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Somare set to win PNG election despite Canberra’s smear campaign

This month’s Papua New Guinea national election results are yet to be finalised but Prime Minister Michael Somare is in a good position to retain government. By yesterday, his National Alliance had won 25 seats in the 109-member parliament, with 14 seats still undecided. Having the largest single number of seats of any group, Somare will have the first opportunity to establish a ruling alliance with smaller parties and independents. The PNG press indicated that the party was confident it already had sufficient support to form a new government.

US-India Nuke Deal May Spark Asian Arms Race

By Thalif Deen, UN Bureau Chief, Inter Press Service

The U.S. decision last week to proceed with a controversial civilian nuclear deal with India has triggered strong negative responses from peace activists, disarmament experts and anti-nuclear groups. "The development of a nuclear/strategic alliance between the United States and India may promote arms racing between India and Pakistan, and (between) India and China," says John Burroughs, executive director of the New York-based Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy.

Sinhalese civilians flee Southern Vavuniya

By Walter Jayawardhana

After repeated assaults by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) villagers in Alagalla Thiruwegama and Aluthgama in the Southern Vavuniya District ethnic Sinhala villagers have started fleeing their homes. Complaining the protection provided by the government was not adequate the villagers have started fleeing towards the Galkandegama area in Madavachchi, sources in Northern Province said. They said they were scared to stay in their villages after nine of the home guards protecting the villages were killed by the LTTE during the last few months.

Erik Solheim exposed by Norwegians Against Terrorism

With extracts drawn from Erik Solheim’s book “Nærmere" the Norwegians Against Terorism (NAT), an Oslo based NGO, has highlighted aspects of Solheim’s career which includes:

Share market turns positive after 5 weeks

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

HNB Stockbrokers quipped that the share market managed to turn positive after 5 weeks as bargain hunters looked to grab high cap counters such as DIAL, SLT and Distilleries in the market place. Both All Share Price Index (ASPI) and Milanka Price Index (MPI) moved up throughout the week (Monday to Friday). However downward pressure on indices was witnessed on Friday in the back of profit taking. Overall the ASPI picked up by 77.4 points or 3.25 percent to close the week at 2461.5 points while the liquid MPI gained 130.6 points or 4.01 percent to close at 3390.2 points compared to last Friday’s closing levels.

Tamil Nadu deports four suspected Tamils back to Sri Lanka

Four Sri Lankan Tamils said to be from the east of Sri Lanka were arrested and deported to Colombo by the Q Branch police from Tamil Nadu, India on Tuesday afternoon. According to Police report, Kajenthiran Subramaniam, Kajan Sri Shanmuhathevan, Sivatharan Sivarasa, Thamaraimanalan Thillai Nayakam arrived from Sri Lanka on a three months tourist visa. They were arrested on 29 July in Chennai and were deported in a Colombo bound flight yesterday afternoon from Chennai

Last Laugh: Who will have- Bush or Musharraf or it will be Osama’s?

It is quite clear that war on terrorism can never be won by the military might. Instead of spending multi-million-dollars to capture Osama-dead or alive- those in the helm of affairs should explore various possibilities of capturing the hearts of the concerned. But, alas, for that a Mahatma Gandhi is yet to be born again! As an amateur numerologist, I have made an extensive and in-depth study on the influence of numbers 2 and 7 on President Bush and President Pervez Musharraf. It is seen that numbers 2 and 7 are generally lucky for both of them-especially in the year 2007. But, from my extensive studies, I have found that some times lucky numbers turn out to be unlucky.

Human Rights Watch demands court to consider Rizana Nafeek’s age and fairness of investigation by police

By Walter Jayawardhana

The New York based Human Rights Watch demanded that the Appeals Court investigating into the death sentence of the Sri Lankan maid Rizana Nafeek should consider not only the fact that the alleged crime occurred at a time when she was a child of 17 but also the fairness of the original investigation into the allegations against her. “This case raises many troubling questions about the treatment of children and foreigners in Saudi Arabia’s criminal justice system,” said Nisha Varia, senior researcher in the Women’s Rights Division of Human Rights Watch in a statement issued July 30 in New York.

Converging Interests in Iraq Allow Bush an ‘Iranian Option’ - Arabs Threatened

By *Nicola Nasser

Converging U.S. – Iran interests in Iraq are creating a common ground for an “Iranian option” for President George W. Bush that could be developed into an historical foreign policy breakthrough of the kind he has been yearning for in the Arab – Israeli conflict or India; however several factors are ruling out this window of opportunity, including his militarization of the U.S. foreign policy, obsession with the “regime changes” overseas, his insistence on exploiting to the maximum his country’s emergence as the only world power in the aftermath of the collapse of the former Soviet Union (USSR), an Iranian independent regional agenda that so far cold not be reconciled with his own, and a detrimental Arab feeling of insecurity of such a potentiality.

Regional business leaders gather in Colombo for Business for Peace Alliance AGM

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

The Business for Peace Alliance (BPA), Sri Lanka's regional business network for Regional Empowerment, Corporate Social Responsibility and Conflict Transformation, will hold it Annual General Meeting on Friday, 3 rd August, 2007 at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Colombo. The BPA which has been operating informally over the last five years, began its process of institutionalization in September 2006 and set up a secretariat in Colombo as a focal point to co-ordinate its activities throughout the country. This is BPA's first Annual General Meeting since its institutionalization.

The Legacy of the plight of Hindus in Bangladesh - Part-XIV

By Rabindranath Trivedi - for Asian Tribune from Dhaka

The vested property was known in Pakistan as ‘enemy property' after the 1965 Indo-Pak war. On 6 September 1965, Pakistan proclaimed a state of emergency under the Defense of Pakistan Ordinance at the outbreak of war with India. In exercise of the powers conferred by the Ordinance, the Central Government of Pakistan promulgated on the same day the Defence of Pakistan Rules. Under the rules, the Governor of East Pakistan passed an Order on 3 December 1965 regarding enemy property by which the property of the minorities was declared “Enemy Property”.

Peace Secretariat slams Gareth Evans’ call for international intervention in Sri Lanka

The Peace Secretariat has lashed out at Gareth Evans, the head if International Crisis Group, for categorizing Sri Lanka as a case for international intervention by putting it into the R2P basket – “right to protection”, the new term coined by ICG for international intervention. Gareth Evans argued in his lecture titled “The Limits of State sovereignty: The Responsibility to Protect in the 21st Century” delivered yesterday that “Sri Lanka is anything but an R2P situation. It may not be one where large-scale atrocity crimes – Cambodia-style, Rwanda-style, Srebrenica–style, Kosovo-style – are occurring right now, or immediately about to occur, but it is certainly a situation which is capable of deteriorating to that extent. So it is an R2P situation which demands preventive action, by the Sri Lankan government itself, but with the help and support of the wider international community, to ensure that further deterioration does not occur.”

Tamil Tigers intention of unleashing violence to prevent the restoration of democratic practices in the East, condemnable

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam threatening to unleash violence when attempts to restore democratic practices in the East are undertaken, roundly deserves condemnation. Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process expressed serious concern that it would be tragic if attempts to restore democratic practice were threatened by massive bloodshed. “When finally the citizens in the East are able to express their preferences, and to choose political and administrative authorities for that region, what seems the determination of the LTTE to prevent this should be roundly condemned,” - Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process in Sri Lanka.