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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 81

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K Sankaranarayana

Karuna Group attacks Human Rights Watch for presenting one-sided report without checking the facts

Tamil Thamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP), headed by Karuna Amman, has accused the Human Rights Watch (HRW), based in New York, of publishing one-sided reports against them without first visiting their bases in the east to verify the allegations of TMVP holding child soldiers, even after facilities were offered for HRW to conduct their investigations. Rebutting the charges made by HRW, S.Padhmini TMVP's Political Secretary has asked Ms Joe Becker, Advocacy Director Children's Rights Division Human Rights Watch."to provide us (TMVP) with your reasons for not accepting our offer to contact us or our Leader and to check the veracity of the allegation against our political party, Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal."

The Cost of Freedom for the poor and the marginalized

By Quintus Perera

Again Colombo was paralyzed for several days when most of the roads were closed to rehearse the 59th Independence Day commemoration Celebrations on the Gall Face Green on today the February 4th. On 3rd February people on the road leading to Cinnamon Garden police station and the round-about leading to Independent Square were suddenly taken aback around 12 noon when a pose of armed soldiers prevented them crossing the round-about and among them were some residents trying to reach their homes- only a matter of around 200 yards. They all had to kick their heels only to see that hoards of buses carrying armed services personnel at jet speed. All the people had to wait more than half an hour.

TBC Radio will come on air from Monday

Thamil Broadcasting Corporation a London based Tamil language radio broadcasting station is all set to come back on air from Monday 05 February. Sivajini Ramaraj spokesperson for TBC radio told the media that the High Court of London has granted interim injunction to Thamil Broadcasting Corporation UK Ltd to continue with their radio broadcasting. According to the spokesperson Thamil Broadcasting Corporation UK Ltd., challenged the ruling of the Office of Communication, commonly known as Ofcom which is a regulator for communication industries in the United Kingdom.

Ruthless Tiger oppression stirring a Tamil revolt against Prabhakaran

By H. L. D. Mahindapala

After leading the Tamils in a militant campaign of hate against the Sinhalese for at least 32 years, after waging four Eelam wars, after sabre-rattling in the last annual speech threatening dire consequences to the nation if the Tiger demands were not met, after killing more Tamils than any other force put together, after sacrificing the Tamil children recruited into the depleted Tiger cadres, after investing the millions subscribed by the Tamil Diaspora into the bottomless pit of purchasing arms, and, above all, after subjecting the Tamil people to the worst imaginable indignities and sufferings in the name of an elusive political goal of a separate state, Velupillai Prabhakaran, the self-styled "sole representative of the Tamils", is nowhere near his goal of Eelam.

Of Cabinets and Kings

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

President Rajapakse deserves ample congratulations for the ingenuity, creativity and commitment he displayed in his first cabinet reshuffle. It is not just anyone who can come up with ways and means of creating 108 ministers and deputy ministers (and counting). True, it is possible to discern in the titling of the ministries more than a modicum of repetition (for instance, there are no less than five non-cabinet ministers of nation building, all Sinhalese); and this overlapping may necessitate oracular assistance to determine the duties and responsibilities of each minister. Even so the achievement is a stupendous one, which establishes for all times Mr. Rajapakse’s reputation as a man of monumental vision and unparalleled dexterity.

Colonial hangovers 59 years after independence

By Janaka Perera

How many of us are really enthusiastic about our National Day as we are, say about Sinhala-Hindu New Year, Vesak, Christmas or Ramazan? Perhaps the reason is that since 1848 we waged neither a violent nor non-violent (civil disobedience) struggle to win freedom from the British. It came to us largely as a result of India's independence movement and World War II. Our non-violent `struggle' was for the most part a call for more power sharing and constitutional reforms - a campaign which continues in a different form to this day!

Douglas Devananda tears down to pieces the duplicity perpetuated by the LTTE in the peace process with Sri Lanka

Douglas DevanandaTime has come for India to play a more active role in arriving a political solution to the ethnic problem in Sri Lanka, while the LTTE is still taking an anti-Indian stand. Douglas Devananda, Leader of the Eelam Peoples Democratic Party and the Sri lankan Minister for Social Services and Social Welfare urged that India while showing its deep concern for the people of the North-East and its support for their legitimate aspirations should also offer its assistance for implementing any solution to the ethnic problem, acceptable to all sections of the Sri Lankan society.

Israel Builds a Bridge under Al Aqsa Mosque

By Mohammed Mar'i*

While severe fighting continues between Fatah and Hamas in Gaza Strip, Israel will start constructing a bridge At Al Aqsa Mosque on Sunday. The director of the cartographic department in the society for Arab Studies, Khalil Toufakji, has warned of an ethnic cleansing operation against some 24,000 Palestinians in the old city of Jerusalem. Toufakji added that Israel has built "the Jewish neighborhood" in the city, which contains around 70 settlement units.

“I have come with big heart to serve people of Nagaland”: New Governor

By Oken Jeet Sandham - Asian Tribune

SankaranarayanaNewly sworn in Nagaland Governor K Sankaranarayana said he came to the easternmost part of the county---Nagaland---from the southernmost part of the country---Kerala---with a big heart and tremendous hope that he would work for the “betterment of the State (Nagaland), its people and the down-trodden people”. Talking to “Asian Tribune” right after one hour of the swearing in ceremony here at his Raj Bhavan Office today, the new Governor agreed that Nagaland like any other States had “its own problem”. He was however confident that each and every problem could be resolved with the “support and cooperation” of the people of Nagaland.

Terrorism is imperialist Frankenstien

By Prof P. Radhakrishnan *- Syndicate Feature

President APJ Abdul Kalama’s blog on "What we should do to free our Planet from terrorism?" [indeed a good subject for a busy functionary of the world’s largest democracy!] on the website, we should have a generally acceptable understanding of terrorism. The term is much-hackneyed and often used in a highly partisan manner. If we go by etymology, terror is a state of intense fear. So a terrorist can be one who causes a state of intense fear or panic, without necessarily being destructive. In that sense even Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent protests caused panic, not only in the British but in a large number of hapless Indians during, among other occasions, his “fast unto death” in the Yeravada Jail against separate electorates for India’s oppressed masses, Dalits. The victor was Gandhi and the victims were Dalits. Then also the “victor’s justice” prevailed!

On the Independence Day parade

Sri Lanka President's address to the Nation

Douglas Devananda

Sri Lanka President calls on the TNA MPs to join in an all party efforts to end conflict

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

President Mahindha Rajapaksha invited the Tamil National Alliance parliamentarians, said to be the proxies of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to join an ongoing all party effort to end the ongoing conflict. He pointed out that his government will pay attention to the proposals of Tamil leaders such as V. Anandasangari and Douglas Devananda. “However, at the minimum we should be reasonable and honest enough to agree with Mr. Anandasangaree or the Hon. Douglas Devananda,” President said. Speaking at the 59th Independence Day celebrations he said the government is firmly committed to the country’s most felt need for peace.