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"When the last UNP government was so close in bringing LTTE leader to the talks table, it was dissolved suddenly" –UNP's

By Joseph Thavaraja

"When the last UNP government was (very) close to bring the LTTE leader to the negotiations table, the government was dissolved suddenly" said S.B Dissanayake, UNP chief organiser, addressing the protest rally held in Colombo today. The rally, which is underway at this moment, is called "Janarala." It has been organized by the opposition UNP and the SLFP(M) parties to protest against the policies of the Government. "No ethnic conflict in the world has been solved by military means. Not even the East Timor issue in Indonesia nor the Irish problem. All these were solved by power sharing" Dissanayake said. "War is not going to help" he added

Thousands turn up in Colombo for UNP rally, ruling SLFP too protesting 'countrywide'

By Joseph Thavaraja

Reports revealed that thousands of protestors have turned up this afternoon in an opposition led rally in Colombo. The rally, still underway is called as "Janarala." It has been organized by the opposition UNP and the SLFP(M) parties to protest against the policies of the Government. More crowds are arriving in Central Colombo area to take part in the rally at this moment and as a result, the Lipton Circus area is now "virtually traffic blocked", police said.

Sri Lanka: A vital lifeline for families torn apart

Shanthi Rajah (not her real name) left her home in the rebel-held town of Kilinochchi recently to get medical treatment for her six-month-old baby, risking their lives while crossing battle zones to reach a hospital. After several weeks of no communication, her anxious husband asked the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to trace his wife and child, who had headed for Vavuniya, a town in the government’s control. Thousands of Sri Lankans, separated by fighting between the security forces and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), are turning to the ICRC and its local partner, the Sri Lanka Red Cross (SLRC), to trace missing family members.

USAID Sponsors Symposium on Leading Practices in Local Governance

Over 1,000 representatives from national, provincial and local governments, the private sector, NGOs and donor agencies convened in Colombo this week for the second annual National Symposium on Leading Practices in Local Governance. Hosted by the Ministry of Local Government and Provincial Councils, the program was sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), through the Transparent Accountable Local Governance (TALG) Program.

Booker-winning Sri Lankan writer Ondaatje's latest novel to be released in India

"Having moved from Sri Lanka to England to Canada, the nomadic path certainly appeals to me. And I think we are living in an age where a money specialist in Hong Kong can live in Connecticut on weekends" said the Booker-winning Sri Lankan writer Michael Ondaatje in an exclusive interview with Tehelka. com's Devyani Saltzman. Michael Ondaatje is the author of the novels In the Skin of a Lion, The English Patient, and Anil's Ghost. His other books include Running in the Family, Coming through Slaughter, The Cinnamon Peeler, and Handwriting.

Will President Bush be ambushed by Number 7?

By M. K. Damodaran – Numerologist, Kerala, India

George BushThe US President George W. Bush is now 61-year-old.This age is very important in his life.Why? Because, 61 adds up to 7(6+1=7). Believe it or not, numbers 2 and 7 have immensely influenced the scheme of things in the life of President Bush. Please see the details. Influence of number 2.

Sri Lankan police charge farmers over anti-government protest

A local magistrate in Sri Lanka granted bail last Tuesday for 21 farmers who have been imprisoned on remand for more than a month after confronting a minister over broken promises on the Deduru Oya irrigation scheme. Police told the court the farmers would be charged on five counts of unlawful assembly, damaging government property and vehicles, and attacking police officers. Anger boiled over at a protest of more than 2,000 farmers during a visit to the northwestern town of Weraherayagama by Irrigation, Ports and Aviation Minister Chamal Rajapakse on June 11

Pakistan ‘warns’ the US and then ‘blinks’

By Allabaksh- Syndicate Features

The United States has been ‘warned’ by Pakistan, its ‘frontline’ ally in the so-called war on terror, against entertaining any idea about military strikes on suspected Al Qaeda bases in its border area with Afghanistan. The ‘warning’ speaks volumes of an unnatural relationship sustained by hypocrisy. It exposes the flawed US policy of turning a blind eye to open deception by a client state now termed its dearest ‘ally’.

The Legacy of the plight of Hindus in Bangladesh - Part-IX

By Rabindranath Trivedi - for Asian Tribune from Dhaka

Bangladesh was created after the India-Pakistan War of 1971, a conflict—elaborated in this report—that was preceded by the massacre of an estimated two million East Pakistani citizens and the ethnic cleansing of 10 million (mainly Hindus), who fled to India from that country. In the summary of his report dated November 1, 1971, US Senator Edward Kennedy (D - Massachusetts) wrote: Field reports to the U.S. Government, countless eye-witness journalistic accounts, reports of International agencies such as World Bank and additional information available to the subcommittee document the reign of terror which grips East Bengal (East Pakistan).

George Bush

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Sri Lanka opposition rally forges ahead despite Police checks and hovering choppers

By Joseph Thavaraja

Despite enhanced security checks and helicopters hovering above the city armed with video equipment, the opposition rally in Colombo drew more than secerak thousands protesters and is continuing to draw more. The "Janarala rally" in Colombo is even now drawing crowds to the Central Colombo's Hyde Park, and the Lipton Circus area is now "virtually traffic blocked" said the Police. Amidst claims of harassment, the government enforced more security checks, and let loose helicopters above the city to video the rally.