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Drinking Water Treatment Plant

In Burma: Dissident groups plan more protests: Junta stepped up security to swoop down on more democracy activists

Despite the crackdown on the 88 Generation Student Group by the Military regime in Burma, reports reaching from Rangoon revealed that there will more protest, against the sudden the price hike on fuel prices and the soaring cost of living in the country. The Burmese Government’s official organ The New Light of Myanmar confirmed that 13 pro-democracy activists are already netted by the military regime. Reports reveals that at present, riot police forces have been equipped and highly alerted to counter possible mass movement and security has been stepped up in Rangoon and about 2,000 (two thousand) prisoners were released from the notorious Insein Prison in Rangoon about 2 days ago – which is a sign of clearing space for new arrests as Burmese military authorities always do

Three Tamils produced in Oslo court; lawyer says it was an internal fight for hegemony

Yesterday three of the four Tamil suspects charged for the Oslo shootout appeared in court. The fourth suspect is hospitalized after injuries sustained in the Oslo shootout. Heavily armed police officers guarded the courtroom. All those entering the court hearings had to show ID documents and pass a metal detector. The court was packed with journalists covering the court hearings. All major newspapers and both the Norwegian national TV stations were present. The court hearing was to get a court order to detain the suspects for further investigations. The Oslo courts said the police could detain the suspects two of the suspects for four weeks and one suspect for two weeks.

Australian radio stations raise funds for Tiger terrorists

Australia is now a gold mine for Tamil broadcasters to glorify the internationally banned Tamil Tiger leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran and raise funds. Often the radio stations in Melbourne and Sydney are open to Tamil Tiger leaders in the Vanni who come on line regularly to plead for funds by glorifying the terror tactics of the Tamil Tigers. These stations have a free run because the broadcasts are in Tamil and there is no one to monitor the daily pro-Tamil Tiger propaganda. In addition to raising funds and glorifying terrorism the broadcasters hint at veiled threats to those who do not toe the LTTE line. The threats are aimed at twisting the arms of those Australian Tamils who have relatives back in the Vanni areas.

Military Law Program fosters exchange between American and Sri Lankan military justice experts

Military law professionals from the U.S. Pacific Command, in partnership with the American Embassy in Colombo, hosted a Military Law Exchange Program with the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defense to exchange ideas on ways to improve transparency, accountability and human rights in military justice. A five-member American team met with thirty five Sri Lankan Army, Navy and Air Force personnel last week at the Galadari Hotel to foster the mutual exchange of ideas and discussion of law affecting military commanders.

Burmese military regime began cracking down on the protesting 8888 Generation Student leaders in the midnight

Protesting 8888 Generation Student leaders were arrested in the midnight Burma. Reports revealed that four leaders from the 8888 Generation Student Group has been arrested by Police Special Branch around midnight Burmese time. Those who were already arrested and taken away are: Pyone Cho, Ant Bwe Kyaw, Jimmy, and Mya Aye. It is said that still the plight of the leaders namely, Min Ko Naing, Htay Kywe, Ko Ko Gyi, Min Zeya, and others are yet not known. Two members of Htin Kyaw, who have called for nationwide protest against the sudden fuel price hike, have also been arrested about the same time yesterday night.

Women Leadership in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh - Part-IV

By Rabindranath Trivedi - for Asian Tribune from Dhaka

First Muslim woman leadership in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan : Prime Minister : Benozir Bhutto(1953), daughter of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, was sworn in as the Prime Minister, the first woman to govern an Islamic State .In the 1988 elections, Pakistan Peoples Party won 94 seats in the National Assembly without forming any alliance. With the cooperation of 8 M. Q. M. members and 13 members of the Federally Administered tribal Area, the P. P. P. showed a clear majority. Serious conceptual differences arose between the P. P. P. Government and the Establishment. Less than two years later, on August 6, 1990, her Government was accused of corruption and dismissed by the President, Ghulam Ishaq Khan, who exercised his power through the controversial Eighth Amendment of the Constitution.

USAID Partners With Red Cross for Water System Project in East

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), in partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Cross Societies, broke ground this week on a $4.7 million water system improvement project as part of its $50 million Sri Lanka Tsunami Reconstruction Program (SLTRP). This water supply project, which includes building wells, a raw water line and water treatment plant, will be executed in cooperation with the National Water Supply and Drainage Board. It complements the $10 million reconstruction of the tsunami-damaged Arugam Bay Bridge linking Pottuvil with the resort area of Ulla, a major element of the USAID Sri Lanka Tsunami Reconstruction Program (SLTRP).

Hilfswerk Austria donatef Water Treatment Plant to Balapitiya Base Hospital

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

As part of tsunami rehabilitation programme, VA Tech Wabag Ltd., Water major with its headquarters at Chennai, India in collaboration with Hilfswerk Austria has donated a Drinking Water Treatment Plant to Base Hospital, Balapitiya. The plant is based on advanced membrane water treatment technology called Nano Filtration. The cost of the project is Rs 8 million. The plant is designed to produce 5000 liters per hour of pure potable water. This hospital was facing critical water contamination from last few years and this facility would cater to more than 3000 people visiting the hospital daily.

Lessons From China: To civilise urban India

By Chandramohan - Syndicate Features

With less than a year left for the event, countdown has begun for next year’s Beijing Olympic Games. With Indian prospects for a reasonable medal tally looking as uncertain as ever, many in this country may not be awaiting the next Olympics with special excitement. Yet, there is one aspect of the games to be staged in Beijing that might touch a chord in some Indian hearts. It should be of special interest to those who care more about hosting big international sports events in the country than actually doing something to raise standards of sports.

No Sri Lankan legal aid for young maid facing death sentence in Saudi Arabia

Although an appeal has been filed in the Saudi Arabian Supreme Court, the fate of Sri Lankan maid Rizana Nafeek hangs in the balance. She was sentenced to death in June for the murder of her employer’s child. The case exposes not only the reactionary character of the Saudi legal system but the failure of the Sri Lankan government to defend hundreds of thousands of contract workers in the Middle East. Nafeek, 19, arrived in Saudi Arabia two years ago to work as a house maid in Dawadami, but was compelled to look after a baby along with her many other tasks. She had no experience or training in child care. The infant died in May 2005, while Nafeek was bottle-feeding him.

Htay Kywe

Military Law

If Western Nations Continue to Crack Down on Fund Raising LTTE Will Totter - Jane’s Intelligence Review

By Walter Jayawardhana

The Jane’s Intelligence Review in a special edition available only to their subscribers revealed if the Western law enforcement crackdown on LTTE financial and procurement continues, the group's ability to fight may be weakened in the medium term, degrading its ability to withstand the Sri Lankan government's offensives and further undermining its combat capabilities. A special report by John Solomon and B. C .Tan of the leading London based intelligence magazine investigated how the LTTE also known as Tamil Tigers generate money to support their activities and said, given the losses already incurred by the LTTE since 2006 in the east of the island nation, this may lead to increased pressure to sue for peace, although given the stubborn history of the LTTE not even a rigorous deprecation of its armory will encourage a political settlement.