness…"





Kausal Rajapaksha

Hegoda's Photo 4

Lal Hegoda

Released ship crew