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The Haj

Indian political parties see 'no credibility' in hanging of Saddam

By M Rama Rao from New Delhi

Saddam HusseinReaction to the execution of Saddam Hussein, the deposed 'socialist' president of Iraq, was along predictable lines in India. Political parties, keeping aside diplomatic niceties, have termed the hanging as illegal and lacked credibility while the government of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh merely voiced its disappointment and hoped that there would be no set back to the efforts to restore peace in Iraq. Political parties particularly in the poll bound Uttar Pradesh are gearing up to grapple with the Saddam factor and have already hit the road condemning the United States.

Phantoms of Old Mistakes

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

Will 2007 be like 1987? Are we fated to re-experience a year of multiple crises and foreign intervention, a year of avoidable errors and national humiliations? Will politico-economic policies of excess force us to the brink of self-destruction, yet again? The mistakes which led to the seminal year of 1987 and experiences of the intervening two decades should have taught us much. However the events of 2006 indicate that all main actors of the ongoing Lankan tragedy – from the Sri Lankan government to the Tigers, from the Southern polity to India – have learnt almost nothing from the errors past.

The Hajj: An act towards spiritual development?

Dr. A.R.M. Imtiyaz

Spiritually packed Muslims across the world have prayed on the desert mountain where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave his final sermon, seeking forgiveness for their sins in a key ritual of the annual Hajj pilgrimage. Before sunrise, lines of pilgrims made their way up Mount Arafat, or Jabal Rahmah - the "mountain of mercy" - to perform prayers. The ritual at Mount Arafat is the first significant event in the five-day Hajj, which began on Thursday. Pilgrims marched toward the hill, chanting "I am here, Lord," a slogan that represented the devotion of Muslims to God. A main theme of the Hajj is the equality of all mankind before God, symbolized by white robes worn by the pilgrims known as the "ihram".

Asian American Clout in US Politics on the Rise

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune

For the benefit of the readers of Asian origin spread throughout the West and the East, Asian Tribune presents an account compiled by the U.S. State Department of the increased involvement of Asian Americans domiciled in the United States. In earlier accounts in these columns, Asian Tribune had presented the educational and other social achievements of the Asian Americans matching the record of the Whites leaving the Latinos and the Black ethnic groups in the United States way behind.

Can Yoga change Indians’ life style…?

By Raina JN - Syndicate Features

Union Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss might differ with yoga guru Baba Ramdev, but it is gratifying to note that the former has found a panacea in yoga, to fight an increasing tendency of obesity among India’s youth. Ramadoss wants to put a blanket ban on colas and all that is consumed as ‘junk food’ in schools and university canteens. Ramdev too has been advising people to shun the colas.

Two years after the Asian tsunami: Sri Lankan survivors face civil war and squalor

It is two years since the Asian tsunami devastated large swathes of coastline in 14 countries, including Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand. At least 230,000 people died and 1.7 million were left homeless after the huge waves swept away tens of thousands of homes, schools and hospitals. The poor were the hardest hit, losing their homes, family members, scanty possessions and livelihoods.
After Indonesia, Sri Lanka was the second worst affected country. More than 35,000 people were killed, around 120,000 houses destroyed and 516,150 people displaced. Two years later, many are still living in squalid temporary accommodation, struggling to survive from day to day with little or no government assistance.

Execution of Saddam Hussein2

Execution of Saddam Hussein1

Saddam Hussein

New Year to begin with further defeats for the Tigers

The old year ended and the New Year begins with the massive defeats for the LTTE. Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal, (TMVP), launched a blitzkrieg at 1.30 PM yesterday on the Tiger Forward Defence Line located in Korale Madhu, 18 KM East of the Batticaloa city. In the sudden and swift attack led by TMVP’s Amparai Commander Sinthujan, 4 LTTE cadres were killed and two motor cycles and two T-56 assault rifles belonging to the fleeing LTTE’rs were captured, said Azad Moulana, spokesman for the outfit. Commenting further on the TMVP’s latest military operation, Azad Moulana said that TMVP attacked the LTTE’s Forward Defence Line point of Paddiruppu Bridge located in the side of Korale Madhu, in the uncleared area.