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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 73

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The Nuke Divide

By Tushar Charan - Syndicate Features

How ironic that it was a divided India that celebrated its 60th independency day on August 15! The ruckus raised by the Left on one side and the Right (BJP) on the other over the Indo-US civilian nuclear agreement has left little choice before the countrymen but to either support it or reject it. If the wounds inflicted by the division of the sub-continent in 1947 are still to be healed completely how will the country cope with a fresh gaping wound, this time caused not by a foreign power or bloodthirsty fanatics but by our own politicians?

Internationalization (Privatization) of School Education in Comparison to the Free Public Education in Sri Lanka – Part IV

By Dr. Siri Gamage, School of Education, University of New England, Australia

How far does internationalization, in particular international schools, contribute to ameliorate class differences and divisions in society? In what ways are these divisions amplified or narrowed? Quite apart from any hostile or favorable attitudes held by different segments of society, it is important to address these questions because if they contribute to further amelioration of divisions in society, it can lead to social conflicts and even violence. Sri Lankan society has experienced widespread anti-systemic violence, especially since the 1970s largely led by the youths that are educated in the Swabhasa medium and found no suitable employment in the state sector. As noted earlier, private sector employment was limited in that the employers preferred youths with certain attributes that the public education system could not produce.

“U.S. Will Declare Eritrea as State Sponsor of Terrorism”, says US Assistant Secretary of State

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune

“The immediate thing that has raised the focus on U.S.-Eritrea relations is the United States has evidence that the Eritreans have been providing military assistance to the Islamic Courts in Somalia, to groups the United States regards as affiliated with al-Qaeda, to groups that are attacking Ethiopia, the U.S. strategic partner in the region. So the United States has ratcheted up the pressure to say “Eritrea, you must stop this assistance you’re providing to these groups that the United States regards as terrorists in the Horn of Africa,” was what Terrance Lyons, Associate Professor of Conflict Resolution, George Mason University told in an interview with Council on Foreign Relations.

Framed for exposing conversion agenda

By Janaka Perera

How sincere are some of those who advocate inter-religious dialogue? Some Buddhists suspect that it is a Trojan horse meant to subvert Buddhism and Hinduism here. After all religious amity was nothing new to pre-colonial Sri Lanka until European invaders promoted conversion campaigns, leading to present-day religious frictions in the island. Suspicions have been strengthened after a lone Buddhist monk in Kandy came under concerted attacks by Christian proselytizers and the so-called Asian Human Rights Watch (which some suspect to be a covert anti-Buddhist outfit) following his determined efforts to prevent Buddhist children from being weaned away from their ancestral religion by unscrupulous means at the Ampitiya Berawattes College, Kandy

Ugly face of Wahabism in Sri Lanka begins to seep

The President of the All Ceylon Thareekathul Muflihen confirms the existence of Wahabists in Kattankudy and other parts of Sri Lanka and lamented of the “Arson and destruction caused by Wahabists in the name of religion in the country.” M.C.A. Hameed, President All Ceylon Thareekathul Muflihen pointed out in a statement released to Asian Tribune that in December 2006 Seihul Mufliheen M.S.M. Abdullah (Rah) passed away and his body was laid to rest in the Thareeka premises according to his wish, but Wahabists exhumed his body took it away and presumably burnt or buried it, and he adds, “the fate of it is unknown yet.”

Two Swedes to circumnavigate the world on motorbikes to highlight UN work for refugees, children

Two Swedes, one a student and the other a stockbroker, set off from Stockholm this week on a round-the-world motorbike trip during which they plan to raise awareness about United Nations work on behalf of refugees and children. Highlighting the mission of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the UN Children's Fund, student Marcus Berneström, 29, and stockbroker Gustav Röken, 25, plan to ride up neighboring Norway to northern Scandinavia before heading down through Eastern Europe, across the Middle East and Asia to Japan, from where they will fly to Alaska.

The attendance of GCE Advanced level in Wanni drop to 7 to 8 percent for fear of conscription

By Walter Jayawardhana

The attendance of GCE Advanced Level public examination in the Wanni area these days has dropped to 7 to 8 percent for the fear of parents keeping their children away from the examination centers as they are afraid of them being forcefully recruited for war by Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. The public examination held to select students to the universities is shunned away by the students, under the influence of their parents, who have registered for the examination as the centers have become popular hunting grounds for the LTTE child soldier recruiters to conscript children for the war, sources in the Kilinochchi and Mulativu revealed that the two districts are still under the control of the Tamil Tigers.

Sri Lanka Foreign Ministry to Probe Eritrea-Tamil Tiger Connection In the heat of ‘Asian Tribune’ revelation

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune

Sri Lanka’s Minister of Media and Information Anura Priyadharshana Yapa told a press briefing in Colombo yesterday that he would ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to probe into the United States Senate foreign relations committee documentation that the Government of Eritrea is giving assistance to his country’s separatist Tamil Tiger rebels saying “no sovereign government would assist a known terrorist organization.” The Senate foreign relations committee’s findings that the Eritrean government is assisting Tamil Tiger rebels was revealed by the ‘Asian Tribune’ quoting part of the document that mentioned Sri Lanka.