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Iranawila and Mundalama

Singapore’s Rajaratnam prevented Sri Lanka joining ASEAN – The Nation

By Walter Jayawardhana

Thailand's English Language news daily, The Nation in an interview with a knowledgeable diplomat revealed that it was Singapore’s former Foreign Minister Sinnathamby Rajaratnam , was the one responsible for who blocking Sri Lanka’s entry to the Association of South Asian Nations (ASEAN) family four decades ago at the very beginning of the group. The newspaper publishing an interview with a close aid to the then Thai Foreign Minister said that Sri Lanka failed to enter the regional body because Singapore’s Rajaratnam made objections to the island nation’s entry to the organization saying the domestic situation was unstable and that would adversely affect the newly formed organization.

What steps are being taken on Sri Lanka’s Higher Education Policy to correct the situation? – A Response

By Dr. Siri Gamage - University of New England , New South Wales , Australia

I refer to a speech by Prof. Wisva Warnapala, Hon. Minister of Higher Education published in Daily News internet edition on August 6th, 2007. I wish to comment on the following statement by the Hon. Minister: 'Education planners in the last several decades overlooked the necessity to re-orient policies from the point of employability. The University curricula have not been modernized in the last several decades in such a way so as to see that they get linked to the availability of employment.The courses, both in content and relevance, do not relate to the employment market, and this mismatch between education and training provided by the State and the demand of the market place has created a major crisis in the minds of the educated, primarily the youth who tend to get frustrated as a result of the absence of immediate employment'.

Lanka's third largest LP gas firm leaves country as government says no more price hikes for 2007

By Joseph Thavaraja

The government of Sri Lanka yesterday announced that there will be no more price hikes in fuel, water and electricity till the end of 2007. The government raised fuel prices suddenly on July 28, only a month after the previous price increase. Many public protests resulted in the aftermath. However, just as the government was making the declaration yesterday, Malaysia's E-Gas, Sri Lanka's third market player in LP Gas, announced its decision to pull out from the country.

Another Banned Terrorist Group In London

By Glen Jenvey

Banned terrorist group behind a wave of muggings, credit card frauds and drug pushing is flourishing in Britain because the authorities are ignoring it. The Tamil Tigers - infamous for pioneering suicide bombs - are taking hold in the UK while the Government focuses on Islamic extremists, a worrying investigation has found. There are also fears that the terrorist group from Sri Lanka, known to have links internationally with Al Qaeda, may carry out attacks for Osama bin Laden's outfit in the UK as "hired suicide bombers".

Sri Lanka: Government Abuses Intensify Killings, Abductions and Displacement Soar as Impunity Reigns

The Sri Lankan government is responsible for unlawful killings, enforced disappearances and other serious human rights violations since the resumption of major hostilities with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) last year, Human Rights Watch said in a report released yesterday. Human Rights Watch documented a dramatic increase in abuses by government forces over the past 18 months, and called on the country’s donors and concerned governments to support a United Nations monitoring mission in Sri Lanka. The LTTE, an armed Tamil secessionist group, is responsible for serious crimes such as targeted civilian killings, extortion and the use of child soldiers, which Human Rights Watch has repeatedly documented and condemned.

Mangala-Sripathy's exit ill-timed, hints of a secret agreement found in MoU- SB

By Joseph Thavaraja

The Mangala-Sripathi exit from the government was ill-timed. The MoU between SLFP's Mangala faction and the UNP drops a hint of a parallel secret agreement between them, said S.B. Dissanayake, UNP's national organizer, speaking to Sri Lanka's Sinhala language broadsheet "Lakbima." In an interview with Lakbima's Nihal Jagathchandra, Dissanayake also said that he has 'no plans to crossover to UNP' and Mangala Samaraweera still needs to bring in more MPs from the government 'to strengthen himself.'

Crash program to rebuild war-ravaged east: housing a top priority

Sri Lanka Government is involved in a crash program to develop the East, especially in the Batticaloa district under “Negenahira Navodaya" programme. Under this plan priority will be given to help those internally displaced and underprivileged to build permanent houses. Abdul Risath Bathiyutheen - Minister of Resettlement and Disaster Relief Services told "Asian Tribune" that Sri Lanka President has shown a keen interest in developing the liberated East. He said that Basil Rajapakse President’s advisor and his ministry is working out development proposals for a crash development program in the East to be developed within a six month period of time.

Former TMVP leader of Kalmunai shot

An armed group in the East has gone on rampage again. It is reported that they shot and abducted Vinoth 26 years old from Naavithan Veli, of the 11th Colony at Amparai. According to a police report a group of armed men went in the morning and surrounded the house of Vinoth and shot him twice in front of the family members and threw him inside one of their vehicles and took him away. According to reports, it is revealed that the armed gang took the bleeding Vinoth away despite appeal by the family members.

Sri Lanka: UN relief chief calls on government to probe aid workers' murders

Terming the killings a year ago today of 17 Sri Lankan aid workers "probably the single worst crime committed against humanitarian workers in recent history," the top United Nations humanitarian official called on the Government to investigate "with the full weight and force of the justice system" the crime that has seemingly become a cold case. "A full year has passed since this crime. No one has been apprehended or charged, and in many ways we seem little nearer to the truth," UN Emergency Relief Coordinator John Holmes said at a ceremony marking the anniversary of the execution-style killings of the workers from the French organization Action against Hunger in northeastern Sri Lanka, where Tamil separatists and the Government have waged a decades-long war.

AGM - Sri Lanka Australia New Zealand Business Council

By Quintus Perera- Asian Tribune

The 12th Annual General Meeting of the Sri Lanka – Australia – New Zealand Business Council (SLANZBC)an affiliate Council of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce set up in 1994, was held recently at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel with Dr. Greg French, High Commissioner to Australia in Sri Lanka as chief guest. Prof G L Peiris, Minister of Export Development and International Trade made the keynote address. The President of the Council,M. Balasubramaniam, President SLANZBC welcoming the guests said that the Sri Lanka – Australia – New Zealand Business Council was involved in various activities during the year under review. He added that the Luncheon meeting with Mr. Ismail Radwan, Senior Economist based in the South Asia Finance and Private sector unit of the World Bank was one of the remarkable events in the calendar last year.

in Iranawila and Mundalama 2

Sri Lanka New Zealand

Jeyraj Fernandopulle

Congress authorizes vast expansion of domestic spying

The House of Representatives approved legislation Saturday that provides sweeping new powers to the government to spy on the American population. The 227-183 vote in the Democratic-controlled House capped a weeklong campaign by the Bush administration to push through changes in laws governing wiretapping surveillance, in which Bush officials branded any legislators opposed to the revisions as “soft on terror.” The Democrats’ surrender to White House demands to pass the legislation was extraordinary even by their standard of repeated capitulation.

Great sentinel – Guru Deva Tagore

By R.K. Bhatnagar - Syndicate Features

Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore was a versatile genius. Mahatma Gandhi saw in him “the Great Sentinel, the Conscience of his people whose voice never failed to protest against any injustice or wrong”. After the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh massacre, Tagore personified country’s indignation when he returned his knighthood. Writing to the then Viceroy Lord Chelmsford he said: “The very least I can do for my country is to take all consequences upon myself in giving voice to the protest of the millions of my countrymen. Gurudev Tagore is the only person who is credited with composing the national songs of two countries. He was the first Indian, possibly Asian, to be awarded the Nobel Prize in 1913. He is universally known as novelist, poet, playwright, painter and composer.

Lasith Malinga - Samsung Brand Ambassador for Singer

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

Singer Sri Lanka Ltd the National distributor for Samsung the global digital technology leader announced the appointment of Lasith Malinga, Sri Lanka's newest cricketing sensation as their Brand Ambassador for Samsung. Hemaka Amarasuriya, Chairman, Singer Sri Lanka signed the agreement between Singer and the Cricketing Star in the presence of Asita Abayasekera, Marketing Director, Asoka De Silva, Finance Director; Mahesh Wijewardena, Commercial Director and Nasser Majeed, Senior Deputy Marketing Director

Indo-Bangladesh Relations and Coup in August 1975 –Part-IV

By Rabindranath Trivedi - for Asian Tribune from Dhaka

Bangladesh is "Birth by Fire" and "Bangladesh, the youngest nation in South Asia, tore itself apart from the then West Pakistan in 1971, under the leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The aftermath of the historic elections of 1970-71, proved the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Bangladesh found itself catapulted to sovereignty and independence, master of its own destiny, negotiating its problems directly with all countries. It was suddenly groping for a new identity, a new culture, new philosophy, a new motivation to forge new relations to find fresh solutions to old problems, both internal and external. India occupies a pivotal position in Bangladesh's foreign policy matrix.

Residents in Iranawila and Mundalama sub-villages cry for water, housing and livelihood projects

Sunil C. Perera in Iranawila - Sri Lanka

Residents of Iranawila -west , Akkaraseeya, Marichchakattuwa and suburbs villages in Chilaw and Mundalama ask for pipe-borne water , housing , basic infrastructure and livelihood projects to build their own economy, but authorities still remain blind and deaf. A number of families said that they have no permanent livelihood and the authorities have locked plans to develop these areas. Media learns majority of residents have cadjan huts which use coconut leaves to shelter.

Indian Tamil Party to support Mahinda Rajapakse

Jeyraj FernandopulleThe decision of the Ceylon Workers Congress to remain with the Governments augurs well, said Minister Jeyraj Fernandopulle. He expressed optimism that CWC Party members would take up their ministerial portfolios, may be after the arrival CWC Leader Arumugan Thondaman, who is away in India on some business. Minister Fernandopulle said earlier the CWC participated in the Party Leaders’ meeting held yesterday at Sri Lanka President’s office. At the meeting CWC representatives have said very clearly that they will continue to support the Government. Earlier, former Minister M. Muttu Sivalingam told journalists his party had no interest in either forming or toppling a government.